Gang Stalking – Experiments will prove I’ve been right all along.

Okay, I would you to try two experiments.

The first one requires a plastic bottle.  A plastic water bottle works very well, preferably a gallon one with a handle.  Take that gallon plastic bottle with the handle, go to your socket and put it over the socket. Make sure the socket is completely covered by the bottle. Now take some tape and attach the plastic bottle to the wall above the socket.  Tell me what you discover.

Now experiment number two.  If you have 8 x 10 mirror, it doesn’t have to be expensive, use it.  You can buy a cheapie at one of those dollar stores.  Now take that 8 x 10 mirror and turn it facing the mirrors you have in your house/apartment. Do it to every mirror. Now tell me what you discover. I know what I discovered, now I you want to tell me what you found out doing both these experiments.  You’ll be very surprised.

I can tell you what I discovered, but if you do it yourself, you’ll remember.  If I tell you, you won’t remember .

Please do this experiment. It’ll back up what I’ve told you all along.

Thank you.

42 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Experiments will prove I’ve been right all along.

  1. im dying to know what this is about. i only have a hand mirror. i faced it towards one of my mirrors and didnt see anything demonic. i gotta bunch of gallon bottles but with no handle, but still dont wanna try it if somethings gonna pop or explode.

    • Just put scotch tape on the neck of the bottle and attach to socket. Nothing is going to pop. It won’t hurt you. The bottle will get hit. If you didn’t see anything that’s good. I’ll let you know on Friday, what I saw in my mirror and what others saw in theirs.

  2. THESE gangstalkers are demons in human shapes i tell ya.have been called a rat before lol isnt that funny i asked why am a rat he coundnt answer just that face they make ew and complete silence .and a guy called me a sellout whatttt i asked whyy again coundnt answer weak whacked out perps this perp i knew asked me if i was a cid cop i only knew him for three weeks i wud never let anyone in my life ever again before i rang him saying fck off at da time i was trying to figure all this out so before i knew i was ti.apparently its common things they say among so many other things isnt that dangerous to call someone these things witout proof i mean i didnt even know wat a sellout was when he called me it slander bastards .how da heck am i a cop watever they do they say its you so if they fuuck dogs you do it…. if they a cop they say you arre… if they fucked in a bathroom they say you have done it .yes when it all started i was working at at a fast food restaurant with these perp girl i was only a teenager they spread a rumour i fucked in a bathroom not true they did other other things these demonic girls am guna expose that another time ha perps i hope u go to hell .

    • The perp clothes i cant say owt i dont really pay attention to what the crazy perps wear .but yeh this is the sort of slander n lies they put out about us .i wud never trust anyone again but at least i know now and know sum of the things they saying if u let a perp in your life they will reak havoc and hell i cant let anyone in at least they cant get me with that ever .every one i met turned out to be a perp .i red one of your previous blog ne made me laugh about a guy looking like a toad with bumps all over his head i just bursted out laughing !

  3. I was abit curious so i did it with a tiny compact the image wasnt upside down it was normal i didnt real want to do it any longer was abit freaked out bit wat i might see to be honest.

    • YOU know the below perps when they were banging they were doing it under neath the kitchen thats were vermin got thru all makes sense two reasons one to get reaction and two to get vermin in etc sick sick bstardss.

      • Towards the end they moved near i was .but a few hours most of it was underneath kitchen .whats next brake my door down and kill me ok then has a target for so long thats the only thing they havent done .its not enough they ruined me isloated me messed my whole life up forever i think because i wont let them in my life to they hate it well perps i hope u burn bad because i wont ever trust u ever .am wiser now .am sure they read this .if they can tap into everything which i hav experienced and still do.

  4. Snitches ,rats, demonic, demonic cretins ,lowlifes ,druggies, zombies ,goverment whores ,walking dead,perps ,spys ,evil.,or and snakes .scum buckets ,scum,idiots.freaks ,.crazies ,people cookers.

    • I did the mirror experiment and was able to photograph a very sick demonic face on a towel I use on the window (yes wierd little window to the alley?!). Ill try to attach. Thanks neverending… I thought I could see red lights in pin holes possibly survellance cameras
      I still have the other experiment to do. Heres another discovery … at night set ur camera phone to night mode turn off all lights in the room point camera at wall. Start taking pics with no lights no flash like your blindly taking a panorama of the room. Then put ur phone card n ur pc. Blow up each pic that looks black. Well when u look at it big it comes to life and the tiny purple glowing lights in the pictures r your

      • How do I send u this pic of the bleach spot on my bathroom tpwel with a demonic scary face ? (That I just discovered from your mirror test). Amazing info neverending! Again thank you for doing what ur doing.

        • Just send it to the comment page. The same way you send messages to me. I tried to send you a message about the blog you wrote about my blog, but it wouldn’t go through. It’s funny, different people have gotten different things looking through the mirror. It’s really strange, I thought everyone would get the same thing. I’ll write at the end of next week, what everybody saw in their mirror. Thanks.

      • That’s why I recommeded everyone look at their mirrors. I know they’re doing something with all the mirrors they put in our apartments. I got three mirrors within a foot of each other. I knew something was up and covered them up. I’m glad I did. I’ll tell you next week what I discovered in my mirror.

  5. So a empty botle of water ok i will try that when i can do it ..we have pound shops in the uk like dollar stores i didnt see any mirrors that size but sometimes they stock them i will try big is 8×10 ne ? its not tiny is it .

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