Gang stalking – They smile and then screw me.

When I moved into my new apartment, I told you of the things wrong with it. I told you about the furniture and how suspicious I was of getting it for free. And now I can tell you why. I wanted to take pictures of the things messed up in my apartment and I didn’t want the perps to damage the photos when I took them to have them developed. The camera I have is a throwaway camera.

Well, this is what I discovered about my table and chairs.  The chair padding is disgusting.  The padding of the chairs is made of old, rusty linoleum, paint and scratches all over the padding. The padding looks as if it was in someone’s bathroom and they took it  and used as padding for the chairs.  The linoleum also has a hole in the middle of it.  Better to hit me with, I guess. The chairs are too big and don’t fit under the table.

I took the chair to the manager and showed her what I found. She said that’s what carpenters do. They use old scraps to use as padding for chairs and other things.  She told me that her father is a carpenter and that’s what he does, uses old scraps to pad beds, chairs, etc.  If her father uses old scraps, I’m sure if he’s any kind of decent human being, he cleans the crap! The linoleum looks as if the dirt’s ingrained from 20 years ago. That’s how dirty it is. I’m sure there must a law in Las Vegas that says carpenters can’t use such crap! But so far, I haven’t found a place I can go and report it.

The bed I use, as usual, has a slit in the bottom of the mattress, more like a hole, really. This is done to me everywhere I go, put a slit, or hole, in the mattress. That’s also to let electricity get to me.

My windows have air holes everywhere. It’s to let the cold, or hot, air get into my apartment. The air conditioner/heater doesn’t work. The heater goes on for about a minute and then turns cool. This is also done to me everywhere I go. And the air conditioner/heat, never, never goes off, as it’s supposed to.  The last two weeks in Las Vegas have been very cold and I really thought of going to a shelter to stay warm. But I heard horrible things about shelters, so I thought it’d be better if I’d stay home, where it’s a little safer, not much safer, but at least, I have a lock on my door.

All my faucets leak. Every one of them.

My bath tub still has water running out of it. I hate taking a shower because I have to spend 15 minutes drying up the bathroom, that’s how bad it is. The area under the bathroom sink has air holes.  The air comes in from everywhere and there are openings for vermin to get into my apartment.

The kitchen area is also very strange, behind the cabinets there are oblong, open areas where electrical cords’ are plugged into the wall and I don’t know what they’re for.

And I still haven’t figured out what the oblong thing is in my closet. I have not been able to remove the carpet covering the object. But I suspect it’s coolant system, because at nighttime, I can feel the cold air coming into the living room where I sleep.

And the carpet on the floor, I can feel electrical cords underneath my feet as I walk around my living  room.

Oh, and the refrigerator. What a mess that is!  I’m supposed to have an ice maker, but there’s nothing there. Every part of the ice maker’s been removed and there’s only a hollow, open oblong piece that let’s only lets out cold air.

On the surface, the apartment looks in good shape, but underneath it,  it’s just falling apart, purposely, of course.

It does me no good to complain. Every time I go into the office to complain, they tell me it’ll be taken care of, and this do this with a smile, of course.

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69 thoughts on “Gang stalking – They smile and then screw me.

  1. well technology is our enemy to you know for the past two years were I live thieve had spotters with cell phones calling the police on for every move I make if I’ve that’s not a conspiracy I don’t know what is

  2. One point about the Voice2Skull, check on Youtube for videos on the Microwave auditory effect, there’s a very good demonstration of it on there and the scientist doing it certainly doesn’t look like he has any mental issues, also I don’t think I’ve ever had it myself, but I did read a comment from one TI saying that the voices in his head stopped when he was in a large underground tunnel, which to me suggested that they were artificial and that they were coming from a source outside of his head.

  3. Even if you were not a targeted individual, there are many slumlords out there and some of the owners make a lot of money not keeping their property up to code, am targeted, but the living conditions as you describe are not as bad. The “plumber” (parolee) said the water heater was fine, yeppers, 14 inches of lukewarm water in the bathtub is just swell, but, have some tricks up my sleeve, they eventually get what they deserve.

    • Did you check your faucet? They like to take out that little part under the faucet that turns on the shower. I come home to water in the bath tub all the time. I put tape on my bath tub faucet. I don’t care if some day I come home and the water runneth over. They deserve it for f—–g with us.

  4. Sommething werid dont think its anything to do with me but am guna mention it me think…i was walking out this man with work man clothes on was outside the main door i had to go out he sed oh thanks love he went in i looked back he was looking back at me i thought hmm ok i was walking on the road and a car nearly ran me over i was walking on the pavement of course it came on the curb it came so close and driving quite fast .good job they were people they if it did plough into me anyway ha i came back this truck was they it had a masive mountain of this wool type material it was all over the place i only been out twenty mintues not even that i went up the stairs all over the stairs up to top its just abit strange but this place is strange full of nutjobs.i found put some things about this apartment complex it has dealings with neighbood watch i dont know if you know what that is but like a group of people who basically snitch on other neighbours and get together in ‘meetings’ .i think a office use to be here or something .

    • Were they doing work on the pipes? They do the pipe thing to me all the time. When you see workmen messing with your pipes, they’re increasing the water level to your apartment. When the water level increases it connects with electricity and that’s how you get that pulsating feeling in your body. I watch everything these pieces of you know do. I never not watch. I’m on to everything they do to us.

      • Yeah he was up to something he was doing the above apartment right above me so dont know yet we have to watch what they doing all the.time .i think.he.was ripping.something.out because of all the material coming out to that truck they were loads i was like wtf.i didnt hang around to see him when i came back to the apartment so dont know.some of the below neighbours were outside the aprtment complex at the same time so i thougght hmm.

      • I just wrote a comment and its gone grr i dont know he was doing this on the above apartment right above me have never heard anyone upstairs never something was going on the amount of that material on that truck i was like wtf and all over the place going up the.stairs to above aprtments we have to watch them be on guard to right and plus below neighbours the walking dead lol were out to at the same time so i thought hm.

  5. Am just glad were not all alone i understand were your coming.from and you understand me its world wide .its getting exposed but not in mainsteam yet.

  6. If it’s “provided” it’s junk, but the holes everywhere are perpish. Better to sleep on an air mattress and have furniture delivered if you can. I can’t. In my whole life I’ve had to take 2nd hand furniture from family, etc…I have bought one mattress, a million air mattresses, and one chair in my life. I have a table my grandparents used in the 60s but it’s crap furniture not the good stuff.

      • Mine ends up dying by cat claws or those nasty goat head weed seed pods. I have seen weird holes in my clothes that looked perpish though. Like in 3’s, a pyramid.

                • You think so? Maybe those people who say he’s a shill are the shills. I believe him. Why would he tell us where he lives? If he were a shill, he wouldn’t tell us where he lives.

                  • I just listened to the video. He sounds targetted. He was supposedly helping ti’s years ago when I was on mcforum. Sounds like he got targetted for his efforts. Poison in Vegas? Time to get out!

                    • Time to get out. They fly over me sometimes with low flying aircraft and I get ill. They like to get me alone.

                    • Perp shit told me if I keep watching Ted Gunderson vids I would be a prisoner in my apt. So sick of being a slave.

                    • Voice to Skull, sounded like one of my neighbors. Sometimes I have to pick my battles. I’ve heard the stories of concentration camps and train cars with shackles before. I’m sure they are in our “future”.

                    • I don’t believe in V2S. What they do is put mics all over the apartment and it sounds like it’s in your ear, but it’s not. They put some listening devices in my bed, and I say a few nasty things to those lowlifes.. I can’t repeat here what I say to them. But I know where they put all the stuff. Listen to your walls, and you’ll find out where it’s coming from. I know that sounds nuts, but you’ll see I’m right.

                    • It’s remote. You’re not nuts, believe me. You’re saner than you think. They’re the nuts!!!!! A lot of times, it’s a truck following you around, or someone near you feeding you voices.

                    • I’m sure there was someone nearby who you didn’t see doing it. That’s why they have to know where we are very minute, so they can do stuff like this to us. Next time take a good look around and I bet you’ll see someone nearby looking like he/she is up to no good.

                    • There were other people on the road below us and a power line was running by the road. In person perps just walked by and said something about me not getting a “pass”. A pass? To what? Walk out the door. call the cops bitches!

                    • They have a teen crime and drug problem there. Probably perps even there in what they call cities.

      • Its awful how they just lie like that to us.they love destroying furniture they done that from the start with me i dont have alot now bstards! SHetlers are bad hostels to am sure my below neighbour perps hav listening devices feel like going down there am kicking sum perp arse …but i wont they cowards and crazy these i sed if it turned on all these perps they wud blow they dead brains out first week.none of are complaints get listened to and certainly dont get dealt with right .over the years i thought of going to cops and saying i need help ggetting out of this city before i knew what alll this was wat a waste of time that wud of been .i know all other apartments are up to standard mine was a dump of course and holes in kitchen etc this girl moved in before she did all was painted and new carpets looked nice i saw through the window.

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