Gang Stalking – Peace to the world in 2014.

English: World Peace One

English: World Peace One (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Love heart

Love heart (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I always found that even numbers in a year bring better things for me. I’m superstitious that way. So the coming year is an even number, 14.  Maybe year 2014 will be a better year for every one of us targets. Maybe what’s happening to us will end, or at least someone will discover what’s going on, and put an end to our miserable lives.

I wish for world peace, love, serenity, for all wars to end, for all of us to get along no matter what our race, religion, color, age, how rich we are, or what our beliefs are about anything.

To a better world in 2014. May we all get along.

Good-bye 2013, hello 2014.

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44 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Peace to the world in 2014.

    • Oh, yeah, turn things around to make you sound crazy. They do the same thing to me. I say something and they’ll turn it around and make it sound as if I’m a nut case. They’re the crazy ones. Anyone who does what they’re doing for a living has to be deranged.

  1. THE BELOW NEIGHBOUR PERPS moved in same time has me! and the housing manger sed oh he works no he doesnt he stays here listening to me last night i turned my tv off a 1 MIN LATER THEY SWITCH THEYS OFF .

    • Every minute they’re doing something to us. If it’s not one thing it’s another. You should plan ahead and decide what you’re going to do when they act up like 2-year-olds. It’s really frustrating that they can get away with what they do to us.

  2. well happy new year everybody I have a new weapon aim using against the perp earplug’s like they use on jet airplanes I wear them whenever I go into a store now I don’t have to hear them anymore

    • ALSO when i got work placed gangstalked they knew were my apartment was at the time i saw my supervisor drive past my apartment and hang around in his car outside my flat and my flat was was miles away from work by the way.these cretins will never stop until am dead .

      • Oh, they’re trying to drive you mad. That’s they’re aim, if not that, that you out go and shoot someone so they don’t get any blame for what they’re doing to you. And if you go out and kill someone, they’ll say you were mentally ill. That’s their favorite word “mentally ill”.

    • I know what you mean. You have a place to sleep, and that’s it. That if, if you can sleep without them waking you up every hour or making lots of noise. It’s not really a place you can relax, or call home.

      • No ne its certainly not my home they did noise campain a few days ago the pot head scum across from me slammed his door loud he just kept going in an out fckin with me woke me up around two didnt stop till about five in morning ..if its not him its below perps i hate it here i can never relax here the way they treated me and perps you have to be carefull they crazy demonic zombies be on guard they can just start up at any notice .am stuck here i cant move unless on the streets or hostel eww its like they keeping me here for they sick pleasure and trying to make me loose my head because i just havent got offered any place

            • I don’t know how long it will take for someone to discover what’s happening to us, but it will happen. We just need an honest journalist to have the courage to write about what’s happening to us. I’ve been writing about gang stalking for four years now, and it hasn’t really helped stop the harassment for anyone.

  3. I like what you say “but I think your idealist dreamer” even on Christmas day my neighbor’s were harassing me people ant going to change I hate to be a downer when your trying to wish everybody a new year but people never change I told a social worker several years ago when she got fired from her job for doing her job nobody cares I told her she needs to find a new kind of work and she did.

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