Gang Stalking – Go to hell you perps!

The bitch next to  me  deleted my blog. At one time,  used  to save my drafts, I guess now they don’t do it anymore. I guess the government has gotten to Well, it was good while it lasted. I have nothing against; they’ve been good to me.

Ever since I told targets about the plastic bottles, Am/FM radio, the mirrors, my life has become progressively worse.

It is now a death hell instead of a living hell.  I feel as if I’ve really entered hell and will never be let out of it.

I knew when I told you about mirrors, AM/FM radio, plastic bottles that my life would become a death hell, but I went with it, anyway.  What is life for unless it is to take chances?  So now I’m feeling the aftereffects(?). And I have no regret.

This morning, e.g., as I walked to the library, there was no absence of noise. It was a cacophony of sound.

The car repair shop, which rarely makes noise, tooted all its horns as I walked by it.  Next Target. There were some men repairing the roof, when they saw me, they turned on every machine they had. These machines were not in use. The men turned them on when they saw me coming . Cars were honking their horns non-stop. And, of course,  bastion of learning, the library  joined in the game.   As soon s I walked in, the phones began ringing non-stop.  I think they can be heard miles away. It’s a new thing they started. Their phones barely made noise before. But now, non-stop ringing phones.  And how can I forget how much noise the perps make?  The foot stomping began, the constant coughing, the clearing of their throats, the loud talking, and all those good things they do.  They act like zoo animals (I apologize to the animals at the zoo). And at night-time, my targeting has become almost unbearable. But with each thing they do to me, I become stronger. And I will outlast them all.

So I’m not complaining about what’s come about. I did it willingly. As I said, “No regrets.” Just writing about it so it stays in my memory bank for when I need it.

Go to hell you perps!

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39 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Go to hell you perps!

  1. I think my perp males need the cash etc all the kids they have even with multiply females every two mintunes they really cant keep in the pants .

  2. I sometimes get “blitzed” by perps as retaliation as well. That is who they “keep me in line” including what colors I wear or anything they want. I have never gotten it as bad as you did yesterday. I had no idea it was so important. I should have. When I put an anti-V2k hat on the power stopped only on my block in 10 degree weather. They put the power on in an hour but the next day they put up a huge box to replace the old one. They are using the available infrastructure to attack us via electricity. It’s cheap. I have an outlet right where I go to bed and the V2k and zapping and itching is worse when I’m in bed. Not to mention all the outlets I have. I heard nothing weird on the radio but I’ll try again.

    • Oh, I know. That’s why I’m targeted so much. They want me to keep quiet and not let the world know what’s happening to me and other targets. They want me to stop my word. But I won’t!

      • But even when quiet – the targeting continues. So for me anyways there really is no option other than to tell others the tactics that have been used on me – my observations and basically share my story. It isn’t going to stop no matter what I do. So I do what I feel is right. Which is exposing it in the small way that I can. You have been going through this longer than me and sharing your story has really helped me. I only found out about GSing a few months ago. For months I had no idea what was happening to me. I did not know it was happening to others – although I had a feeling that I could not be the only person on earth being subjecting to such things. To find others was both a comfort and a nightmare – to know there are others who understand is of course helpful. But to hear the suffering of others is painful and knowing that this this is happening on such a huge scale is downright frightening.

  3. I was in a shop two guys came straight to me one of them stood very close to me he sed hi whats going orite ? i didnt say a word n walked away.and i got a box.from argos it had crap on the box to shud i have sed anything about this place i dont know the bastards and the deliverly man was just standing they tryin to get in a convorsation .

    • And the guy who started talking to me in the shop he was staring into my basket to see what am buying and also he was looking at same thing i was while he tried to get me to talk .i think over eleven years of this gstalking well i say eleven years but i got mobbed and servely bullied at my last school this school was clever you had to take a exam to get in the kids they were evil in my year group they must of had powerfull parents in the community i do know this to .no one wud do anything my mother ha no gud so i lefted school into the community were it all started i was worried to go out the door sometimes cars beeping pulling up to me perps shouting out stuff out they car windows trying to run me over all sorts thats just cars to.the first severn years were very intense and they did alot back then and it still goes on till this day yeh its calm down alittle bit over the last couple of years but still goes on everyday maybe because i dont leave this crap place to often they like that .sick freaks.

      • Feel like am in prison am angry i have nothing because these evil beings if i started going out tried to do something or walk reguargly it wud start full force again like it did last year i just gave up goin out only wen i need to am upset has i write this theys no bars but am in prison .karma is goin to get them i hope very soon

      • You were right to ignore him. Yeah, they are sick freaks. I look back and see I’ve been harassed longer than I had first thought, too.

        • Yeh and the perps go home home and am guessing much bloody decent than are places it gets me mad .and they can steal because perps are theives .and destroy are property if i catch then one day oooh they better run ..things cost alot of money its not they property they destroying they slime creeps .

          • Oh, I feel the same. I’ll kill the first one I catch! I’m not even violent, but if I catch them in my house or car, they are dead! I have had to put up with their crap for 16 bloody years and I’m sick of it!

  4. Hi neverending –

    I’m a longtime reader of your blog. I’m also a TI.

    Be strong. No weapon formed against you shall prosper.

    I go to the library everyday to write my expose on their shit and they do similar things to me.

    An iPad is a handy tool for photographing or videoing them without you getting accused of harassing them.

    I have literally detailed everything they have done to me at libraries including gassing me, slitting open my bags, following me from room to room.

    The security management of the Business Library at 33rd street and Madison Ave. here in NYC, belly bumped me and pushed me, after I’ve made several complaints about sinister folks posing as students, tourists, etc, using the libraries for domestic terrorism.

    I don’t have emails or blogs anymore because I’m constantly impersonated online by these psychos.

    Stay firm. Continue working on exposing the truth girl, as well as the other TIS reading your blog. We shall win. I will check in more frequently.

    Cheers, Michelle

    • Michelle, I know the library well. I used to work around the area. Thank you for your encouragement. And it’s good to know that someone shares the same disgusting experiences I do. Good luck to you and hope to hear from you again.

  5. The amount of things have been through i havent even exposed it all .YET are a strong person i think all targets are .yeh i beileve in karma i woundnt like to be to them.

  6. Iv’e just had a brainwave,find yourself a cheap video camera and film them,surely they will hate it enough to grow a conscience and leave you alone.Worth a try maybe?.

  7. Good on you,I know what you are going through albeit less but still annoying.Make some noise of your own then see what happens.Be brave to these cowards,they have none and you have a big pair.Let these ‘people’ have some back,karma is a bitch.
    See how you go,

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