Gang Stalking – Tune the creeps out!

I’m waiting to get on the computer and a woman is ahead of me.  She can barely talk. Her words make her sound as if she’s high on something.  She seems to be unsure of what’s she’s doing. She seems to be in a fog.

These are the kind of people who haunt us every day. These are the people who think they’re better than us targets. These are the people the government hires to harass us. These people should all be in prison.


My New Year’s day was as bad as Christmas. I think it was worse. At the strike of midnight on January 1, a group of people stood outside my window. They set off fire firecrackers, hollered as loud as they could, and made a lot of noise. I know people have a right to celebrate New Year’s, but do they have to do it in front of my window? Of course, they do! Why change what they’ve done all year?  They just had to celebrate New Year’s in front of  my window. They could not find a place where they could it!  They wanted to make sure that I got no sleep. Well, I heard them, turned around in my bed and went back to sleep. So, their sound didn’t really affect me. I’ve learned to tune them out when I hear them. They think I’m lying in my bed awake. I’m getting really good at tuning them out, especially at the library. They can make all the noise they want and I tune them out. I don’t hear them.

So, I hope for  2014, I can continue to tune them out and pay no attention to them. The brain is the strongest organ in the body. Learn to use it to your advantage. Tune the creeps out!

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20 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Tune the creeps out!

  1. All kinds of “estrafagos” would line up in multiple cars or walk outside my house while I was caregiver for a dying husband and a paralyzed mother who suffered a stroke from the incessant phone harassment that went on all of our phone lines. I was in NYC mode. I was pissed. I confronted so many of them. They would creep around the house. I put up 4 cameras. Really, I wanted to catch their boss. Some were so fkd up ugly I thought to sue them under the 8th amendment because their ugly mugs were too many and cruel and inhumane punishment. As they creeper around I would shut down the lights and wait by he window closest to the door. Suddenly, I looked at the whole picture. I was reacting to them in a way that used too much of my energy. One night I said to God, “This is bullschitt. This is psyops. This is to drive me crazy to destroy my credibility or it’s a terror tactic to give me a stroke.” God knew I wanted them and I blasted their creepy asses when they played the game. He took away any fear and I was relentless. But that one night I said, “God, I’m going to sleep. You are God so you can stay AWAKE.” I stopped the midnight watch to catch the bastards since God is truly awake. 🙂

    • That’s the best thing to do is try not to pay too much attention to what they do to you. It’s what they want you to do. You have to set your brain to not pay attention to them. I’m glad that you stopped watching and are now sleeping better. By the way, did the cameras do any good? Or did they steal your cameras? They’ve stolen every one of my cameras and any proof I’ve had. An sorry what you had to go through with your husband & mother. The “bs” definitely belong in prison.

  2. I took my headphones, turned them up, took my sleeping pills and never heard a thing. The next morning it was 2014, just like that!

    • I’m glad the sleeping pills worked for you, but I’m very careful about things like this. They can become addictive and you’ll be in a worse place than you started. Just be careful with the pills, but I’m glad you had a good New Year and got some sleep.

      • I hate to take them but I was literally going on no sleep for nights at a time in 2010. One part of me wants to go to “rehab” and get off all the psych drugs but then I’d feel all the pain again.

          • Then what would I need the shrink for? I tried w/o meds doing apple cider vinegar and fish oil for depression and might have made it if not for the perps.

            • Those shrinks get tons of money from the government to keep you going to see them. They don’t really do anything to help you. The shrinks help themselves to a lot of government money.

              • Jeremy of Are you Targeted? said it was a racket and that people became ti’s so govt and the private sector could get rich off them. I can’t see who is getting rich off me. I’m poor, Medicare pays less than private ins, and I pay cash only for prescriptions and only a co pay.

  3. not that I what to disagree with you but are you sure the person at the library didn’t have a mental problem? you know they cant help it. and I agree with you on what you said about the firecrackers in the old days I would have got up and thrown snowballs at them but these days they’d call the cops on ya

    • Oh, they call the cops on targets for any stupid reason. Then the cops can write down that we did something crazy. No, she has a drug problem. I can tell the difference between mentally ill and a druggie.

  4. YEH alot of them seem.on drugs not all seem.tho they defo have other addictions they need to feeeed sex etc … .the perp female below keeps laughing like shes high all the time the guy.whos they is a high looking freak.must be easy money for them.

  5. Ha tune the creeps out 🙂 they sure are a creepy crowd for sure.they mentally ill and the fog yep they so far gone they cant talk right like slow annoying have heard them to foggy bastards lol theys nobody human they in that creepy body they have and high yep they must get they HIGH from they bosses.for free they take loads..DRUGS……. druggies.IT isnt gonna stop because of new years eve /Day unfornutley .why they guna change they will never change .

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