Gang Stalking – Perps are traitors to America’s freedom.

Edward Snowden  knew  what the National Security Agency was doing while Bush was in office.  But he decided there was nothing he could do with Bush as president.  So he decided, he’d wait to see what the next president would do.  He assumed, wrongly, that the next president would find out what was happening to American citizens and stop the program.  He waited for the next president, Obama, to stop the program.  Four years went by, Obama did nothing. He again waited for the next president. Obama, again. After all the waiting, he decided that Obama was just like Bush and would nothing to stop the monitoring of American citizens and other countries.   This is when Snowden knew he had to do something to stop the program. He decided he had to let the American public know what was going on.  He leaked information to a British newspaper, and the paper published the information. After that, others papers also published Snowden’s leaks. And  then all the media   got into the act and talked about all the spying going on by the National Security Agency.

So Snowden waited a long time before coming out with the information he had. It was not a done deal when he gathered the information. He seriously thought of the consequences of what he was doing.  In my opinion. Snowden  is more of a hero than I  thought.    He’s as much a hero as those who fought the British to get America’s independence.  Not like the perps who are traitors to America’s freedom.

And it doesn’t matter what man wins an election, Democrat or Republican, they’re all controlled by the 1% and will do nothing to change the system from within once they get into office. No matter who gets into office, it’s be the same old same thing. Nothing will ever change. Nothing. The 1 percent run the country. We every day people have no say in what a president does. I don’t even know why I bother to vote at election time.

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23 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Perps are traitors to America’s freedom.

  1. Some have done good things that they promised – or tried to, but they are dead. The only reason I vote is so that when the asshole in question does something assholish, I can proudly say, “I didn’t vote for him, it’s YOUR fault!” to those who voted for the asshole, and to those who didn’t vote to try to stop him winning. The last president I voted for who won was Reagan, even though I considered myself a DEM back then and he was a REP, and he was a good one. BTW, I agree Snowden is as courageous as those who fought in the revolution.

          • That’s true, but I’m thinking what he did was so courageous and unselfish, the fact that he doesn’t want to become a TI by speaking about it is certainly forgivable. If we consider how much what he did helped to end the spying, (because there are so many idiots willing to accept it) and figure how much it would help to end Targeting if he talked about that, (because there are so many @$$h0!3$ who don’t care) it wouldn’t be worth it. I’d never want to see him suffer what we are going through after all he gave up for everyone – idiots and @$$h0!3$ as well as the rest of us. He deserves better than that.

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