Ted Gunderson ~ Retired FBI Agent ~ Confirms Gangstalking Exists

Good video from former FBI agent.  Ted Gunderso  mentions that he lived in Las Vegas and they tried to poison him. He left because the gang stalking was so bad. And  he used the word idiot to describe people who believe what they hear,, like the perps. He also mentions concentration camps.


14 thoughts on “Ted Gunderson ~ Retired FBI Agent ~ Confirms Gangstalking Exists

  1. Now today the below perps are starting they bull crap by banging like mad men they are .they must want a reaction they have been at it for three hours now just banging they must be wanting more stuff well i hope they rot they getting zero from me just keep banging you losers its so perpy .they banging one loud bang then they just keep on going they banging like the crazies that they i know the trying to get at me they have no life they need more drugs am guessing .

    • Ha, ha, that’s funny. They probably do need more drugs. Do you have a transistor radio with ear buds? Use it. Don’t pay attention to the druggies. If you don’t have an inexpensive transistor radio, get one and use it when you can’t stand to listen to the noise. Keep on doing what you’re doing, that’s good. But I know it’s hard not to say something. Whatever they do, keep your mouth shut. Bite your lip if you have to. They want you to respond to them, that’s where they get their satisfaction from. You’re doing good. Get into a really good book and get lost in it, that helps, too. Good luck with the banging.

      • I KNOW its really hard sometimes not to say or do something its human nature if i feel threatend or in danger or life threating .but yeah i know they cowardly freaks i did say shut up tho .anyway i dont have a radio just headphones when the sounding like they ripping they shit apartment out they do get loud the bstards over three hours of this crap and started again later on for a while ..she was creepy laughing again to cant stand that laugh they love when i react arghh demonic pieces of crap ..like i sed watch these perps 24/7 they cud turn like they did today .thanks i will try that i also watch alot of internet videos.

  2. o I believe it this country was built on taking other countries ideas and put them into practice after the second ww we took Germanys ideas and used them that’s where we got the idea for the stealth bomber so natural we took the idea from east Germany from stasi

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