Gang Stalking – The library is an insane asylum.

Every time I come into the library I feel I’ve come into an insane asylum. People (mostly men) laughing like hyenas for absolutely no reason. Grown men acting like two-year years who need their diapers change; acting like silly school boys. People talking to themselves non-stop.   Constantly blowing their noses for absolutely no reason at all. Just to annoy others. This is probably how a real asylum is. I don’t have to go to one, I am in one. Non-stop hijinks of the lowest form. The people who use the library should  really be in a real insane asylum.  I can understand today why there are so many women who are alone.  Who wants to deal with men who act like two-year-olds who need their diapers changed?   Not me, for sure.   I  apologize to decent men everywhere who are not like the ones I run to on a daily basis here in Las Vegas.  I know there are still a lot of decent men out there, they’re just living somewhere other than Las Vegas. The place of immature men. That’s why they all live here. I’m sure you all know the Las Vegas logo “What happens here, stays here.”  Well, I’m making sure that what happens here in Las Vegas doesn’t stay here. I want  the  world to know what Las Vegas is really like. The state should change its logo to: The place for immature men.  If you ‘re  an immature male Las Vegas is the place for you.

Oh, I’m  sure I’ll have a lot of men in Las Vegas giving me dirty looks, but it feels so good  to let the men who use the library know how I feel.

That’s my rant for the day.

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22 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – The library is an insane asylum.

  1. Hyena laugh is a sign of a perp with an experience and a drive for what they do, and as a rule of thumb, stupidity and cowardness. Threre’s also something comon and repulsive about their looks, which I cannot put to words.

  2. when the system is heavy on me it’s definitely like an insane asylum. they have the weirdest/craziest looks on their faces. making weird sounds and crazy laughs. sometimes they’d keep banging something hard to get my attention. walk around like they’re on something strong lol. tho i doubt its as bad as yours. always use headphones when i exercise so i can only hear their bs when i get groceries. im never in one spot for along time like u int he library

    • Well, I have no choice on how long I stay in one spot. They’ve hacked three of my computer, so I have to use the computers at the library. I wear headphones, too. That’s the only way I’ve been able to survive them all

    • I use headphones when they turn on their pickups and let them run for literally hours to bother me. It is also proof that they are watching. As soon as I put in the headphones the neighbor comes out and turns his off or whoever parked theirs in front of the house to bother us drives away. They park there and no one gets out and no one comes out of the house across the street. They just sit and idle for up to three hours. That’s why I decided to try the headphones. I couldn’t sit in my car and let it idle for three hours. They must get paid a lot for that. I wouldn’t do it for less than $1,000 an hour! It would be too bloody boring to worth it for less than that. I wouldn’t do it for GS’ing purposes either.

      • maybe if it was a “real” terrorist i’d give it some thought. but then again how i can think if i was a sheep?

        lol speaking of boring stuff, these mofos have to be bored to death watching me. i never had a life and especially now i barely go out. they’re watching me sit on my ass nearly 24/7. i dunno how they do it. last month i heard someone mention something about computer automated surveillance. if thats true then they have to use some of that on me lol

  3. That was good. I hope you feel a lot better for it. I wonder if you’ll see a lot men acting more stupid tomorrow because of it. Be sure to laugh at them! LOL

  4. having been to both I can say with certainty that your library sounds like a psychiatric institution.Maybe the inmates are running the asylum?

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