America Time to Gentleman the Fuck Up

You have to watch this video. It’s about what American has become. NE1


25 thoughts on “America Time to Gentleman the Fuck Up

  1. I don’t know if I’ve said it before but human beings are the only animal that preys on itself. other animal’s all they know is instinct humans can think that’s what makes them dangerous.

  2. your right aim doing anything for anybody anymore all they do is try to ” pick your brain for information” and your right most of those woman are welfare mothers in this town so the more kids they have the more they can leach of the government that’s what my next door neighbor is.

    • You should see when they show up at the library, four-five kids each. And each kid worse than the other. We are going to have a generation of really mean kids. Meaner than they are now.

  3. THE world is crazy it wont get any better
    ‘they’werre staring at me today loads of them i catched they attention ne i think its been a blessing we dont have kids because what if they go thru what we go thru?! Its bad and horrofic enough us but your kids to .so things happen for reason i notice perps can pop them out like no tommorow hmm.

    • WELL some perp women can not all but most have one or more kids somewere either with them or in care .the way the world is now i woundnt even have kids after what have been thru and still goo thru even if i had a chance no not eveer the world is to evil.

    • I think most of them are probably on government subsistence. That’s why they can afford to have all those children. You’re probably right, maybe it’s better we don’t have children. I think in the next 20 years, the world will be even worse.

  4. o I agree people ant the same anymore I live in a complex run by an ex police detective I was trying to help him with a problem with his computer running slow yesterday about a half hr. later he runs to his buddies at the sheriffs dept. telling them everything I told him aim to the point were aim not going to help anyone with anything anymore the “H” with all.

    • I don’t talk to nor have any contact with anyone. I’ve learned a long time ago, that no matter how nice you are to these people, they will screw you. They only befriend you to get info from you so they can paid for the info.

  5. Before I was a target people would help me if I seemed to be in distress. After I was a target, I had to do it all myself with a few exceptions. It’s true, if someone acts interested in helping they are automatically branded a pervert looking for sex, or, in my neighborhood, money for any small favor in order to get drunk.

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