Gang Stalking – What fucking right do they have to torture us?

Maybe some people are beginning to question things that they’re doing to targets. I was in the CVS pharmacy getting my prescription for blood pressure medication and I heard a Philippino woman speaking to the pharmacist. She spoke in Tagalog, but I understood what she said.  She asked the pharmacist what my medication (which is one of her business and the pharmacist should’ve told her so) is for. I heard blood pressure. I’m sure she’s heard that  I’m on psychiatric medication  (they tried to change this to “4  psychiatric medications”). That’s  the rumor that’s been spread about me and my medication.  Maybe this woman will wake up and wonder if  I’m on  blood pressure medication,  why  was she told I’m on psychiatric drugs? But I have a feeling she won’t question it at all.

There are people who question things. I know this for a fact. I was standing in the parking lot, why, I don’t remember (probably trying to get away from the perps), and I heard a man say, “I thought she had no hair. Look at her! That’s her real hair.” He talked to a woman who responded, “I don’t know.”  She didn’t look my way at all. He kept shouting, “That’s her real hair! They told us she had no hair.”  The woman again said, in a zombie way, “I don’t know.”  And the man seemed to be upset that they’d lied to him  and kept looking at me. At least this man questions things. I wish there were more people like. If I hadn’t heard this man yelling, I never would’ve found out that I have no hair.  I have lots of hair!

These are the kinds of lies told about us.  That we’re drunks, crazy, thieves, like men/women, are anti-American, violent,  druggies, sex-addicts, terrorists,  etc. Just name any bad thing, and we do it. We targets are the worse of the worse. There is no one in the U.S. that’s badder than we are. We are sicko crazies.

Most targets are really decent people.  They believe in living their lives as they see fit and letting others lives their lives as they see fit. We don’t shove our beliefs down anyone’s throats.  Others can believe whatever they want to believe. We don’t care what anyone’s belief is.  They have a right to their beliefs as targets have a right to theirs.

Who knows, maybe that’s why we’re targets? We don’t try to convince anyone that our way of thinking is necessarily the right or wrong way.  Maybe the U.S. wants zombies who will try to shove their ideas down everyone’s throats, maybe make the U.S. like the zombies they hire to harass us.

And even if we’re crazy, what f—–g right do they have to torture us?

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39 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – What fucking right do they have to torture us?

  1. one reason the legion let them in was they were short of soldiers because a lot got killed in battle fighting the Germans that’s a twist. actually when they got out a lot went to brazil because Nazi hunters where after them.

  2. because the foreign legion is just that made up of different countries and besides legions’ where considered disable soldiers and they didn’t get away with it totally you see French captain’s and other high ranking officers did their training meaning they could be as hard on them as they wanted but when their enlistment was up the legion did not protect them any longer

  3. that’s kind of a little known fact because French and Germany where enemies they didn’t what it to get out the legion gave them amnesty put that was the code of the legion back then. you see if though the war was over there where still bitter memories

    • To make money, of course. No one’s said that I had no hair before and it’s a new thing they can harass me about and get paid for. They sure have no brain. They tell a lot of lies about us to get paid and the people who pay them never check out their stories, or question them. Their monitors deserve to be cheated.

  4. well we got a lot of the big shots but a lot of German soldiers after the war joined the French foreign legion back in those days as long as you were in the legion they could not touch you so a lot of them got of scotty join to get away from the perps but aim to old.

  5. one day when this country collapse’s there’s no doubt in my mind there will be war crimes trials like they did with the Nazi’s and they will pay for their ‘crimes against humanity’

    • If we ever have our own version of the “Nuremberg trials”, many of these criminals will probably end up committing suicide just like many of the Nazis did. Rather than face the horrific things they have done to people and do the time for it.

  6. 19th January 2014 9.55 pm:

    Another great blog, Neverending1, maybe some of these people are more worried about being held accountable for what they’re doing than others.

    A couple of other things I’d like to mention:

    I get an Email notification whenever you make a new blog, and the title this blog in my Email was ‘Gang stalking – we’re picked on because we’re not zombies’ but the title I’m seeing here on the webpage in the Uk is ‘Gang stalking – What f***ing right do they have to torture us’ are they even hacking your blog titles too now?

    Could you describe what your avatar looks like to me too please? I also want to confirm whether or not that has been hacked.

    • The two titles you mentioned are from two different blogs. It seems you’re getting the wrong blog. Right now, there’s no avatar. The hackers removed everyone’s avatar, including mine. There’s nothing, but grey avatar.

  7. 19th January 2014 9.44 pm:

    Another good blog Neverending1, maybe some of these people are more worried about being held acccountable for what they’re doing than others:

    A few other things I also wanted to mention:

    I got an Email notiification for this blog and the Title of the blog in the Email was ‘Gang stalking – We’re picked on because we’re not zombies’, but the title for this blog that I’m seeing here in the UK is ‘Gang stalking – What f***ing right do they have to torture us’ (without the asterisks) are they even hacking the titles of your blogs now?

    I’ve also seen a blog of yours on 6/9/2012 where you gave out an Email address, could you confirm whether that Email address is still active or not (if indeed you actually posted it)

    Could you describe your avatar for me too please, I’m just trying to establish whether it’s been hacked or not.

  8. there’s countless reasons why someone gets targeted. of course now, there’s more common reasons like exposing the satanic pos elite. they even get targets at birth!

    in a perfect world, the only right they have is to jump off a cliff

  9. OVER the years another common themeof my gangstalking is extreme phone harrasment .private numbers ,wrong calls, threating calls, constanting ringing calls, and phones over the years have turned them selves on when i knew i turned it off .one day they rang up i knew it was them this was on a landline not even my house .i was alone and it rang he sounded nervous and started toshutter he wanted a chemist i go to the chemist anyway he kept on the line he asked twice oh its not the chemist them he says .just knew i pressed 1471 to get the number it was withheld i knew it was going to be. And were not crazy if we were we woundnt care about what happens to us and other targets we would be unaware so thats bull crap they the ones that crazy not us has you know no one deserves this no matter what they did or do its the worst crime .

  10. Neighbor just took a picture of me to try and “prove” I”m a perv. A boy went across my path I looked for a second, he snapped it and then was all excited calling his perp boss. I am no pervert. I was molested as a teen. Mexican nationals who all of a sudden from not being able to pay the rent have nice trucks.

  11. We Are the baddest of the bad, the worst of the worst! Questioh Nothing! Be a good boy and girl, never question Anything! The world is flat you know.
    I think that many people believe everything they hear, I once did, Wrong! (-;

  12. actually were picked on because were different we don’t do drugs or were not alcoholic’s its like a chicken in a hen house one chicken picks on a chicken they all pick on it until its dead most people aren’t any smarter then a chicken.

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