Gang Stalking – Oh, how did we targets ever get so lucky?

I have to start my blog again. They moved my blog to a second page which I do not use.

For a long time, I’ve had something in my ear that hisses. I had an operation and came out with a hissing sound in my ear. Till this day, the hissing continues. Sometimes very loud, sometimes not. But the hissing is a constant. Never stops. Imagine dealing with hissing in your ear 24/7?  But as bad as it is,  I’ve dealt with it. And if one ear hissing isn’t bad enough, now they’ve began working on my right ear. Before they couldn’t do anything to my right, but about a week ago, I woke up to feeling something like a needle going up and down in my left ear.  It’s not  a real needle, of course, it’s probably something electrical that feels like a needle. They also began to mess with my right ear. Now imagine two ears hissing non-stop. They’ve haven’t gotten into my right ear yet, but every night, I feel them in there trying to break through. Of course, I’ve done everything to cover my ear, but they cut right through anything I use. I’ve always kept my ears covered with something and that’s why they haven’t gotten through yet. But eventually, they’ll break through on some night when I feel too tired and feel nothing in my ear.  Trying to get into my right  ear recently began, before that it was left alone. I guess everything they’ve done to me hasn’t worked, so now, it’s get me through my ears. Both my ears now pulsate and they’re twisted all night.  This is plus the electricity they’ve sent into my ears for years. Before that, I had no problem with my right ear.  I’m afraid if they keep messing with my ears, something is going to burst and I’ll have hearing problems for the rest of my life.  If one hissing ear wasn’t bad enough, now they’re trying to make it two hissing ears.

Oh, what fun life is for us targets, isn’t it? How did we ever get so lucky?

21 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Oh, how did we targets ever get so lucky?

  1. Yeh best thing to do …guess what the snitch perps are doing now they messing with bin bags i put it out now its gone i come back in half hour now its gone not even in other bins i DONT EVEN wanna think wat they doin with it why da heck u guna spy on me putting rubbish out .somebody is actually watching wen i put rubbish out its happened before like this

    • They used to do that to me, still do it, but they have a harder time getting into my rubbish. I take my bag and dump the garbage into the dumpster and move everything around. They have to do a lot of looking to get into my rubbish. They do it to find out things about you.

  2. SHE WAS Singing to after i turned it off copying me and letting me know they listening she sounded like a strangled cat idiot it was suppose to be valentines day they dont have anything else they cud be doing idiotsss cowards

    • We cant help how we live our lives because the constant harassment we get, but what a waste of life is right. They could be enjoying life instead of torturing someone. I like the strangled cat remark.

  3. They get high has a kite ha ha …and i know you go thru alot you do go thru alot everyday ne it was like this when it started with me and hav played music today they playing music now copying me after i hav turned it off the sad freaks they dont do this unless i do it how sad snitches .oh yeah its best to ignore them if i respond they guna crap they pants ha. ps i saw on internet this person says change your routes everyday change were you go it might help a little bit.

  4. Right….! am still in shock i was in a shop i picked up a chocolate bar a guy walked past started watching me he sed its to many caleries its none of his damm business what i get he isnt my boyfriend it got me thinking its valentines day today they always mess with me on this day alot .valentines day is bad what about other targets?so today it started this morning with the rat below shouting shutt uppppppp i wasnt doing anything apart from getting ready to go out according to this bitch am not aloud to talk or move in my apartment without causing a stir yeh will see! If i was such a problem they wud of complained by now they dont because they perps am paying for them to get high and make love and not work and listen to me all day ewww am they cash cow i was in a shop a women was watching me she was pretending to look and sort out stock i caught her looking back at me and what i was doing .it was creepy then i was at another shop a guy works they now..funny that a shop were.i go they now (its the shop were they bought them two guys to me )dont even get me started on intimate inflilrations !.so this guy who worked at my last place were i got mobbed out he was standing near me chatting to a women he was part of the harrassment he wanted me to notice him get fcked! then i come back a guy shouted out the window the eletrick is off the whole block was off the people from the housing were they they sed it to and looked at what ambuying i just coundnt get away from these perps at all today am sure i have forgot things i just had to right it down now .its to crazyy

  5. THEY do something with the ears i have it to .sometimes its a high pitched sound in one ear.funny enough all the ear problems started when my gangstalking started and the below perps were stomping around and banging and they floor i shouted out and the bitch started.laughing what bunch of freaks.basically they were trying to wake me up.and create stress i cant do anything here without.being listened to .by these cretins

  6. I have also had some problems with my ears. I am uncertain if it relates directly to being a TI under constant attack, but it might. I have been using Swimmer’s Ear in each ear every couple of days. I place five or six drops in one ear at a time and lay on my side for twenty minutes to an hour, letting it dry out any water build up. Water helps conduct electricity and other types of waves through the ear and other parts of the body.

    • Yes, I know water conducts electricity. I’ve written about that in my blog. How they put the underground water and electricity and send it into our apartments to hit us. Haven’t you ever noticed that they’re always doing something with the pipes? They’re been doing it to me this past week. They’re making sure I get hit with the water and electricity. They’ve done this to me everywhere I go. They mess with pipes constantly.

      • I have noticed some infatuation with water/gas/electrical/etc.. pipes on the part of the perpetrators and attempts to conduct some form of communication through the use of pipes. I am not certain as to the purpose of this activity. It seems most of it is designed to create uncertainty and keep the victim distracted and/or busy with meaningless tasks.

        I have lost trust in all medical personnel for many of the reasons discussed in previous blog postings. The last time I saw a doctor he was also particularly curious about my ears. Through some mysterious process I had developed a double ear infection and continue to experience the unproductive effects of that infection, although I think the infection has been cleared up for some time.

        These perpetrators have the ability to monitor all TI’s remotely through satellites or hidden cameras or both at the same time. This is how they invade people’s privacy in their homes, prying into every aspect of a person’s life. For me they utilize constant talking at me at a subvocal level. I am sure they can see everything I am doing at all times as well. This assault is ongoing, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week non-stop. They are unable and/or unwilling to stop or tell me why this is happening.

        I am certain they have more than one method they utilize against different TI’s.

        • I get the same treatment, non-stop surveillance on all levels – cameras, voices, people watching everything I do, etc. The also use computers to watch us. They set up the apartment before a target moves in and set the computer up to watch the target. I actually saw this done one time while I was looking for an apartment. The man setting up the computer had keys to everyone’s apartment he was going to spy on. The manager had given him the keys so he could do the set-up.

  7. I have had to cover my ears to sleep as well. They really want to get in my ears for some implant? They want it in the right ear. Every time I turn that way in bed I hear footsteps overhead or the perps saying “hurry up”. I sleep with a hoodie over my ears or earbuds on or even sleep with the comforter over my head. I do have a little ear noise in silence. I have been hooked up to a music player since 2002 or so to stop the unremitting Voice to Skull.

    • I think they’re trying to implant something, but who knows? I know there’s something implanted in my left ear for sure. When I go to visit my doctor, he’s always interested in how my ears are doing. I’ve never had a doctor so obsessed with my ears. That tells me something.

      • Yeah like the doctor I went to for a “checkup” and all she asked me about was my mental health. I did NOT get a checkup. I had a shrink and all he asked me about was my apparent OCD and nothing else. Later I determined the perps were making me have OCD and creating fear in me. Also we never know if they come in while we sleep even if we have secured the premises. The perps are obsessed with my right ear. I also have hissing in my ears when it’s quiet and no V2k.

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