Gang Stalking – Music soothes the savage beast.

If tomorrow you wake up and discover that gang stalking is no longer happening to you, what would your life be like?

I know what I’d do.

I’d get out my paint brushes and start painting. I’d try to sell the paintings so I can put a down payment on a cottage.  A cottage near the beach. I’d walk on the beach every day.  The cottage would be surrounded by trees. No one would live near me. I don’t want  any people near my property. I’d definitely have cameras and sensors all over my property.  I’d want to know if someone enters my property.

I’d have music playing all the time. Music has been my savior. Without music, I don’t think I’d  made it  this long –  Music soothes the savage beast (William Congreve).

And then I’d paint, paint, paint all day. This time not for profit, but to paint in colors what I can’t let go of  –  intrusion of government into my life. I have to let go all the bad stuff in my body.

And after I’ve gotten the big, bad government out of my body, I’d like to travel, maybe find love again, feel again, and not hate my fellowmen anymore.

I want to wash all the dirt I’ve accumulated from all my years of torture. I want to be totally free again. To fly again. To breathe fresh air again. To walk free again.

And I’d stop writing my blog, but  will never trust the government again. Never!

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19 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Music soothes the savage beast.

  1. Yes so true i wass saying this today i just want to be lefted alone all i hav is stinky.perps surrounding me day n night.yeh but i dont wana be living like them no chance ! If we do try and GET OUT they .there perps waiting to befriend us yeh music is gud it brings alittle joy in this awful hell gangstalking

  2. What a great thought! Keep dreaming, it’s how I hang on. I keep telling myself maybe someday… I’d love to be able to lock my door and go out and not have to worry about law enforcement breaking in or giving master keys to other people to do so. I’d love to be able to use security cameras without them being interfered with so they can come in and not get caught. And be free to do things without the crap going on – to be able to leave things in my car, or a hotel room and not worry about them getting vandalized… I want a little cabin in the woods in Washington, preferably near a lake or river. I guess we both love water. I want to be able to draw again too.

  3. I had a post (now lost in the ether) long ago on my old blog what I’d like to do if I were set free. It was something about becoming a baker and living in the woods. I think I have gone past wanting to have much to do with people. Maybe a handful of friends. All these years of targetting have led me to believe people are like tissue paper…no substance at all. They turn at the drop of a hat.

    • That is a great way of saying it. Looks like we all have something in common – wanting to get away from people in general and be left to live with a real friend or a few… just an observation. Thing is, they didn’t need to do all the crap to me. I never did want to be Miss Popular or rule the world. I have concluded that them finding me a threat just shows how stupid they are! Them finding any of us a threat shows that.

      • Maybe that’s what we all have in common, wanting to be left alone. I’m also the same way. I live my life, you live your life the way you. I guess they want people who want to force others to live the life they live.

        • Yeah, that’s what they want. That’s why bullies never get punished and victims always get the blame if they try to defend themselves.

      • I remember telling my mother I hated Republicans and I thought our freedom was dying/dead way back in the 1980s. Maybe a lil birdie reported me. Who knows? It says do not talk against the king even in your bedroom or a “little birdie” will get your complaint to the king. That’s paraphrasing out of Proverbs. I’m sure I am a lifetime ti though.

        • Well, I think both of those parties are equally bad so I don’t know if that’s what did it, but it’s a thought. I voted for Reagan in 1980 but I was GS’ed since the 80’s too. I believe I’ve been a psychological experiment all my life and I had no political beliefs when I was little. It was the 80’s when the actual harassment from society started on me

  4. Agreed,music has been my saver.I lost my love for music taken from me without my permission and used against me in combination with other torturous methods.I now have music back in my life and am enjoying it more than ever.It has saved me from evil.
    Yours in light,love and respect,

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