Gang Stalking – Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s that watching me?

Oh, I forgot to tell about the experiments I told yoi to do.

The first experiment was about taking a mirror and facing it  toward the mirrors in your house/apartment.  I got only a few responses to this. One target said that when she faced the mirror toward the other mirror, she got a  demonic figure on her mirror. Another  target said he saw nothing. Another one, nothing.  In my mirrors when I face my mirror toward another one, I got multiple reflections of myself,  endless reflections. This means that they have a one-way mirror with a camera pointed at me. The camera reflected the images back to me.  That’s what I thought everyone would get, but that’s not the case. If you got no reflection, that’s good. It means you’re not being watched in a one-way mirror. Of course, I’ve covered every mirror in my apartment. I don’t care what anyone thinks when they come into my apartment. What they think doesn’t matter to me.  They don’t pay my bills.

In    the  second   experiment,  I  asked you to  put a plastic bottle  over  your socket.  This was to prove that you’re being hit by electricity, because the plastic picks up the electricity and it hits the bottle instead of you. If you tried this experiment, you should’ve heard bong, bong, bong. That’s the electricity hitting the bottle. A lot of targets think it’s satellite hitting us, but I don’t believe  it for a moment. It’s electricity hitting us.  We’re surrounded by electricity. It’s ubiquitous.

So if you tried  any of the two experiments and discovered other things, let me know, and I’ll write about it.

Thanks to those who responded.

P.S. Tomorrow’s Dr. King’s Day, if you don’t have to work, enjoy your day. Library’s closed tomorrow so I won’t be writing my blog tomorrow. HAVE a good day.

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26 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s that watching me?

  1. We live in a house and the only mirrors that came with it are on medicine cabinets. That’s why I didn’t do it. I had a feeling they’d have rigged something up with yours. You’re really smart to have figured out how to prove it. I already knew about the electricity zapping. I know they also do it with satellites though, because I get it everywhere – even like 400 miles from any town.

    • I have a medicine cabinet that came with the apartment, and it’s rigged, so if I were you, I’d check. It’s better to know what’s going on then to wonder if you are being watched.

      • I’ve got to the point where I know they can see me no matter what I do and have decided for my own sanity it’s best if I just don’t care anymore about modesty. Thanks for the advice though. It is appreciated.

    • No, it doesn’t. I’ve faced mirrors toward other mirrors and saw nothing, but my reflection, once only. I’m not a science, either, but I know all those reflections are not normal.

  2. I have a question from another reader who can’t seem to log in: She says she gets a thump every 30 minutes…do you think keeping water jugs at outlets can stop them from hitting us?

    • Oh, I know it can. I’ve been using plastic bottles for over three years. The plastic bottles get all smashed up. That’s what my body gets every time I get hit by the electricity. She’s probably using bottled water, that’s why she’s hearing the thump. Every time it thumps, that would have been her getting hit. If she doesn’t want to hear the thump, she should use empty, plastic bottles.

  3. I put up large gallon bottles at two outlets and didn’t hear a noise but lacked tape to tape them. I have one mirror but tried to use a tiny cosmetic mirror to see something but only got one reflection of me. I had a third half gallon jug at a third outlet. The V2k kept coming.

    • If you saw only reflection, that’s good. It means you’re not being watched, but I’d keep checking every once in a while to make sure they haven’t put a one-way mirror in your house. Put some tape around the neck of the bottle and tape to the wall, then it should work, that is, if you’re getting hit with electricity. Get AM/FM radio, a cheapie in the discount store will do. Put it on and listen to what comes over the radio. You’ll probably hear voices coming from the radio, but, of course, they could turn V2S when you put on the radio. Then you know you’re not hearing voices within your head. I have three radios, AM/FM, going all the time and I can hear the voices coming from the radios.

        • No, just listen to any station you like, especially like National Public Radio. The ones who do V2S love to get in there and breath into the radio. They probably won’t do anything for a while, but keep listening to a favorite station and one day, it will happen, as it did to me. Oh, if they get really annoying, go to the very end of the radio station, either end, and leave it there. The radio will make a really “staticky’ sound and drive them nuts. I do this every night when they start making noise. It doesn’t bother me because I’ve trained myself to ignore the static.

          P.S. Make sure you put the radio on AM when you do the static thing. And get a radio at Goodwill or Salvation Army. Make sure it works before you buy it. And get one that you can use ear plugs with.

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