The Best State in America Is…?

Maybe we targets should all move to North Dakota? According to the charter, it’s the state with the most freedom. Neverending1

International Liberty

What’s the best state in America?

I’m not sure I can answer that broad question, but I can address the more narrow issue of which state has the most economic freedom. Last month, for instance, I shared some data from the Canada-based Fraser Institute which showed that South Dakota was America’s most laissez-faire state, followed by Tennessee, Delaware, Texas, and Virginia (though all of them trailed the Canadian province of Alberta).

And one year ago, I posted about a fascinating Mercatus study that ranked states based on total freedom (including, interestingly, a “bachelor party” variable). That research put North Dakota at the top, followed by South Dakota, Tennessee, New Hampshire, and Oklahoma.

Now we have another measure of overall economic liberty at the state level. The Texas Public Policy Foundation has put together a “soft tyranny” index that measures total economic oppression, both for the United States and for the…

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6 thoughts on “The Best State in America Is…?

  1. the two maps inthat blog are contradicting. one of them ranks CALIFORNIA!!! as a 2nd quartile state. i dunno exactly whta that means butits implying california has good economic freedom. the other map ranks cali where it should be, at the bottom 5
    even before knwing im a ti i wanted to gtfo of california. if ur not rich its like u gotta be some kinda money wizard. its a miracle that i can still live here. if u knew my shituation you’d be mind blown

    the dakotas are shining in this recession. i didnt know they were doing that good. there’s this relocation site where u take a survey and it gives u a list of places that match your answers. two of them were in s/n dakota, forget which one. i can definitely live there. cuz of my health i’d much much much rather deal with cold weather than hot. and there 2 of the lowest populated states! LESS GANG STALKERS WHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! where do i sign up lol

    • I like the cold weather states, too. The snow keeps the gang stalking down. It’s too cold and too much snow for the gang stalkers to be walking around. And they’re all sissies. And California, I went to visit my niece in California and it is as bad re gang stalking as it is in Las Vegas. I would live there if I could live way in the mountains far away from all the denizens. One of the targets lives in S.D. and she’s stated that it’s not as bad as where I live.

      • yeah the shit scums are too pussy to live in the snow. they’d have to bring in a new crew every month lol

        its terrible in california, should be one of the worst. terrible economy here so it breeds gang stalkers. im in the san diego county in la mesa, not far from the city. i dunno if its cuz the town i live in isnt that big, but they either have a shitload of gs’ers here, or everyone here is a coward and didnt wanna tell them fuck off. all the employees, at least on the day i go to the grocery/food places i frequent, are involved. some more than others. sometimes when i drive, or walk, there’s gs’ers on every road/street i go through. i can go on and on. i’ve gotten a lot better at figuring out who’s a perp. i know everyone in my apt is involved. i live in a cluster of apts and in each of them there’s been plenty of activity. i wouldnt be surprised if everyone in my town got some kind of document from the government to gang stalk me. every house/building that iv’e walked past has done it.

        • They probably wouldn’t even last a month. They’d be complaining about how cold they are, etc. It’s the same here with me. Everywhere I go perps – store, library, bus, apart., walking. It’s the same for all of us. And it doesn’t matter how big the town is, perps are just as bad in a big town. And, of course, they’re cowards! My apartment complex is also full of perps. I don’t think there isn’t a perp where I live. When I moved in, the manager told me all the people minded their own business and never came out of their apartments. Liar, liar, pants on fire!

          • u mean literally everyone/most around u is involved, even if its one little thing? cuz that’s how it is over here, for me at least. if ur in a big city supposedly ur screwed. im not in sd but im next to it.

            for me, every single house/building that i regularly drive or walk past has had os activity. i started to keep count about last summer lol. i wouldnt be surprised if the biggest cities in the us have every registered citizien or family or w/e given documents for every ti in that area.

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