The Lamest Possible Rationale for NSA Spying

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International Liberty

Last June, in response to a question about indiscriminate spying by the National Security Agency, I made two simple points about the importance of judicial oversight and cost-benefit analysis.

I want – at a minimum – there to be judicial oversight whenever the government spies on American citizens, but I also think some cost-benefit analysis is appropriate. Just because a court has the power to approve snooping, that doesn’t mean it’s a sensible use of law enforcement resources.

Nothing since then has changed my mind.

Indeed, I’m perhaps even more skeptical of untrammeled government power and ability to spy on citizens for the simple reason that I don’t trust politicians.

Just look at how the White House turned the supposedly professional IRS into a partisan political operation. The government had power, ostensibly for a legitimate reason, but politicians and bureaucrats then used the power is a grossly improper fashion.

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11 thoughts on “The Lamest Possible Rationale for NSA Spying

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    • Oh, I’ve read l984 several times. I even recommended targets read the book. In the book it tells about what 1984 would be like. It took a few years beyond l984 to prove the writer was right. He saw the signs all around him. Too bad, he didn’t live long enough to see it come true.

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