Gang Stalking – Zero minus for the way McDonald’s treats its customers.

I had no change to get on the bus, so I went into McDonald’s and bought a chocolate drink to get some change.  The woman asked me, “Do you want whip cream with that?” I said “No.”   The bus is  in  front of McDonald’s so I walked to the bus  stop  after getting the chocolate.   I’d forgotten  to check  my chocolate, took the lid off, and, of course, whip cream. Not only a bit of whip cream, but half the cup whip cream. I walked back into McDonald’s and told the woman I said I didn’t want whip cream.  She said, “Oh.”  with a big smile on her face.  Got another cup of chocolate, tasted it before I went back to the bus stop, nothing but water and a bit of chocolate. Gave it back to the  woman and said, “It tastes like nothing but water.”  Again, she smiled.  I got another cup of chocolate. The woman put it right in front of me.  I tasted it. No chocolate.  It was coffee.  She said, “I put it there for someone else.”  She took it back.  Did not put another cup of coffee out.  Again, I got the chocolate.  Again, lots and lots of whip cream. I gave it back to her again and said, “You want to stand there and play games with me, I can be here all day” She replied, “I work here all day so it doesn’t matter to me if you stand there .”  Got another hot chocolate,  I said, “This is still nothing, but water.”  I decided to leave because I really wanted to ________________. You can put your words in the blank. I don’t want to say what I thought.  I ended up throwing away the watery chocolate before I got on the bus. What I think of McDonald’s and its help I can’t express here. I’d be thrown in jail.  Of course, when I left McDonald’s all the help had big smiles on their faces.  McDonald’s you get a rating of zero minus for the way you treat your customers.

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65 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Zero minus for the way McDonald’s treats its customers.

  1. I have had problems at McDonald’s as well. I used to go there before being GSed. After GSing began my food was definitely tampered with. Same with Taco Bell. Taco Bell so bad you can taste it. I have some saved in the freezer if ever anyone could look into this. Doubtful that would happen. But if this thing ever blows up there will be proof of what has been happening to us – should anyone choose to look for it. And the small things each of us have may just fit in someplace – you never know. I also have a paper that perps left in my car. I posted in on twitter. I will post in on my blog. It doesn’t mean anything to me – but it may be helpful to someone else.

    • Oh, Taco Bell is a perp’s paradise. I’ve gone in there a few times and the food is so mushy and messy, most of the time I end up throwing it out. And it all tastes exactly the same way. I’ve never kept anything, if I did I’d have an apartment full of garbage. I don’t have a camera. It’s hard for me to post anything.

      • The Taco Bell that I have saved is saturated in something that tastes like fish – but is not. This same toxin has been used so many times either in food and beverages, in the air, and on objects. This paper that was left in my car is titled Attitude Adjustment Mens Stag Meeting. I am trying to post the photos of it now. It is a list of names and phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Front and back. Was left on the floor on the passengers side in my car one morning – while parked right here in my driveway.

  2. MacDonald’s probably has and fb page. I’d go there and tell the story you did here. Every time they messed up, I’d do it. I was a royal on the Verizon page for a while, and eventually I got what I wanted from them – a waiver of the false debt I owed them.

    • I think I will. I emailed them and never got a reply. And I also had a debt problem with Cricket. I was sent a bill saying I owed them 28+ dollars on my phone, which I did not. I went to the office and got a copy saying I canceled my order. Then I got a bill from a collection agency. I never bothered responding, because I don’t owe anything. The collection agency is trying to get money from me. They can die waiting.

  3. I look into the fridge theys a crack inside the fridge its like someone has gone in with a hammer and made a dent crack.i havent notice this before

    • You just made my day. I feel like throwing up! I believe that they put glue in the food. Why not? They put all that other junk in there now, so why not glue? Yuck, is right. I think I’m sick!

  4. Do you know ne when you mentioned aunt gemima i didnt know what you ment so i looked it up its a lady on a syrup bottle! we dont have it here thats why.mcds lovin it …..NOT.they all zombie staff they .

  5. (btw im sandesh, finally stoped being lazy and registerd)
    if u kept the reciept, look if they have an online survey website. either that, or u can go directly to their website and file a complaint, or a bunch of complaints. i can make a complaint myself, just give me the store and if u remember the scum shit’s name that helps 🙂

    • That’s the same way I am. I don’t talk to anyone and if they speak to me, I don’t hear them. I block them out. Most of the time, the people who try to speak to me are perps, and I know they’re perps. They just want to get information so they can get paid for it.

      • Yeh thats how you know they perps i know they games best thing you can do is let no one in your life dont talk to no one .they cant get you that way at least.

  6. I stopped eating at McDisgustings after intense harassment there. I’ve eaten there twice in 5 years. Once when I ate at one near my house it was like my consciousness was invaded. I felt weak against the perps. I was using another McDonald’s just to use the bathroom and they perped me in a nasty personal way 5 years ago and that is when I stopped eating there. I only order coffee at a McDonald’s and only in an emergency. Still get perped there if I sit and drink it in there. They always gave me what I ordered, though. They thought they had a customer for life even if they abused me. They and several other businesses were wrong. I hardly eat out anymore. Every time I do I get abused whether in my face or subtly.

      • The french fries are indigestible. When I ate there I felt like I had a weight in my stomach afterwards. What a bitch you had! Time after time she screwed up your order! I hope she becomes a ti.

        • She was Asian. A lot of them have a very mean streak, even thought they all come across as very sweet. Now, I’ll get all the Asians after me. I really don’t give a shit! And that’s the same way I feel after eating something at McD’s. It seems to sit in my stomach all day.

          • I was a very big glutton but could never handle MIckey D’s. Asians were my first perps. I’d see them acting like I was shit in the halls of my college. I cannot believe AN ASIAN had to work at McDonald’s. They always work for their father or something or get a good job somewhere. She must be a big disappointment to her perfectionist parents.

          • Yeh mcds is bad for having it sit in your belly all day it happens to me to its all the toxic chemicals thats in the food .and what i have heard they add a little extra to if ya not carefull .one thing i hate the most is poisening people you wud have to be not human that to human who hasnt done nothing to you.

          • Terrible. I’ve had bad service in sit down restaurants where I could not see them and watch them but that is the worst I’ve ever heard.

              • I wonder what I’ve eaten and ingested over the years. When I had a pretty good job I’d eat out at least once a day. It was necessary almost since I was gone from home at least 10 hours a day.

              • Well, that’s it for the day. I’ve had enough of the lowlifes for today. Let them go elsewhere and earn their money. Once I leave, NO MONEY!!!!HA=ha-ha. Let them scrub floors! See ya.

  7. well mcd is like everybody their just in it for the money I’ve gone into mcd Wal-Mart I get the same reception I’ve learned if I what change I just go to a gas station and get change ill buy a Pepsi or something cheap I haven’t gone to mcd in years. And aim not missing anything.

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