Gang Stalking – There’s a jail cell waiting for the women who beat me yesterday.

Yesterday when  the girls beat  me up, I left out a few details.  When the women turned toward me and I turned my back on them, one of them took my suitcase and  my handbag was hanging on the handle of my suitcase.  When I ran after them, my hat fell off and I had to go after it.  And I heard one of them say, “Well! Now we know she has hair.”   I don’t know what their obsession is with my hair. It’s not the first time they’ve mentioned my hair. At least my hair is real, the women who jumped me had on extensions and wigs. If I had to re-live the day, that’s the remark I’d make “At least my hair  is real unlike your fake hair!”  That really would have set them off.   And there four women, not three.  I noticed the woman who helped me had her camera pointed at me all the time.  The beating was a set-up. They wanted to catch me saying  something that would get me thrown in jail. Honestly, I can’t believe how calm I was yesterday.  It’s like I wasn’t even in my own body. It was sort of like an outer body experience. Before I knew the fourth women was part of the group, I calmly told her to get in her car and leave before the women came after her, and then I walked toward the library.

I wrote yesterday  I would not  go after the women, but I’ve changed my mind.  I am now trying to find proof  of the beating.  I wont tell you what I’m going to do because I don’t want to give them any advance notice about what I’m doing.  This time I’m going after them.  I’m  going to press charges once I find the proof.  I’ve had enough of beatings from the lowlifes.  They’re not going to get away with it this time.  I’m sure they all went home and had a good laugh about the beating I got.  And I’m even today, they’re still  laughing about the beating.  If I can get the proof I’m searching for, they won’t be laughing for long! There’s a jail cell waiting for them all. They better enjoy themselves while they still can.

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6 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – There’s a jail cell waiting for the women who beat me yesterday.

  1. That is rough by yourself getting attacked by four adversaries your obligated to protect yourself from any injuries. Think your doing the right thing as to prosecute. The director of targeting problably cant locate the courage to tell you about it or why without facing millions of dollar law suit or jail yet they continue stay strong my
    friend if you ever run into trouble you
    can call me anytime is upsetting wish i was there

  2. the random bitch who “stopped the ratchet hoes” from stealing your suitcase was def involved. maybe u were caught in the moment, but never trust something like that making a turn for the better. the odds of someone stopping those ratchets to save ur suitcase is astronomical.

    those bitches will get whats coming to them. one of the stupidest things about gs’ing is that its so outof control now. its all over internet the accross the world! their own mental retardation is gonna be their downfall. they shouldnt go targeting anyone they want.

    • Oh, I know she was involved. I saw her laughing with the hoes after I walked toward the library. But in the heat of the moment,all I was worried about was my handbag and suitcase. That would have given them all my I.D., etc. So for a few minutes I was blinded about worrying about my things. Thanks.

  3. Gangstalkers really are low, ganging up on one person is soo chickenshit, they shut off the air to my back trailer before I dropped down ashland summit, I think drained the air from the right rear tire, when I got to methford, oregon all was left were the two sidewalls, plugging up the plumbing unstairs, raw sewage coming out of the bathtub and toilet, one well dressed mexican spit at me feet in walmart, many always laughing make fun of everything you do, one black guy pulled away from the sparks library computer, had a picture of a black guy f—– a white guy from behind; assistang manager at a motel, good looking, she was on the phone giving directions from santa rosa where I used to haul the dope, not by choice, she and mexican manager laughing at me, she drove a black hummer, expensive wheels, maintenance man was in the room next to mine the whole time I stayed there, listening, etc. etc.after air leveller valve broke, service guy put a new one on, air bags pumped up ready to explode, buddy buddy with the bitch who ran the shop, million dollar shop just could not stock a $35 part, etc. etc. etc.

    • Yeah, every day they try to make our life as miserable as possible. Always something coming at us. And as you mentioned, they’re of all races. Some day they’ll get theirs. And then we can all laugh at them. Sorry about what happened to you. No, they can’t afford to st0ck a $35.00 item. Not for you, anyway. I bet they had it in stock. Bastards every one of them!

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