Gang Stalking – I used to think FBI men equals sexy.

Today, as I was taking my walk, I saw a FBI tank-like vehicle.  It stopped by an office building.  The men got out, dressed in caps and Army-like uniforms. I’ve  seen FBI men in suits.  Now they look  like soldiers ready for battle.  Anyway, They spread out in different directions, one got on top of a rock so he could get a better view of the area.  They had walkie-talkies and were in constant contact with each other.  I wonder what’s up? The FBI appearing out of nowhere to do what???  Now I’m very curious. I’m going to make a point of  walking by the building and see what offices are in building. The FBI men used to fascinate me, now they just creep me out.  I used to think FBI men are sexy.   Now very time I see them, I get a bad feeling.  I know they’re not there to do good. They’re probably  after someone or maybe set-up an office. I can’t believe that at one time I used to trust the FBI. I thought they were the cream of the crop, but no longer. I now see them as bullies. I no longer trust any of them. If they were to come and question me, I wouldn’t respond to any questions they ask me. I’d immediately say, “I want a lawyer and take the fifth.” I don’t even know if we’re allowed to take the fifth anymore. With all the laws constantly changing to suit the government’s wishes, I don’t know if that’s allowed anymore. Almost all our constitutional rights are  in  question now. With the judges we have always favoring government, we, the public, have practically no rights. The constitution seems to have  been thrown in the dumpster, replaced by judges who seem more interested in pleasing the 1% instead of keeping our constitution in place. This is the way it’s been everywhere else where a totalitarian government got its  foot in the door.  People end up losing their freedom and leading to a dictatorship. I hope it doesn’t happen here.

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10 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – I used to think FBI men equals sexy.

  1. It is now a corporatocracy, plain & simple… which explains a lot when one considers what the “banksters” have been up to in the past, what, 200 years?!?! No, but especially over the past 20 years, with “globalization”, allowing corporations to sell an inferior product to consumers by farming their jobs to people for less money overseas.

    Anyway, X-Files made FBI look sexy to me. That truck could’ve been anything though. How do you know it was FBI & not CIA, for example?

  2. Heya,
    I have 2 aunties from Minnesota and for many years I loved the american accent.Of late I struggle to find any interest nowadays,nothing personal but I dont like it so much.I know that will change but for now it’s not.
    Love,Light and Respect,

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