Gang Stalking – Today I was beaten up.

Just before I got into the library, three black girls beat me up. I was sitting by the library, away from everybody, and three girls passed by me making all sorts of comments.  As they walked away, I said  “bitches”.  They turned around, said, “Who you talking to?”  I said, “Myself.” and they kept walking.  They didn’t go too far. They weren’t going anywhere , they passed by me to annoy me.  On their way back, I turned myself  around so I wouldn’t have to look at them. I had my small suitcase by me and I heard it rolling away. One of the girls had taken my suitcase  and was running away with it. I ran after her.  A girl who was sitting in a car   got out and got the suitcase away from them.  When she took the suitcase away from them, one of the girls began kicking me and hitting me in the back of  my neck.  Right now, I have a headache from all the hits to my head.  The girl who’d gotten my suitcase told them to stop it or she was going to call the cops.  They three of them ran away. The girl asked me if I wanted to report the beating to the police, “I told her no.”  I’ve had this happen before and the police didn’t bother to write it down.  And not only that, but I knew the girls would make up a story about me starting it.  So I thanked the girl and walked away.  As I walked toward  the library, I saw the girls coming back. I think  the girl in the car  and the girls who beat me up are friends. I’m glad I didn’t have the girl call the cops, it would’ve just turned on me. The officer would’ve have shown up and treated me like the criminal, not the girls.

When is this hell going to stop???!!

Well, another great day in Perplandia!

39 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Today I was beaten up.

  1. I appreciate you sharing you story…gives me some comfort. I have been a target my whole life, but around 2009, everything ‘shifted’..i began waking up to the world and how it works..and that’s when the games really began…since 2010, i have been homeless (caused by perps) 4 times, my own family kicked me to the curb, raped, all my belongings stolen, shoved into a ‘homeless program’ against my will, i’ve lived in over 16 places, but everywhere i go, they are there…i don’t want to go on and on about all the details because it is so much, but i too have been in complete isolation..they always seem to seek ME out, and because i have had my family turn on me and people i thought were friends, i have had in trying to make ‘new’ friends, i only realized they were of the same group. And most recently, someone who is a perp, spun his web into my life and found out who i talk to, and has them on his side to do his bidding…so its like who do you trust out here? it seems like the ‘never ending’ saga of abuse, as your blog title states…
    and i’ll also mention here that I’ve been a very outspoken activist since i woke up around 2010, and everyone from perps in the music industry to the political realm to the NBA have made attempts at me…i wish i could say more, but i just want to thank you for speaking out..ive read almost all of your posts and i don’t feel so alone

    • Yes, it’s a neverending saga. That’s why I named my blog neverending. It never stops. It doesn’t matter where you move, there they are. So far, I’ve been lucky that I haven’t been homeless, but I came close a few times. Your whole life you’ve been a target, how horrible for you! And I’m glad that my blog doesn’t make you feel so alone. We have a lot of company. There are people all over the world experiencing the same thing. It’s not just happening in the U.S. Thank you for getting in touch.

  2. I was really shocked to read this. I thought all the other stuff they do to you was terrible, but assault would be the scariest thing for me. I hope you’re all right now. I’m glad giving back your suitcase was part of the ploy even though it turned out that girl wasn’t really nice. It would have been worse to lose that as well. I’ve never been beaten up in public. Just attacked at home in my sleep. I won’t say what they do because I don’t want to give anyone else here’s perps ideas.

    • Oh, that was the 3rd time someone beat me up. And I have a feeling it won’t be the last. I don’t keep my mouth shut for no one! They don’t scare me one bit. If they kill me, then maybe I’ll be better off than I am now.

  3. NE1 – I got really angry when I read about your beat down. You really have to have your head on a swivel. You see, with these gangstalkers, you have to master the art of body confidence. Workout, do Taebo, whatever it takes.

    I confronted one in South FL, in public. Used to follow me all the time. Once I did, I never saw him again. He was so taken aback, he dropped whatever he was going to buy and left the store swiftly. Used to see another one, confronted him, never saw him again. I told the one I was taking his pic and posting it online. He left very quickly.

    Our former neighborhood in South FL was a cesspool. Loud Mexican music, racing cars, tweaker neighbosr playing loud music. It was too much to bear. FINALLY the cops got on my side. Two of the gangstalkers were arrested. We put our house up for sale and it sold quickly.

    Once I got my concealed carry permit and yes I carry legally everywhere I go, any gangstalking has stopped.

    You see my email address. I have some more legal solutions for you to use, but I don’t want the enemy to know about them. OK?

    • Yes, I see Annie Oakley. My beat down is the not the first time I’ve been beaten up. This is about the third time, with other incidents which did not come to a beat down, but I was pushed to the ground. I’m surprised they allowed you to get a gun. I was sure that no target would be allowed to purchase one. It’s good to know. It’s given me an idea, but as you said, I cant say. Thanks for the advise.

      • I have no felonies or criminal background. I had to go through a DOJ background check to get one. I have a clean personal and financial life. So there was no need to reject me.

        Targets can buy guns if they don’t have felonies or other criminal convictions.

  4. I’m very sorry this happened to you! I feel the perps are getting worse and more aggressive. The third woman was in on the skit, I’m sure. Good cop bad cop. I live around the black area and get a lot of crap riding on the busses. I’ve had threats before. I was told by a white acquaintance to not ride primarily black busses but choose to do shopping elsewhere. If I do that then I’m even more of a slave, having to go only where certain people are. People used to leave broken eyeglasses all over the ground on my walks to show they wanted to jump me.

      • I had a man raise his hand to swing at me and I sprayed him with pepper spray. But that was years ago and I was younger. If the “no touch” rule goes out then it will be dangerous to go anywhere. It’s like I’ve had tons of situations when the perps were just on this side of hitting me.

        • At one time,I don’t think they were to touch us, but now there are a lot of people working for them who got out of prisons, are violent and don’t care what happens to them. They just want to get even with someone for their miserable existence.

  5. I had a woo hoo day to i.saw my ex lover i didnt look my best and he was friends with a perp soooo it haant been great hope we hav a better week next week ! .

  6. OH MY GOSH ne have just seen it hope your ok so the girl in the car played a part to lucky u didnt get cops then she.woundnt hav been much good .did they take the suitcase then ne?

    • Last night I went to soboba casino with my mom. There wad about 30 perps hovering around me wherever I went. After 2-3 hours I was fed up seeing the same ugly motley crew. They sit all around me they dont gamble. Finally I told a security guard to watch this ugly crowd that follows me around for some reason. I said its weird! He walked around taking note. I told to watch im going into keno room n they will saunter in around me. Sure enuf the ugly crowd followed. The guard came in.. looked around looked at me I did an eye roll. I also disvovered something new to do n I had fun withnthem. I was bothering the perps n I gloated. First everything is on camera in the casino so everything is documented. I got my phone out and pretended inwas doing something to it then I held the screen to my face. They knew I wasnt talking. I made it look like I was taking their picture. They would walk by me give me dirty look I looked them straight n the eye moved my fingers on my phone then smiled a little secret smile. Lol they were getting nervous n aggitated. This one black ugly bugged eyed sleezeball was really getting anoyed I knew it too id look at him and point my new at him. I went intp another room to prove my point to security who I knew was watching up above. Well the sleezy black guy was first to follow. He couldnt stop looking back at me. He was pissef lol then he made his move and walked by and kicked my chair! I said hey! You kicked my chair. He came over leaned over me and said I did not touch your chair he said I was crazy and did the little whorly sign by his head. I yelled at him: you idiot! Ur on film! I reported u to security along time ago. Your a stalker! N im not crazy u stupid idiot! Your a low life stalker and its all on film u have been following since I got here. Now…. who was defending them selves? He was ! He thought about it n knew it looked bad gor him. I said u dumb shit itd all on film now go away u stalker peice of shit n leave me alone! He left all flusteted n I didnt see him again but the rest or the group would walk by trying to get me to look but I was bored with their lame game. I did my damage. Neverending. I love you! U have helped me b strong n taught me so much. If u have a phone keep it out at all times their biggest of them doing harm. If those girlw thought they werevon camera they wouldnt have touched you! So all ti’s get ur phones out n dont b araid to cause a scene!

      • I won’t make a scene, because that’s exactly the reaction they want from us. I don’t have a camera. Every camera I’ve had has been stolen or hacked and it’s hard for me to get any proof. You did a good job. Keep up the good work. And, of course, they had to use their favorite word for us “crazy”. I think they think if they say it enough times to us, we’ll start thinking we’re crazy. If anyone’s crazy, it’s them. The idiot you mentioned sounds like a real ugly bugger.

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