Gang Stalking – Sticking out my tongue on the bus.

I want to tell you about an incident that happened to me on the bus.

I was on the bus and my stop was coming up, so I  walked up to the front to be closer to my stop.  The bus was full and when I got to the front I had to face an Asian man. From the moment I got up to the front, the man watched me. After a while, I got annoyed,  and I gave him mean looks. He kept on looking.  I finally scrunched up my face in a way that said “What the ‘F’ are you looking at?” He kept on looking. Finally, he took his tongue and moved it around his mouth in the way a kid sticks his tongue out at another kid. I took out my tongue and stuck it out the same way.  He began to laugh. He found it funny. So the two of us stood in the bus sticking our tongues out at each other. A smile crossed his face, and we both begun to laugh.  A man standing next to me also began to laugh because he’d been watching both of us acting like kids.  All three  of  were laughing like 3-year-olds. The people on the bus  could not figure out what was happening on the bus and got very curious and stopped talking.  My bus came, I got off the bus with a smile on my face. And I left the two men on the bus still laughing.  One of the funniest days I’ve had on the bus.

It was good to laugh for a change.

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27 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Sticking out my tongue on the bus.

  1. I HAD to flee my mumsters/perp tonight because she was starting her shit shes part of it to i used to tell about it she sed am paranoid and blamed me for the set up shes covering it up i just had to leave with her friend boyfriend whatever he is he knows perps hes one to its neverr going end sometimes i wish something like planet x or ww3 just wipes us all out people arre cruel.she use to phone me all time like she was my handler controling type nosey type freak plus i was surronder by perps shes demonic .

    • She likes to butter meup and switch on me perps have deep issues i know her games i know who she is so i just had leave the only reason they is to use something i havent got in my hell apartment thats all !

      • I say she use to be controlling not any more i wont have it in from a perp like her .am glad you had a laugh ne it helps sometimes i just burst out laughig at them.

    • It’s too bad your mother perps you. You would think a mother would be the last one to do this to a daughter, but I know others whose mothers also joined in their gang stalking. It’s a sad world we live in.

  2. the entire town is out for blood for me its like that movie children of the corn. and really I never did anything wrong its a very strange community someone once told me dark county is a very dark,dark,dark,county

    • I’m sure you haven’t done anything wrong. A lot of us are in the same situation. We haven’t been in prison, committed any crime, nor hut anyone, but here we all are targets of some sick game!

  3. i learned slowly that not all gang stalkers are equal. some will harass you in a strangely nice way. that does sound like a hilarious interaction you had lol

    i think im fortunate with my gang stalkers cuz for w/e reason thats beyond me, most of them aren’t that bad. when im “good”, and i havent been “good” since they stepped up their gs’ing, they’ll do things like send hot girls at me, or less crowding, extra fries etc. although i think if i were to live in a ghetto or a place with stereotypical gs’ers, thigns would get messy. thankfully i know how to look for cheap apts in good neighborhoods. not that hard really

    • just to clarify, i dont like gang stalkers even if they’re nice or w/e. at least half of mine can go to hell. im not buddy buddy with any of them and i never will be. most of them i dont consider human. something else that you would find at the bottom of a scum shit barrel

    • Well, in Las Vegas, the cream of the crop of lowlifes live here. So even in nice neighborhood, there are lowlifes! People who escape from prison, normally make their way to Las Vegas.

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