Gang Stalking – Want to drive a man bonkers!!

Every time I walk toward the library, I have to pass a trellis-like path.  As I walk, there are men and women standing, sitting, imitating what I do when I pass by. They all wait for me to pass  and make a comment. They get paid to do this. If I make a comment, the perp will report it and get an extra three, four bucks in his check.  Plus it’ll become something the  perps can imitate me doing.

Today, I didn’t feel like walking the path, so I found a solitary spot under a light. I can bet that tomorrow that the light will be over run with perps. And if the light is not over run with perps,  every light I pass will have a perp sitting under it. What idiots!!!

This is for women. Men who read my blog don’t get insulted. I heard this on the radio this morning. There is something we women do that drives men bonkers! You’ll never guess what!!!   Who knew? I didn’t.  I’ve made a mistake all this time. I’ve slammed doors on perps for as long as I can remember.  And it’s been making them feel very masculine. The truth is, men hate it when women hold doors open for them! It makes them feel emasculated.  Now that I know this, I will make sure I hold the doors open for all of them, make them feel emasculated. So, women, make sure you hold a door open for a  man perp. Annoy the hell out of all of them!

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12 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Want to drive a man bonkers!!

  1. If the govt wasn’t involved the govt would help us Churchill. If you were perped like us I’d like to see how you’d take it.

  2. I like to hold a door open for a man and women, and I always tell the woman that I am not doing it for her, I am doing it for him! Told a woman the other day that I was so angry at her boyfriend, she said why? I said because he left me for you!
    It is fun mimicing the perps, and taking their pictures is lots of fun, any old used cheap cell phone can make life interesting, post their pictures on the internet!

  3. Had you cosidered the fact that the perps are egging you on so that you’ll rant and rave like a teenager in your blog?  There is another TI blogger in CA that posts endless videos of the same perps stalking her each day.   Nothing is gained by the posts, except to give the perps the feedback they so much desire from us TIs.

    And the contract-stalkers are not working for the government. They never have been.  It’s organized crime, funded by the drug cartels.


    • This is what’s done to me every day. It’s like a diary. It’s proof of what they’ve done to me. If I sound like a ravaging teenager, so what!!???
      It is the government no matter what you say.

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