Gang Stalking – Me! A Marxist!

This is the third time I’m writing this blog. I had to erase the other two. They were sent elsewhere by the lowlife woman sitting next to me. She’s hacking my computer, which is punishable by three to five years in prison. So I’ll try again.\

Every day when I cross  intersection of Maryland Parkway and Flamingo Road, there’s a  man who pops up with a political sign as soon as I cross the street. He hides behind a pole so I won’t see him coming. As soon as he sees me coming, he comes out.  Today, the sign said: “Political correctness and hate speech are Marxists tricks.” He makes sure he stands in front of me and I see the sign.  The sign’s are directed at me. I guess the message to me is: I’m embracing Marxism and preaching hatred when I write my blog.  The man at the corner is usually a perp I see at the  library.    So I know the sign’ s directed at me.  They stand there so I’ll stop by and say something they can use against me. And sometimes I’ve  fallen for the trick. I was not on guard.

On my way home, they’re usually not there. And if they are, it’s  another sign or some stupid nonsense.

And now I’m considered a Marxist. How funny!!! Me, a Marxist!!  Maybe I should move to Russia and join all the other Marxists.

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54 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Me! A Marxist!

  1. it don’t surprise me about the cops when I got kicked out of the county home they where dogging me all the time now my neighbor’s keep saying their moving in for the kill at this point I say whatever

    • That’s who does the harassment. They hire local community people to harass us so that the government doesn’t get blamed, but they’re paid by the government to carry out the program.

    • Actually, if you want to test to see if it’s the government or just your town, move to another State. If you get the same harassment, it’s the government.

  2. I’m so tired of all this shit. A cop just pulled in front of the house and sat there 15 minutes. What is he warning me not to do something I enjoy? Scaring me? It was only a perp because he drove off. The new “commie” scares coming out make me laugh. This is a Fascist state.

    • They used to park in front of our house and either sit there, or go and visit someone else down the street. There was plenty of parking in front of whatever house they went to but they had to park in front of ours. Once I watched them get out and walk all the way to the end off the block and go into a house they could have parked in front of. I know they did this because they knew I was terrified of them and it upset me immensely. Finally I called and told them since there was plenty of space to park everywhere they visited and there was no reason they needed to park in front of my house I wanted it to stop. Oddly, they complied.

    • Gang stalkers work for the government. The government are “above the law.” If someone wants to hack you at the library for the government, no one’s going to stop them. A friend of mine here got hacked at ours.

    • They can hack into any computer, even if it’s offline and has no wireless card in it. I know this from experience, and found info to back it up written by a former NSA agent, who says all of them are made so that the government can get access through something in the circuit board. Basically, the bottom line is that there’s nothing you can do to escape if they want to harass you. I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone who thinks their security software works, is not truly a target of online harassment. Most people using the internet are well-adjusted, and play by the rules. Security software is only made necessary by the people who promote them. The government has the technology to make hacking a rarity, but they choose not to. BTW, Microsoft has recently been exposed for helping the government do their spying. I discovered that, myself on my own PC about 5 years ago. About 2 years ago it was confirmed that they get access on a regular basis whether or not you are online came when I had been disconnected from the modem for several hours and my PC was shut down to install MS Updates that had been downloaded. Not once, but twice in one month! They haven’t done it since, but maybe that’s because whoever listens to the conversations in my house told them they had been careless.

      • Oh, I know about Microsoft, they installed a back way to get into the computer. I was listening to a man who worked for the government and he said that even if we take out our battery, they can get into our computer via radio waves. So, really, we can’t win for losing.

        • I believe that. I’ve seen some weird s**t. That guy I mentioned said that you can even take your hard drive out they can see what you’ve been up to, and the stuff they do via the circuit board entry stores the changes they make, then when you put your HD back in, they update onto the HD. I’ve had them turn on my computers in the middle of the night sometimes! Just to rub it in that they can, I suppose. They’ve also turned it off when we’re using it. For the same reason, I guess.

          • Don’t you know they’re Gods! They can do anything they want to us and get away with it. At nighttime, they turn things off and on when I’m trying to sleep, like they turn the frig on and make it very cold, make a lot of hissing sound, turn my air conditioner on, etc. They have remote control over everything in my apartment. I can hear them clicking things on and off.

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