Gang Stalking – No more jay walking tickets!

My blog doesn’t matter,  but I can’t even get into my page. Some hackers keeps moving my blog around.

Anyway, this  morning as I took my walk, I went into the medium. As soon as I stepped foot on the medium, I saw a police car headed my way. My heart began to beat very fast.  Here goes another jay-walking ticket. I’ve gotten jay-walking tickets before and  had to go to court to pay it. The ticket is $190. Can you imagine a ticket being that expensive? I think the price has risen since then. I kept walking and I crossed my fingers. The police car did not stop. I immediately got off the medium and hid. I thought they might turn around and come back looking for me. If they couldn’t find me, no ticket. I got on the medium to get away from all the lowlifes following me around. I’ve done this many times before. Walk where I’m not supposed to.  I usually do it to avoid the sub-humans.  To be honest, I’d rather get a ticket than be near the creeps. It’s killing me now to be sitting here in the library with the disgusting pieces of you know what!

And  I was lucky this time, and a few other times, but I don’t want to push my luck anymore. One day, if I keep doing what I do, I’ll get another $190 jay-walking ticket.    Let this time be a warning to me, unless I want to give the state another $190. No more jay-walking for me.   Honestly!!  I just wish I didn’t have to deal with so many scum bags coming at me all the time.

P.S.  I had to get off to give someone else computer time. While I was waiting, the regular guard came around with a new guard showing him around.  He stopped about three feet from me and I heard him say,  “You  see that one behind me, watch her.  She’s nothing, but trouble.”  I never liked the guy and now I like him even less. Creep!

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12 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – No more jay walking tickets!

  1. I hav just turned my phone on everything got changed ! pictures are gone and my videos the background has changed to wat the hell .just my contacts lefted the scum low lifes

  2. Today while two decoys kept me busy the lowlife stalkers broke into my car.

    They didn’t take anything just left the door open so I would know they were there.

    Sometimes I am a real dummy for ever trusting anybody.

    Good thing I didn’t catch them cause they would be at the hospital eating thru a straw for a year

    • I’ve learned with the savages you can never, never let your guard down. And to tell you the truth, you’d probably be in trouble if you’d beaten them up. The cops would have taken their side and put you in jail. I’m glad you’re okay. Bastards all!!!

  3. You just dont need it its bloody expensive that 190 dollars .you need all the resources you have first flat they overcharged me on a bill get ready 1000 pounds ! for a one bed flat yeh right they got it wrong so wrong no way it was that much i was only they for a year these sick animals hav done this to get rid of my money.this was when it first started it was so bad it was a scam of course .it was the electric company in on it or someone else was using my electric.or both .we need compensation for all we hav gone thru and still go thru..

  4. Wow that is a LOT for a jaywalking ticket. I remember someone getting one for 50 way back in the 1980s. What a rip. I’m gonna watch for cops when I cross the street!

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