Gang Stalking – No Springtime for us targets!

Okasy, Spring is around the corner. Can you believe it? Another Spring spent as a target? That makes 5 springs for me. I’m going on my 6th year in August. Six years of putting up with scumbags, zombies, sickos, drunks, homeless people, alcoholics, money hogs, etc. Spring is the time you should start getting ready for what they’re going to do to you during the summer.

If you’ve recently become a target, this is what they’re going to do to you. The areas where you live, apartment, or house, will become increasingly dirtier.  This is the time of year where they try to make your place a place for all kind of vermin – roaches, ants, spiders, etc.  They want your place to become a disgusting place to place. Once you get all the vermin  in  your  apartment/house, it’ll be hard to get rid of them during the summer.  If you are not careful, you’ll have so much vermin, you’ll have to find a different place to live, or hire an expensive exterminator.  If you live in an apartment, the  manager will not do much to send an exterminator to your apartment. And if she/he does, it’ll be some watered down stuff that will only kill you. So make sure you clean  any garbage they throw around where you live. You will see twice the garbage you used to see in winter.

And then  all the  “little darlings” will be home from school for the summer with nothing to do, but drive you crazy.    They will do a lot of screaming,  knock on your door for the hell of it, run by door yelling and spend all their time looking toward your house apartment so they can snitch on you. They will make summer a lot of fun for you!!!   All the little brats running around making your life even more miserable than in winter.  And if you thought winter was bad, you ain’t  seen nothing yet!!!

And if you’re a man, or woman, the women will come out wearing practically nothing.  They want to entice you to talk to them. Don’t fall for it! They’re lowlifes.  As a matter of fact, if a man finds a woman attractive, don’t let her know it, because they will use the woman to get you to give up information to her, so don’t go there no matter how lonely you are! And it’s the same with men, women don’t fall for the man who’s very sweet to you. It’s springtime and it’s the time for the hormones to rage.  Be very careful who you let into your life this time of year.

So I’m warning you ahead of time. I know someone who’s never experienced gang stalking in summer can be easy prey. Spring and summer should be a time for relaxation, but not if you’re a target! No springtime for any of us targets! Only more gang stalking.

16 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – No Springtime for us targets!

  1. HAVE HAD gangstLkers stand and point they mobile phone at me whats that again ? sick freaks i know its something sinster .

  2. I WANT to think gangstalkers have a special torture in hell wen they dead .have you seen how evil they are soooooo happy with smirks on they faces when they stalk yyou and i .just thinking about a guy who became a perp he changed i didnt know him really just chatted a few times a few years back he was quiet had a mental health issues so these days hes waiting outside shops to talk with me and come to training centre to i can just tell he went that way like from ok to chat to disgusting perp shame on you billy ! .

  3. The perps will murder if they want yes all of them would .my life is in danger everyday so are all targets lifes well they should be..we hav to be carefull .you know i see on the news all these people that goes and shoots up his workplace ,school etc i no wonder ! Most were target indivduals I tell u what it is he/ she woke up to wat was happening to them thats all and cud not take it .then the good society lolllll says he/ she is a nutter when its the society that either does it or sees it and turns a blind eye .wat a joke this world is ! rant over.p.s i woundnt go and do that but i dont judge any ti that does.

    • something liek that is supposed to happen. i believe some were ti’s. more compelling evidence points that way. im not gonna do that of course lol, but most pple dotn have the mental strength to survive this. i cant believe im still alive after all this, and they still havent killed me. really they should’ve killed me years ago. i do believe in spirituality but there’s a huge grey area they dont teach in most churches (dont believe in churches but thats another topic). im not a saint. i was raised by their system so i can be crazy as hell. when this over (which will be soon)…lord have mercy on their souls is all im gonna say lmao

  4. HI yes spring it wud be lovely if we had a life eh.people who are not targeted dont know how lucky there are!.i told u my phone was hacked its so creepy that but hav noticed it works faster now but it has a werid message lefted in the messages it doesnt make sense it starts with fox then just this gibbish .i think the device i got now is going off nothing these sick bastards wont do.reap wat u sow its true and i hope i get to see the tables turn on them.the last shall be first and the first shall be the last one day.well now i dont let no one in my life they hate that ..ha i will never do that 🙂 .doesnt matter what season is it .

  5. I still remember the man I met in Spring that I allowed into my apt because he was homeless. Then he told me a cop approached him to spy on citizens using computers but OF COURSE he said he denied the cop’s offer. He left two weeks later after I became suspicious of him and his behavior. My computer crashed a month later. I bought a hard drive and it lived another year but then other stuff on the computer was dying like the motherboard and monitor. He killed my computer. He said he “loved” me and wanted to live with me and get married but his increasing bizarre and emotional behavior led me to google him and to find out he had been a Meth addict or was still a Meth addict. His “job” he had gotten was a lie, too. I think the police gave him 100 bucks as perp pay and gave him a bus ticket home so he could be homeless in his hometown.

    • I know you’re a good person, but taking in a homeless man! That’s dangerous. And on top of that, he hacked your computer. I hope you’re not doing that anymore. But you’re a really good person. I don’t think I trust anyone enough to bring them into my home.

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