Gang Stalking – I wish I could be a bird.

I have to lug  around  a small suitcase with everything I need in it; like my passport, Nevada I.D., bank information, etc.  A lot of times I ran into people with it. As I walked by a man at a ticket machine, he stepped on my suitcase. He said to me, looking straight at me, “Oh, I’m sorry, sir  .”  His  girlfriend, who was standing by him, giggled. I said to myself “okay, you want to f–k with me”.  So I said, “Oh, it’s all right, ma’am.”  His girlfriend began howling.  She thought my remark funny. I said, “A good one, huh?” She answered, “Oh, yeah.” and began laughing again. The man did not like my remark. But I got him back.  The men like to do that to me, call me a man.  I in no way, shape or form look like a man. If I look like a man, I’m a very feminine  man.  Always playing mind games. The idiots!

And yesterday, when I was leaving the library, a man waiting for the computer, said to the woman sitting next to him, “Do you know who she is?” The woman answered “No.”  He  said to her  “She’s one of those government conspiracy nuts!”  He made sure I heard his remark.  That’s another one of the games they play with us. Always calling us nuts.  The man can call me nuts all he wants, but in the end, I will win. It seems Americans are afraid of being called nuts, crazy, mentally ill. I can understand why. Anytime there’s a killing, the media, or politicians, all come out using words like mentally ill, etc.  And they use it non-stop. So people are afraid of the word mentally ill, crazy or nuts.  We know what they do to mentally ill people. We put them on trial and abuse them in a  mental ward, or put them in prison.

Anyway, today is one of those days, I don’t want to be harassed. Just the thought  of coming out today made me sick to my stomach.  I  want to be left alone without some idiot standing close to me, making constant remarks about my appearance, hitting me with electricity, calling me a man, I’m sick of all the jerks. I know I’ll survive today and all the other days but I wish the jerks would leave me alone!  The only way I’ve been able to survive is cursing them under my breath.  As I walk away from them., I repeat under my breath, I wish they die, die, die. Just like this very minute. The woman sitting next to me is talking to herself and making “um, um, um” noises. Why the hell can’t she use the computer without all the “uming”?

I don’t want to be thrown out of the library again. I hope I can keep my mouth today. I’m not feeling very loving  toward anyone today,. I’m sick of the human race. I wish I could be a bird.

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33 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – I wish I could be a bird.

  1. There’s a book wich helped me to understand how think the uppercrust of this “organisation” , and why everyday’s common perp (pests, as I call them) participates in it. It’s called “Political Ponerology (a science on the nature of evil adjusted for political purposes)” by Andrew M. Lobaczewski – it’s available free on Scribd.

  2. That’s seems a common tactic to label a TI in names of oposite sex. It stems from psichological make up of perp leaders – androgenous and narcissistic.

  3. Always film them, document everything, after the uncle sam people realized that I was not a terrorist and a drug dealer, it was the druggies and their drug dealers who gangstalked me, (we are talking black 740I’s flippin me off; big fbi ford 4×4’s on the ass of a black porsche spyder, just to name one of many) my goodness, it became very hard core because I was driving tractor trailer rigs and hauling their narcotics interstate and messed with them, Some of the nicest people involved, hard working, respectful, but bottom line is they do not need all that extra money that helps others destroy their lives, miss lots of those people, not what they do. The hypocrisy in Merica is barrassing!
    Good to be out of the game, miss many of the people.
    Talked to a man today who was “in the shit” over eight years in prison, guns and narcotics, crazy stories, hookers, blah, blah, need to tell him that he pissed me off for what he was doing, good man, paid his dues, hopefully he has learned his lesson. It is what it is, only god can judge.

  4. NE they do get some payment or cars and rewards they more theey do they more they get this big nosed rat who sed hav got be like a lion he assulted me last year he was having a extension done at the time to his house it was only just starting out after he did it wat he did the extension looks big all done he also got a brand new car looking car to i cant even express how much i hate him after he assullted me he sed that should be enough…. like people were watching i wish he was dead .he only works part time so he sed at a retail store

  5. Have had such a bad weeek with perps including perp family i havent been on much to talk we will.survive all these perps yeh its always been men calling me a man to.the human race is evil hav only met one decent human in the last 11 years !

  6. They have done the man thing with me to i know what you mean i look nothing like a man when i was a teen to and they did the age thing with me to one perp in a takeaway guess my aged he sed 50 !! first he sed 30 then 40 then 50 wtf how can i be .this was couple of years ago when i got id in shops fcking idiot .am glad ya cursing them under your breath am guna do that to they deserve everything bad coming they way go to hell all perps.

  7. I’ve wished bullies would just leave me alone since I was 6. That’s one reason I think I’m a Government experiment and that the GS’ing actually started a lot longer ago than it became obvious.

  8. Maybe get a cheap video camera and record(? for evidence) their every move.They probably wont like it and grow a conscience and leave you alone.Maybe write down what they say and see how that goes.Much strength to you.

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