Gang Stalking – In search of Edward Snowden?!

Targets, I think we are in trouble.  If we expect the “sleeping Beauties” (the American people) to wake up any time soon from their slumber, we’re going to wait until hell freezes over.  Maybe we’ll have to wait 100 years, too.

Yesterday, I had to do grocery shopping at Albertsons (I absolutely abhor this place). My first stop was the deli section.  I began talking to the deli worker, which I seldom do, and we got into matters of government.  I happened to mention Edward  Snowden to the woman.  She looked at me puzzled.  She said, “Who is Edward Snowden? Is he an actor on television?”  I said to her, “You don’t know who Edward Snowden is?”  She replied, “No. I I’ve never heard of him.”  I said, “You’re putting me on, aren’t you?”  She replied, “No, I’m not. I don’t know who he is.”    Another deli worker stood next to her, so I said to him, “You do know who Edward is, don’t you?”  He said, “No, I’ve never heard of him, either.”  I replied, “You’re  both putting me on, aren’t you””  Both of the shook their heads. The man said, “Is he an actor on t.v.?”  I said, “No.”  I continued, “I can’t believe you don’t know who Edward Snowden is. Do you two live in a cave?”  They both gave me a nasty look.  A customer came up to the counter and I asked her, “Do you know who Edward Snowden is”?  She replied, “No, I don’t. Who is he?”  I then asked, “Do you know what the NSA is?”  All replied they’ve never heard of N.S.A.  I really thought they were putting me now, but then realized they really weren’t.  None knew who Edward Snowden is.

I walked around the store a while and when I saw a customer, I asked him/her, “Do you know who Edward Snowden is?”  I got blank expressions from almost every customer.

Finally, at checkout, I asked the cashier, “Do you know who Edward Snowden is?”  He replied, “Yes, he’s that guy who told us about the NSA spying on us.”  What a relief, not everyone is in  slumber.

It just shows that Americans are asleep.  They’re all zombies. I can’t believe that few people in the store knew who Edward Snowden is.  How can anyone not know who he is? He’s been a constant presence in newspapers, t.v., internet postings, radio, etc. How can anyone not know about Edward Snowden? I am amazed at the lack of knowledge by American citizens.

So, targets, if they don’t know who Edward Snowden is , what chance do we have of them ever discovering what’s happening with us?  Practically none.

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44 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – In search of Edward Snowden?!

  1. I have some videos you might be intrested in looking at i like her and her recent videos shes a target shes saying from san diego a tent her name is leslie williams type in on youtube exposing san diego .

  2. first of all, if u say almost everyone u come across where u live is involved in gang stalking, then i think most of hte responses u got was part of it. but yeah most pple dont even know the surface of whats going on. i dont even wanna try that stuff over here lol, if i get the same responses i’ll prolly shit my pants lmao jk

    now brace yourself here…i hate to break it to you, but there’s some compelling evidence that shows snowden is a nwo shill. i see u mention him a lot in your blogs and i couldnt resist this time lol. u can make up your own mind of course. i dunno how u can look at this stuff cuz i assume u dont have internet in your home? there’s a video and article u can look at, video easier

    im barely getting deep into this nwo matrix stuff. i had a “2nd awakening” in december thanks to this video. there’s a whole series still ongoing, highly recommend u watch this video soon, and to everyone else who reads this blog . before this all i knew was the tip of the iceberg. always wondered why the elite are so fucking crazy lol, now i have a better understanding

    so yeah if u get a chance to go over all this let me know what u think about it. there’s a lot of disinfo out there, A LOOOOOOOT!!!! thats one of the reasons why i never got past the surface of this illuminati crap. just gotta take it slow

    • I’ll read it and let you know. There’s also the chance that Snowden is a target of the government and this is how they get back at him, by saying he’s a shill so no one will believe what he’s saying. The FBI is very good at doing things like this. They’ve done this to a lot of people who were telling the truth. So I take everything that goes on the internet with a grain of salt. And I believe in Snowden and no one is going to change my mind no matter what anyone writes about him.

      • I totally agree on that! There is no way anyone could convince me that he is anything but a true patriot and hero. We know all about discreditation and such. No one is immune to it. Especially really brave government workers who have a conscience and decide to stand by it.

          • Yeah, like the Boston bombing. Anyone who has seen the footage that got pulled (for obvious reasons) would know there are things going on.

                  • [i clicked the wrong button and had to type this wall of text again so prolly forget a few things]
                    oh i know its crazy as hell. i had a mancrush on snowden. he was like a glimmer of hope. i didnt wanna believe it when i heard it, and wanted to punch the guy for saying otherwise. but the points being brought up are too much. i dunno how to say this, but for those that even know a little of whats going on behind the scenes in this world, its VITAL to keep an open mind, especially when its on the mainstream media. i dont care what it is, i’ll turn it inside out if i see something on msm and wanna pursue the truth of it lol

                    to help gain ur curiosity, two good points he brought up – since the elite virtually control everything, anything that is leaked to the masses is part of their “controlled opposition”. that and the secrets snowden leaked weren’t anything huge. most americans are sheep, but u dont have to be “awake” to know things are bad. i’ve seen a bunch of polls showing that most dont like/approve/trust the government. even before sandy hook, i vaguely remember something about gun sales increasing and guns/ammo etc were flying off the shelves in some places.

                    i dunno if i told u this before so i will now. i always wondered why the elite/illuminati/whatever were so fuckin crazy. since there’s so much disinfo and bs and me being lazy as hell i never got past the surface of all this. but after this video (there’s a whole series) i finally have a good understanding of a lot of things, not just nwo shit. i dont know exactly why they’re so fuckin crazy, and i barely came across this deeper level of the nwo stuff in december, but this whole video series probably saved my soul! the first vid is about 25min so not a whole lot. i can try to d/l it and send it to you somehow so u can watch it at home?

                    sheesh that was a wall of text. i wont do this often to you lol, but yeah just had to say it. btw i stumbled across the video on CHRISTMAS! i dont think thats a coincidence (i know they made up christmas but still things happening that week to me…one helluva coincidence.)

  3. People worship the God of Sports and the Gods of Hollywood: News gets no real attention. When I worked the people I worked with all they talked about is when they’d get home they’d get drunk and watch TV.

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