Gang Stalking – Dr. Phil is an idiot!

Did anyone watch the video of Dr. Phil’s show on the man who appeared on his show to complain about cyber geeks stalking him? Dr. Phil treated the man rudely. Really never listened to anything he had to say, and of course, recommended he see a psychiatrist.

Now, I’m all for targets telling their stories, but this target did not do any of us any good. This man is an attorney and he’s been a victim of stalking for 4 years. He’s also been on drugs, and been clean for the last six months. Dr. Phil picked up on the drug thing right away and convinced the man that’s probably why he thinks he’s being stalked.

Matt, 51, told Dr. Phil he had proof in his computer, but when Dr. Phil’s cronies went to his computer, found no evidence of tampering. Of not, everything’s been removed from it by the hackers. This is what they do to me when I go to get my computer fixed. They remove all tell tales signs of hacking. And the geeks at the store always think I’m making things up.

Watch the video about Matt’s story on what he thinks is cyber stalking. He has no idea what is going on in his life, or that others are going through the same thing.

See the video

And Dr. Phil is an idiot.


50 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Dr. Phil is an idiot!

  1. Hi there! i watched this episode the other day and i was so so upset for the guy! dr phil and that sort of arrogance and naivety about these sort of things feeds right into the “terror” these people strive to cause. He’s dealing with some very intelligent people which are more than likely always 10 steps ahead of him. Not to mention…Matthew wouldn’t have been giving away his true thoughts/experiences for fear of his safety ON INTERNATIONAL TV. I’m glad you feel the same way about this!

  2. Theres more than meets the eye here. a paranoid schizophrenic will think that every body if out to get them and never think what they say is crazy, that’s a red flag right there, also they show 2 lousy pieces of evidence out of thousand,the lady admitted the phone was compromised,the man that searched the computers should know they can easily be wiped,but i do admit he ddin’t seem out of all of them like he totally disbelieved him,within minutes the psychiatrists says “so if we find different you’ll be open to that”,not being open to what the man said him self already hes basically making an assumption,he also admitted he was sane,then the drugs are bought into it ,,that’s always a good target someone taking drugs and sure meth will get a person paranoid,but if he was that delusional and paranoid he wouldn’t go on the show nor would he even trust dr phil not to mention he’s an attorney and he has mates that stand by him,something is going on.i believe him.

    • Of course, something’s going on. He’s a victim of government harassment. He just doesn’t know it. Maybe some day he’ll become aware that’s what’s happening to him is happening to a lot of others.

  3. THIS UGLY pakistani demon came out of this house and put things in a car i was walking pass he turned round with a creepy grin and pointed saying i know you i just walked past i was watchin his movements fcuk knows wat he cud do.reminds me of that flim fallen with denzal washington these freaks get activated to say something to you.grr never guna stop and other things to has always.oh yeh and dr phill i agree and Didnt his programmes wen they were on in the uk.

  4. 15 years ago when I didn’t realize what are they doing to me I even bought dr. Phil self help book on Amazon. The truth is beyond reality, I have cameras in my eyes, brain interface and a brain battery in my chest and who knows what else in my body. These people are all some kind of psychiatrists, just take a look at dr. Phils hand posture – crossed hands, it’s their alusion to straight jacket I think which is their ultimate goal. When I am talking to someone they just cross their hands and keep talking to me as a form of harrasment, and they are looking at all through my eyes on screen. And they could do this more than 40 years ago… Sad but true.

  5. well that’s the way the games played to downgrade our situation my social worker plays the same game its all in my head put believe it or not some people don’t know what’s happening to us its fantastic they cant believe that what there doing to us is a conspiracy and its a capital offence

  6. yeah that dr phil episode was crap. it’s been going on for 4 years and he’s a fuckin attorney ffs. how can he screw this up i dunno. he used “the organization” instead of organized stalking and electronic harassment.

    he showed a bunch of cars turning on the same street. which actually is good evidence, but the masses are too brainwashed to comprehend something like that so u need to go down to their level, THEN work your way up.

    i dont get how uc an be a target for 4 years, be an attorney, live in a first world country, and fail so miserably like he did. im not being too harsh, this information is all over the internet. he had an eternity to figure out what was happening. if he used either “organized stalking ” or “electronic harassment”, he would have a good chance to win this. w/e, i just cant believe u can come so close and fail so hard

    • Maybe it’s all those drugs he was taking. They can certainly mess up someone mind, but… As you stated, he’s an attorney, he should know better. He must be an awful attorney. He can’t even defend himself, and he made all targets look bad.

    • A change of words from the organization to organized stalking wouldnt change the fact he had meth induced paranoia. You all have some type of chemical imbalance and mental health issues and need checked out if you are experiencing “gang stalking”. But you can just say i work for the corporation or some crazy shit to make it so you can convince yourselves you are right and the normal ones.. if you were on meds you might realize youre bat shit crazy. Sorry for being straight to the point, but you dont need coddling and other people with metal illness as a support group you need real help from a professional.

  7. The only stories about gangstalking that ever surface make the targets look crazy. Nothing has changed. Never liked Dr. Phil, Oprahs lackey. On her OWN’ed channel. Who is OWN’ed???? Nice play on words.

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