12 thoughts on “Gamg Stalking – How National Security Agency works.

  1. neverending1, Hi! I’ve been reading your blog because my twin sister Karla told me about “gang stalking” and other odd things that started happening to me. My apartment manager allowed someone to come into my apartment when I was out of town for my mother’s funeral. I was gone for about one week. When I came back, someone had stolen my medical files, my hard drive on my computer. My password books, bank statements, social security documents, etc.
    She denied it, but there was so much evidence, she was fired. Anyway, your blog is very interesting! I also tried the link you had for the NSA, and it didn’t work? Did you fix it? National Security Agency. I look forward to reading more of your blogs. Take care of yourself. Karen

    • There’s one thing I always do, carry all my documents with me wherever I go. I carry my passport, Social Security Card, my Nevada I.D. and any pictures that I feel I’ll miss if someone stole them, and other important papers. I’ve tried to get NSA to work, but can’t. They don’t want you to know the information. And if you can, take your computer with you, take it wherever you go. When my gang stalking began my sister did the same thing to me. She tore all the pages out of my diary, stole my pictures. She didn’t get my I.D. because I always carry them with me. She ruined my clothes, threw some of them away, etc. So we really can’t trust family, sorry to say. Thanks for reading my blog. And, of course, you’ve learned you can’t trust your landlord. I hope you were able to get all you I.D. back.

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