Gang Stalking – New Edward Snowden video

Go to this site to see Edward Snowden video  – It is about what NSA is doing to all of us, and why he decided to come forward.

P.S. We got a new group of criminals at the library today. I guess a class just ended. Talk about ugly! This new group would make you want to vomit your food. How did the Flamingo library get so lucky? I would describe what they look like, but I don’t think my stomach can handle it. They’re R.L.V.T. (these initials mean something).

Contact info://

17 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – New Edward Snowden video

  1. Very, very good! Thanks for posting. Nice to see him looking calm and healthy. Long live President Putin and all the others who helped save a patriot.

      • Yes, and we are angry too. I know one of the reasons my son is dead is that he was going to help me prove the government were spying on me. That was back when everyone was saying it was a stupid thing to think, but I had proof. It’s been stolen now, but if Edward had said something before, my son might still be alive because I would have known they were doing it to everyone and that it was unresolvable. I don’t blame him, though. I don’t even know if he was working for them yet, but even if he had been, he didn’t know about me and my son.

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