Gang Stalking – Step into my shoes for a day.

Well, I hope you targets out there get to read this blog. The last one I wrote didn’t get through. It was sent to another page and I couldn’t  send it to my regular page, so I deleted it.

Anyway, the other day at the library, it was like a zoo. I think it was  Wednesday that the library was overrun with perps. Every corner, seat, computer, table had a perp sitting on it, or leaning on it.

I came into the library, sat and waited for my turn to get on the computer.  The noise level while I waited sounded just  like all the noise the  animals make  at the zoo  – grunts, hollering, banging, lots of  hehehehehe,   stomping, walking around nervously,  etc.  The same thing is happening while I type this. Every one of the  jerks is doing the “fake” cough. I hope they all choke to death. And I mean it. I wish my tape recorder worked so I could record all the noise.  The people who are coming into the library are getting progressively trashier, if that’s possible.

So as I was writing, I waited for my turn to come.  A man got up and I went over to the computer, signed on with my computer number and hit internet.  I got no internet. What I got instead was a frontal view of a  naked woman, with her legs wide open, and her  pubic hair showing.  Immediately,  I  turned the photo off, and proceeded to write my blog.  I heard a woman laughing.  Oh, it’s so funny!

This is what I have to put up with at the library. A bunch of pornographers who think doing this to someone is funny.  I don’t think it’s funny at all.  If they want to look at pornography that’s their right,  but I don’t want to be in their sick world, and I shouldn’t have to put up with their garbage.  I went over to the librarian and told her what happened to my computer.  She got on the phone and said she’d take care of it.  Sure she did.  I beat what she did was call the monitor and tell her what the perps did to me and probably laughed about it. I don’t trust any of the librarians at the library. They know what’s going on and are part of what’s happening  in our lives.  They’re just as involved with what’s going on as the lowlifes who get paid to come to the library and harass us.  I don’t think most of these people have brains. I think most of them were born without them.  That’s why they act the way they do.

Oh, I had to get off the computer because my hour was up.  As I got off my seat, I noticed there was a puddle next to my feet. It wasn’t there when I sat down.  The lowlife who sat next to me threw the water on the floor so I’d fall when I got up.  I saw him put the cup away and put it in his plastic bag when the librarian came into the room to help a customer.  But I didn’t fall. I saw the puddle before I stepped in it.

These bastards all need to be put  in prison and the key should be thrown away.  Let the bastards fend for themselves.  Let them kill each other. The world will be a better place without them in it.  I know that sounds harsh, but you have to put yourself in my shoes to understand what I have to deal with every day of my life.

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54 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Step into my shoes for a day.

  1. every time i go shopping they has been a slit in my bags am geetting pissed off with these bstards now i mean every bag have had to .

    • That’s what they do to me all the time, make slits in my bags. A few times, I’ve had my things fall out of the bag while I was walking. Get yourself a bag you can carry with you to the store and use it. And they do this in every store you go into.

      • YEAHH have lost a few things and items drop out its happened all this month and december .i will get a bag then thanks another thing we hav to watch out for .

        • i try to avoid stores w/o self service checkout. i get all my groceries in one or 2 days so i dont have to go every otehr day. course u can ask to double bag. if they still do it then check your recipet if they have a survey thing online, use it to complain to the store about w/e problem. thats what i do when they piss me off too much lol. dont need the receipt too, just go to their website

          • Its a good idea to bag up twice .they act like its hard work when i ask them to do so but i ask anyway .am guna also try to complain on sites not much shops have that.thanks

  2. lol ur last part gave me a really good idea where to put the gang stalkers. too much to type, but in short, since there’s so many of them, put them in a huge walled area. no buildings, just walls. and any ti that wants to gets to watch them on tv or internet channel. get to decide what they eat for the day, when to sleep etc

  3. The perps dont have brain they think with the private parts.and if i enjoyed it here i wud be targetedd even more here to drive me out .

  4. WEll not really i never had a good normal week or a day for years they always been they fckin things up but i will try! .it seems like every year they make up a new rumour about me in the community to has well has all the other stuff .do you remember i told you about that young male who threatened me with a knife well not my last apartment but the one before that before the knife thing he threw a stone at my window i looked it was him he had a grin and waved i dont know how he knew were i was it really freaked me that did no one knew apart from my family .and in that apartment the perps put this oil type thing all over the door buttons so we cudnt get in they threw big bricks threw the window i mean they were huge they threw a big brick threw my next door neighbours it cud of hurt they baby they just didnt care my neighbours rang the cops every weekend it was a nice apartment inside but full of them targeting that place .and then my last apartment before this one now … i was the first to live they . first day a perp rang my intercom and sed is khany they? i sed no.. how the fuck has he got wrong address no one lived they before me and then the harrassment begang in that apartment and outside with the knife thing to with the same male who threw a stone at my window a a couple of years before …now am here in a disguisting place with my below perps getting rewards great nice… not.

  5. That is why I had to switch libraries. The city library is like yours: full of low lifes, lots of homeless, all perps doing all they can to make life miserable on top of the security guards who would follow me around the library. Perps have a dirty mind and a dirty soul and try to wipe off their shit on us.

    • Oh, for sure they try to bring us down to their low level, and I can’t say I don’t reach their level sometimes, but it’s the only way to respond to the lowlifes! How’s your library now? I’ve tried different libraries, but they’re all the same way.

      • The one I go to now is much toned down perpwise than the ones that are in my city. I even got perped bad at the Branch Libraries. Then I went to the Library one town down, but, the perping got bad there and they got a guard who’d follow me around. Finally, I ended up where I go now, about 15 miles from home, making it an all day trip on the bus. I’ve been perped a bit there on and off but nothing like the city libraries or the one in the next town.

          • I think Federal money is everywhere. When I started my little job in 2006 they told me they were locally funded and operated but I think they got govt funding later when the perps moved in there and the ones who were friendly to me weren’t anymore.

  6. I understand you well. They do it to me too. They will get it somehow somewhere or another. Not coming from us, but they will…

    • I have seen it, heard it watched it..karma is a “bitch.” What energy you give out there is what ‘s energy you will get. The same thing goes for them because they are human too. Capable of getting emotional, mental and physical hurt done by others and not from us. From their relatives etc…they have issues you do mot know and they suffer without you seeing it behind close doors that’s why they are cruel. They like to see others be miserable because they are miserable. This is a proven fact. If not, they have a problem on their personal belief, if not they are messed up somewhere along the way. It’s called insecurities…

      • Oh, I believe they hurt just as we do, but there’s no reason to take it out on us. We didn’t do anything to these people. Take it out on those who hurt them and made their lives miserable.

  7. What you are experiencing I have happen to me since 1988 in some way,shape or form.Only in the past few years has it abated and turned around into a semi helpful force when I did what I wanted,not what was demanded of me.I’m extremely lucky to have the family I have for support in the most trying times of my life.If I can help please ask me.Find yourself a weapon that defends you alone,try different things and see what works for you.Everyone has a method that fires back.You dont have to live like that.All the best.

    • I keep trying different things, but they always find ways to turn it around on me. I will keep trying. I’m never giving up. And don’t you give up, either. And all the best to you.

  8. ya their are school bullies when they leave school they do the same thing in the community aim getting back at my neighbors tonight who always call the cops on me aim leaving my stove fan on all night

  9. They acting like school bullys with the porno pic on your pc .its something kids wud do at my last school .they really are mental. no the silly women perp who sed its funny no its not she wudnt like it.

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