Gang Stalking – Not in the mood to be nice to perps.

Some days I just want to disappear from the face of the earth. How much can a human being handle?  I’m in a really bad mood today and I just want to beat up every last perp.  But I won’t, because I know I’m the one who’ll suffer the consequences. They’ll just go on with their evil ways laughing all the way.

I didn’t have breakfast at home today, so I stopped by Burger King to get a burger to go.  I got my burger and walked over to the bus stop. While waiting I decided to eat my burger. I forgot to check the burger before I left Burger King, so I checked to make there was nothing wrong with the burger. I removed the wrapped and checked the burger. There was blood all over the bun, and the burger was raw.  As I checked the burger, my bus came, so I threw the burger away.  It makes me angry that I always have to be on guard to make sure they don’t make me sick when I buy something.

I took the bus to the supermarket.  As soon as I got in the door, I had to give the cashier my bag. And as I walked around the bread section, a man followed me around. I left the bread section and went over to vegetables, someone popped up, of course, and the person just had to water the vegetables while I was checking them out. And so it went as I went  from section to section.   I got so disgusted, I got a few things I really needed and left the store. I left because I knew I was on the verge of losing my temper. And we targets can’t lose our temper in public. Then they can point and say “we told you she was crazy”.  Anyone can lose his/her temper and no one says they’re crazy, but we targets lose it and we’re crazy.

It just pisses me off that we always have to put up with the lowlifes everywhere we go. We can’t for a minute let down our guard. We always have to keep up our “cool”.  Some day we will get payback.  And they won’t be the ones laughing, we targets will get the last laugh. I can’t wait for that day. It will come. It will come. It will come. It will come. It will come. Believe it! B——s!

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37 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Not in the mood to be nice to perps.

  1. When they bug me at the market I make really loud farting sounds with my mouth as I pass behind them. I can’t get in trouble for farting loudly all over the place. When you get really good at it you crack yourself up. I also used to fake loud orgasms in the bread aisle. It’s called counter stupidity tactics.

  2. I’m sure they watch me on CCTV, but if they physically followed me around in the store I’d be sure to say something to embarrass them. They don’t give me a hard time where it’s obvious for that kind of reason. They’re happy enough to vandalize things in my home and my car while I’m shopping – where I can’t see them and give them what for.

      • I think mine are rather intimidated. doesn’t mean they’re tame, just that they don’t do things to me where non perps can see them get put down.

          • I could be wrong, but I think there are fewer here. I have a lot of nice experiences with guys opening doors for me at the store, people who come into where I work saying encouraging things to me, etc. I keep it straight in my head that these are REAL people and the perps aren’t.

            On the other side, the perp parades are back – the lines of cars that wait ’til I try to get out on the highway to go to work. I cut one off the other day. That felt good. He had to slam on his brakes because I pulled out in front of him, went into the turn lane, into a parking lot across the road, and turned the direction I needed to go to work. I flew past the rest of the dirty sods that had lined up to keep me from being able to turn. I’m never putting up with their crap! They quit for a while because I was doing that. I’m betting they will give it up again. If not, I will just keep doing it. You can tell they’re perps because it doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, and the line is only about 40 cars every time. It’s like someone calls them when I’m getting ready to go and tells them it’s time to line up.

            • I’m sure your neighbors are notifying the handler that you’ve left your home. That’s what they do to me, too. As soon as I leave my home, perps show up from everywhere, and it’s never stopped for one day. I have to walk, but by the time I get to where I’m going, they’re all over the place.

              • I don’t trust my neighbors as far as I can spit. Like I’ve said before, we always keep someone in the house when we both leave together because someone WILL come in if we don’t. They have proven that. No matter how many times in a day you go out, they WILL come in and do crap while you’re gone. I got perped at work today. My boss gave a purse with beads on it and someone went and took some of them off. I hadn’t owned it an hour before the perps decided to confiscate it. I regard it as theft when they vandalise something because it’s basically their way of saying, “This is not really yours. We can do anything we want to it because it’s really ours!” And they always do something to it that you can’t fix, so that you can never enjoy it again.

                • I had a beautiful red bag with beads all over it, my sister got hold of it and took off most of the beads when I lived with her. Every time I think about her, I really don’t think nice thoughts. Yeah, they ruin everything we own. There’s nothing in my closet which hasn’t been ripped, stolen, exchanged for another size, etc.

                  • They despise beauty, because it doesn’t reflect their personalities. They are dark, evil creatures of Hell, working for Satan himself. There’s really no more to it than that when it all boils down. I don’t have one item in my possession that hasn’t been negatively altered, and I’d bet you don’t either. They really stink of sulfur!

  3. yes i know xactly what you guys have experienced.I have been on so many different files over the years. I have been on the Mental Health Service for over 25 years,( im NOT crazy).A great excuse to treat me as a guinea pig for endless experiments.Karma WILL prevail…

    • Well, they haven’t succeeded with me. They’re trying their hardest to get me into a mental health hospital, but they haven’t succeeded, amd they won’t! Adam, are you still under mental health services as a guniea pig? I believe that you’re not crazy, neither are we. We’re guinea pigs like you. If anyone’s crazy it’s those perps who harass us.

      • Yes I have neverending1 ,however I have got clever over the past few years.You can beat them just hold your ground and call them out on their behaviour.They dont like being called out.I still have to take meds,get calls/visits from them,if it means a relatively sane life then o.k.For my family and friends I continue with drugs.I tried to go off my meds once,what a furore.There are people who believe me and mostly online like you,thanks very much for your support.

        • How can I not believe you when it’s happening to me and others who write to me? They haven’t got me on meds yet and won’t. But they’re trying their hardest to get me to take drugs. They tell people I’m on meds and am crazy.

  4. All perps are scum lowest of the low its true if we loose are temper were crazy we hav lost it .eww thats gross ne what happened in burger king its good you had a look at it first or you might of been ill .i ordered a breakfast i started going they like twice a week i no longer do that i cant stick too one eatin place has you know because they will start with doin stuff to my food .this biitch a new perp working they spat in my food i wanted to change a drink for another one before my breakfsst came out i knew who she was she started acting perpy when i saw her the first time in they sick hamster looking freak! so she bought the breakfast out it had spit on the beans i just knew wat this sick tramp had done so i lefted .maybe a food place is ok once if ya lucky but if us targets keep going there .they will do stuff like this all da time its the most sickest thing someone could do that to a human being i think ……..but all perps do this with all they poisens or just nastyness like spit .etc ew these nasty perps are everywere we go itS hard to hide ne! Ooo that day when we will be laughing i beileve it ..because everyone pays for wat they do reap wat u sow they going downnnn haaaa.

    • That’s why I rarely go to the same place twice in a row. I try to find new places to eat, but, of course, it doesn’t matter that’s it’s a new place, because they already know who we are. All we have to do is step inside and they know who we are. And, yes, their day will come!

      • YEH true they know us has soon has we step in i stepped into that new shop in town he knew it was awful awkard i wont be going back they just didnt like it.

          • Excatly what i thought thanks! woundnt i love to get hold of these files and sue the bstards for alot we deserve this.all the time.n money we have lost .and health.

            • All these files are on computers. Once they get into the computer, it’s hard to get rid of the info. All the perps’ names, addresses are on file. It’s not like the old days, on paper and easily ripped up. They will suffer the consequences! Oh, we definitely deserve money. We lost jobs, family, friends, lovers, our lives.

  5. Ugh, they did such bad st theatre at Burger King back in 2008 I’ve never been back. Same with Mickey D’s and Del Taco. I’ve also felt ill from Carl’s and Taco Bell. That is gross. I also get the same crap with the store whores in my face the whole time. Why did you have to leave your bag at the front? I bring my own bags (cloth type) most of the time because the store bags break and are not strong enough for the bus. I won’t shop anywhere they have to take anything from me for me to merely shop there. They have cameras in every aisle, guards, etc etc etc…

    • They think I’m going to steal everything in the store. You know how the stores are. Everybody else is honest and we’re all thieves. May everyone of the bastards go straight to hell. Bunch of…..(well put in your own words). The guards are not enough, they just want to make us feel like we’re the lowest of the low.

      • They started following me around stores in the late 1980s. I had a woman chase me out of 7-11 once because she thought I was a thief. I was gonna get dinner there and ended up spending 15 bucks on a restaurant meal instead. I don’t think she works there anymore. Then, there’s the Albertson’s thing…I am not supposed to enter another Albertson’s again as long as I live or GO TO JAIL b/c I made fun of a snecurity guard. He was a P*g anyway. A big old bully “plainclothesed” in a dirty t-shirt and doing nothing but shooting the breeze with another employee and watching me.

        • They’re all disgusting pigs! These people get high on harassing others; they’ve always been on the bottom and they get pleasure of being able to dump on someone else. No one is lower these pigs!

          • Amen, they actually told me if I went into another Albertson’s that they had my face “recognized” on tape and that I would go to jail. I bet that big old jerk does not work there anymore. Another ti had a completely hellish experience at Albertson’s as well. Maybe they think they are too “good” to serve ti’s.

              • If this ends I want to be at every trial of these perps. I bet all they do is hang their heads and say “I just was followink orderz”.

                    • I don’t care if the repent. Of course they’ll say they’re sorry, but it’ll be nothing but b.s. I will have no sympathy for any of them. Tkey know exactly wkat they’re doing. They’re all sick bastards!

                    • As a Christian I hope they repent because the Punishment is forever. Few will, however. God knows when the repentance is sincere anyway.

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