Gang Stalking – I hate the perps for making my life so joyless.

For the first time in about three and a half  years I went to the park.  I used to go to the park all the time.  But there came a point, I decided it was too miserable an experience to go there.  As soon as I’d enter the park, parents would show up  with their children.  Of  course, they just had to sit where I sat.  They’d tell their brats to make as much noise as possible, to scream and yell at the top of their lungs.  Not only would they tell them to do this, but they’d tell them to jump up and down on the tables.  Nice thing to teach their kids. To become as wild as possible.  I took it for a while, but then I began to feel like I’d like to take the kids and turn them around and just hit their bottoms to teach them to behave. I decided it was safer for me to stay out of the park. I didn’t want to be accused of child abuse.  So I passed by the park, but  stayed away from entering it.

Now, I decided to give the park another try. How much worse can it be than what it used to be?   Well, honestly, a lot worse.  I went to the park yesterday and sat on a rock, far away from everybody in the park.  Well, as usually happens, the area I was sitting in became the area to sit.  Immediately, mothers with their children, women with dogs, men walking, boy/girlfriends, etc. just had to sit  near the vicinity of where I sat.  The park’s surrounded by apartment complexes, people put their chairs out and watched me non-stop.  Every way I turned, someone was watching me.  I did not leave the park, I moved and sat in another area. Again, the area became the newest place to hang out.  Some of the people sent their dogs my way, so I’d pet the dog and then they thought I’d start a conversation with them.  I paid no attention.  A lot of  women  passed by me talking as if they were miles from each other, not next to each other.  I  had a book I was reading and totally absorbed myself in the book.  And I  managed to stay put for an hour.  After an hour, I’d had enough of the ridiculous idiots. I left.

I can’t even sit in the park for an hour without someone annoying the hell out of me.  I can tell you I hate these people for making my life so joyless.  I can’t sit in the park, go for a walk, the store, get on the bus, etc. without having an entourage.

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12 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – I hate the perps for making my life so joyless.

  1. cant believe what they do with the kids. they crossed a huge line this week. i can share it, but wow its reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly bad. i’ll leave it up to you if u want it on ur blog lol

  2. Other disturbing things
    – use of kids not only teaching misbehave in front of TI, but also in setting up scenarios trying to “pedofy” target – a perp parent knowing smirk creeps me out everytime and I dont think I will understand their mentality in my lifetime.
    – use of actors and props/novelity items.
    Once you get the taste of their “style” it opens your eyes how widspread this desease is hiding in plain sight: disinformative paper articles, tv shows, etc.

    • Oh, I’ve written about these subjects. And the kids and coming on to someone is a favorite of perp kids. Their parents are all sickos that they would teach their kids to do things like this. And then they wonder why kids become prostitutes?

      • THEY HAVE done and done this this to me today the.
        Mother waits in the.distance while.the kid does something today the girl child.had a annoyning toy the one were they hold its like a wiggly.snake ….(so fitting for the perps snakes…)so the girl turned round and started waving it at me watching me.i didnt say owt the mother came.then after she did it.sick bstards.

        • The kids are just as bad as the parents, but at least they can be forgiven because they really don’t know any better, unlike the parents who encourage their kids to be bad.

  3. The absurdity of “flashmobs” still amazes me, and I still cannot comprehend what effect they are trying achieve with it.The other day I was out for a walk, it was almost a midnight and town was asleep and silent. Heading back home i’ve stopped to check something on my phone and after couple minutes I was passed by a dude with a robo-grin, his eyes locked on me. Suddenly completly empty street became alive – a taxi stoped nearbys and let off a passanger, people started popping seemingly out of nowhere, couples holding hands wander around,etc. and mini roundabout at the end of a street looks like a carousel with the same cars spinning…

    • Oh, they just pop out of nowhere whenever you are somewhere. They’re sent messages as soon as you’re in an area and told to show themselves. They’re all disgusting pieces of you know what!

  4. My problem too. The skits and the harassment are so bad that I find myself staying at home more and more. I’m so sick of the circus around me on the bus and at the store. The last time I went to a park was….last summer. that was the last time alone. I like you found a rock to sit on in the corner and the park gravitated towards me. People started sitting near me on benches and climbing the little hill the rock was on. I was trying to study the Bible. After awhile I got up in disgust and went to a Starbucks a few blocks away to try and study but it was packed with perps.

    • We just can’t go anywhere. They’re like packs of wolf that follow us everywhere. It’s a psychological game. Never give your mind a rest. And I truly hate the disgusting pieces of s–t!

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