30 thoughts on “9,000 Nazis Conduct MKULTRA

    • The other day I heard that Israel is outlawing the use of the word “Nazi”. No one will be to call each other Nazi anymore. It’s because a lot of times when an Israeli gets angry at someone, he calls him Nazi,

  1. in the community where I live thieve already tried ethnic cleansing thieve tried to put me in a nursing home I don’t qualify most recently thieve tried jail or prison to get me out of the way thieve tried targeting my finances numerous time of course I live in an old German farming community I expect it

  2. Dont know much about nazis and germany but i know some people who deny it ever happened unfornutley alot of muslims deny the holocost to its sick who can forget all those bodys piled up on them old videos to well i believed it happened its sad.

  3. well you got to understand it wasn’t just the Jews it was people with mental problems anyone they considered inferior so I can see one day interment camps like we did the Japanese American’s during the war

  4. This women who was ok with me the only one by the way in the hostel .sed something like .why cant people just leave people alone and mind they own business and stop interfering with other peoples life .she wrote it on her fb page .i know but they never leave us alone

  5. you hit the nail right on the head my brother warned me of that about 30 years ago and I didn’t listen you got to understand something Nazi for the most part is just a title remember less 10% of the German population were actually Nazis .

    • Then how do you explain the Nazis in the U.S.? They are of all races, ages, incomes, colors, etc.? And they are all Nazis no matter what anyone thinks. They’re doing the same things the Nazis did in Germany.

  6. The bitch i sed who goes to library she was a loner werid mind type i met her in a group years ago which i dont go now and never will to many nuts anyway she got a mate now! i woundnt have thought she wud have any friends ever i walked past her with this mate i cud hear say really loud chatting about me it started off you know her ! i just ignorged it i think she got offered a way out of being a loner freak like they offered her a mate if she become a perp she tried to perp me one day have only met her twice out of this group shes always been werid but i just wanted to go out with anyone at time now i know better i was walking with Her she got her phone out it was dark she was pointing her bastard phone at me i covered my face she made it obivouis and she wanted to know were i live i pointed at the wrong place silly snitch she needed training shes bad this was a few years ago now Am not saying she was ever a ti i dont think she was ever she was to crazy and sick in the head to be a ti thats why she wud make a good perp instead i think she wanted friends thats why she is a snitch now.after that thing i wudnt go out with her she started sending me werid messages on my phone it stoped and havent seen the ugly mut since.

    • Did you keep the messages she sent you? It’s a good idea to keep messages these disgusting pieces of human waste send us. You can use it as proof of harassment. I don’t think she was ever a target. And if she was, they probably made her a perp because of your friendship.

      • No way she wasnt a target she was just not right in her head and a loner theys plenty of people like that .i did keep the texts and showed them to my support worker the worker has now left the job last year i havent got the phone now either.she wasnt my friend at all like i say i only met her twice she gave me the creeps and i never trusted her.

  7. aim going to say something that will sound strange aim not defending what they did the reason we except so easily the tactics of the Nazi’s you got to understand about 80%of the American population among the whites come from German decent and there’s not much difference between the Germanys overseas and in America sure where all American’s but its still in the genes

  8. Theys no point in buying nothing they want me with nothing they always targeted my finanices from day one .they want me out on the streets dieing in front of them naked to because they crazy they guna burn thats all am guna say.

  9. A item of my clothing has gone missing out of my room it was brand new to i told you about they got one of shoes the evil scum bags have looked everywhere i know they getting in now .

    • Oh, I’m sure they took it. They like to make you think you’re crazy, so they take your clothes, rip it, replace with a larger size, and sometimes, they’ll return within a week, or later, as if nothing’s happened to it. That’s when you’re supposed to really think you’re crazy. They ripped the only blouse I have that they didn’t rip to shreds. I still wear it ripped under my sweater. I’m not going to bother sewing it because they’ll just rip it again.

      • Yeah to make it look like were the ones doing it sickos yeah sometimes things show up later to .you still wear your sweater good show them its not guna get to you .but i do feel yuck knowin they lookin and touchin few items i have got left.am sure you do

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