Gang Stalking – I’m now the outsider.

I had to get off the computer to let someone get on.  What I typed someone erased, so I have to begin again.  To the bastard who deleted my blog, go straight to hell, no stopping on the way. Bastard!

At one time I used to be  a nice woman.  I cared what happened to gays, blacks, homeless people, disadvantaged,  etc.  But I no longer do.  The same people who I  cared about and did things for have become  the very same people who now make my life a living hell.  I used to  hand out sandwiches to the homeless women and men I saw on the street. I voted for gay rights,  freedom for all to vote, etc.

But now that I have no rights, none of these people are worrying about my rights. They’ve become insiders and I’ve become the outsider. They could care less if someone is breaking into my apartment every day, that at the library my computer’s hacked, that I’m followed everywhere,  that I get hit with electricity all the time, that there’s nothing I can do where someone will not harass me. They only care about theirs rights now.  They no longer give a shit about my rights. Their rights mattered, but mine don’t!

But what makes these idiots think that  their rights will always be there for them?  What makes them think that some day the same thing won’t happen to them?  By not caring about my rights, they’re making a big mistake.  When I lose my rights, they will also eventually lose theirs. That’s the way the world works.

So now, I can’t say I’m still a nice woman.  I’ve learned that just because someone  suffered that when the time comes to be there for the ones who helped him/her that person will be there for him/her.  Don’t bet on it!  The ones who longer have to worry about their rights won’t give a shit about yours.  But I can tell you, next time I wont be there for them! Let them fend for themselves – that’s a lesson I’ve learned and won’t forget.

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122 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – I’m now the outsider.

  1. well my dad grew up during the depression he never finished school he dropped out when he was in the 8 grade I never finished high school but I learned more from my dad who worked his way up the ladder then school could have taught me I learned how to wire a breaker box sharpen eclectic razor’s the list goes on I guess aim like my dad an old farmer

    • You have a skill hardly anyone has anymore. Now, everybody’s into computers and no one knows much of anything anymore. The U.S. will be in real trouble if all the satellites fell down to earth. What would we all do?

    • As long as a person knows the basics, and can survive in society, that’s all that matters. High School is worth nothing to a lot of people including me. I finished, but was never successful anyway, because of GS’ing. It was worthless. 4 years of wasted time.

  2. you can blame that on technology when I was growing up I had to split wood and do odd jobs to keep going now most people just sit in front of a computer especially teenagers and it thinks for them if I asked them on the street they probable wound not know what a splitting male was

    • I don’t know what a splitting male is. I grew up in the city and hardly had anything to do with things in the country. I know a lot about subways, tall building, bitches, rich people, etc.

    • I don’t know either, but I’m guessing it’s the sharp metal thing you pound to make wood split. I’m a city kitty too.

  3. actually the technology has been around for about 30 years private detectives used to use them there like a small satellite dish they point it to were they what to listen to and put on their headphones

    • Oh, they’ve changed things, then. It makes sense now, everywhere I go in my apartment I get the same idiots making breathing noises. It’s the same man and woman. Thanks for info.

    • Did you ever read that book about rabbits? I think it’s called Watership Down, or something like that. I didn’t think I’d like it, but I did. It’s using rabbits to show what happens when the government interferes in our lives.

      P.S. That’s the right name.

    • I believe that. I had one that used to follow me on walks just because I’d call his name. Like a puppy. His name was Amos. I’d take him to munch in the tall grass by the river, and when I wanted to go home, I’d just yell, “Here, Amos, Time to go home,” and he’d appear and we’d go home. Best friend I ever had.

    • When I was growing up, too. Most people minded their own business and didn’t bother others. But today, any little thing someone does to disturb someone, right away the cops are at our door. No wonder cops feel so powerful!

    • I’m not surprised at all. They don’t want what I write to get out there, that’s why my computer is put out ofission all the time. They don’t want the truth to get out and I tell the truth. They only like to see written what is false.

  4. Today i got treated like a theif in a shop i wont be going back they again .the sercuity guard is a prick i walked out the shop i lefted the shopping and walked out three staff ran out the shop the sercuity guard was they i sed what he ignorged me i sed wat again he sed oh nothing .and while i was in the shop he came close to me properbly trying to smell alcohol on my breath well i dont drink so fail .dont mess with me when i have nothing to loose prickkkss.whats this world coming to.

    • That’s another lie they put out about us targets, that’s all alcoholics. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard, “Oh, she’s probably been drinking.” What gets me, all these people are the ones who drink.

      • OR shes a druggy zzzz heard all this to many times i know .yes they drink n do drugs to acting like they perfect to and normal in the head they crazy liers.

        • One of the perps who harasses me in the library came in today looking like he’d been in a fight. He had a black eye. He’s been harassing me for about 2 yrs. now. When I’m not in the library, I see him going around collecting bottles from garbage containers. I hope he gets beaten up even more. He deserves it.

          • Everytime las vegas comes up on tv i think of you i do think of you i might vent alot but am not all about that .and i see las vegas on tv it looks all nice fun glitterly but i know better and targets are going thru hell they to .

  5. YEP i use to be foolish and i didnt care about wat people looked like i.was caring now i know better dont trust anyone and i dont care about people because they saw me suffer knew whats going on and didnt help and neever told me about wats going on i dont like humans anymore just a few animals because what they have done.i now see colour and race in people ! I never use to see race n colour in people now i do after ten years of tthis bullshit gs hell i see it .i handed out a sandwich to homlesss years ago he turned his nose up at it so i never did again.the perps below are fucking driving me to go crazy they the most sickest piece of slime banging all day now .they wake me up with this bullshit and i go back to bed soon has i wake up starts again this house better be quick i tell ya bstards.i wont help no body now dont trust anyone they will eventelly loose they rights to i wont be they to care and help.

  6. You are still a nice woman. You just don’t take crap. That doesn’t make you mean. It means you’re strong, you’ve learned from mistakes, and you’ll survive. If you weren’t nice, we wouldn’t like you. 🙂

  7. Perps often ACT at being in distress to gauge our reactions. It’s a piece of street theatre. I should never give money to beggars most are taking from the perps. Still remember the bitch in the alley with the needle in her hand that looked like she was dying. Did this whole dying swan act…it was weird, kind of like ballet. I called the ambulance and she lept up and on her way joking with the EMTs. All a big joke. It’s happened other times as well. They staged a stabbing here a few months ago. They will sit on the ground and look woebegone and when I look at them they whip out the old cell phone. And yes I was a good little liberal who wanted rights for everyone but when it came time for mine to be taken away. No one cared. They even started rumors I was a bigot. I was so angry I acted bigoted.

    • I know most targets are decent people. They don’t go after criminals. They send the criminal element after us. I was a liberal once, too, but not anymore. I don’t know what I am anymore. I have allegiance to nothing.

          • I voted that way once wanting neither “put up” candidate. I haven’t voted in 10 years. I don’t care. I’m not free, why vote? They had “elections” in Russia during the Soviet Years…people would just come to the voting station and vote for the current dictator in power. The third parties never have a chance it’s been A or B for almost 250 years.

              • According to my research, they really are freer than we are now under Putin. Only exception: He doesn’t like gays, but then I personally believe no one should go around bragging or telling details about who they sleep with and not expect to get beat up anyway. I don’t want to know! Not that I would beat up someone for being gay, but really, I don’t care what they do with each other as long as it’s in private – that includes heteros as well.

                • I agree. I don’t like hetero feeling each other up and sticking their tongues in each other’s mouth while I’m sitting in front of them (I can just see them now all sticking their tongues in each other’s mouth because I wrote about it.).

                • Oh, I read his stand on gays, at least he’s honest. You can’t say that about our corrupt politicians. I have nothing against gays. I believe in live and let live. That’s the way I’ve always lived my life.

                  • Me too. I don’t think anyone has a right to tell anyone else who they can and can’t love.

                    I also feel differently about “legal” marriages than I used to.

                    Why: My husband and I are getting $4,500 less per year on our disability benefits than an unmarried couple living and sleeping together do – just because we’re married! They count us as “one person” and take 25% off what we can get. If I work to get more money they keep it at the same level by reducing our checks. It costs us $375 per month to have a marriage certificate. I decided I’m going to do the paperwork for a divorce just so we don’t have to rent the d**n piece of paper. We don’t need the government to give us a certificate to say we’re married. Not it if we have to lose that much money for it!

                    • It doesn’t. Nor does it say anything about it in the Bible. As far as I’m concerned, we’d still be married according to him. I’d still call myself Mrs. No one would need to know about the filing, but the government.

                    • Because the government says so – so that they can get more money from you for it. You have to buy the stupid marriage license, then you have tax penalties, or if you’re in our situation they use it as an excuse not to give you as much help as others.

                    • Yeah, for being married – No, it doesn’t make sense! That’s why I want to get a paper divorce. A lot of people have done that because they needed the income. I found out that if I went back to full time doing something that wouldn’t do my back in or stress me out – there are some things that I could do – If I got min wage and earned $1,000something per month, (forgot what the amount added up to) they would subtract from my husband’s checks to bring it back down to the $1044 we’re allowed per month, so I’d be working my butt off to give them the money, basically. They won’t even allow us to reach the poverty line before they skim it off. An unmarried couple can be just above the poverty line, but a married couple have to stay $3,000 under it. I want to get off assistance, but they make it impossible. My husband is truly disabled, and I can’t support both of us on minimum wage, but they expect me to, just because we’re married. If we weren’t, we could both have our own incomes and add it together. I would be perfectly happy to support us both, if I made enough money to do so, but I can’t.

                    • The only problem with a paper divorce, is that you have no say in how each other is treated in a hospital, death, etc. His family or yours would have say over these matters. That’s the bad part.

                    • His family are long distance, and in the remote chance that we should ever come to have assets, we’d make a will. I was just talking to him tonight about giving any hospital we live near, our preferences about things to file..

                    • Yeah, well, that is if we ever are allowed to have assets. At the moment, we’ve got nothing anyone would want.

          • That’s a better bet. They’re not all great either though. We need to be more like Iceland. Just scrap the crap and start over.

                • I’d vote for Rand, but if he doesn’t run, neither will I. His father got ousted because he wanted to do some things the government didn’t want done. Rand is very much like him.

                  • I’m leaning toward voting for Rand, but I have to read up some more about him. I would’ve vote for the father, but I felt as if my vote would have been wasted if I did; but from on, that’s not the way I’m going to vote.

                    • I’m glad you’re rethinking your methods. A vote for the good guy, even if you KNOW he’s not going to win is never a wasted vote because you are personally doing the best you can for yourself or your loved ones. A vote for the “lesser of two evils” is unpatriotic because you know they’re both bad. Well, that’s how I see it, anyway.

                    • That’s the way I see it now, too. I’ve always voted for the lesser of two evils, but it’s never worked out. So now, I’ll vote for the one in whose beliefs match mine.

                    • I’ve always done that. I wish everyone would, but we are all told to do the lesser of two evils thing. Some of us figure out that that’s BS, but most never will. Baaaaa! We’re the black sheep.

    • Always. And you don’t even have to turn your back on them, they’ll do it as soon as you help them. If I should see one of the perps in trouble and they need my help, I will just walk by and do nothing.

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