Gang Stalking – Merry Christmas, 2013

We Wish You a Merry Christmas (video game)

We Wish You a Merry Christmas (video game) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

merry christmas!

merry christmas! (Photo credit: THEMACGIRL*)

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know this is  politically incorrect now, but Merry Christmas to you.  We’re not supposed to say “Merry Christmas” anymore. We now have to say “Season’s Greetings“.  I’ll stick to the name Merry Christmas, that’s what it is and that’s what I’ll continue to write and say.

We’ve made it through another Christmas together, can you believe? And I’m sure we’ll all be here together again next Christmas.

So everyone have the best Christmas ever!  Go for a long walk, eat a nice meal, treat yourselves the best you’ve ever treated yourselves.  And hope for the best in 2014.

So, Merry Christmas all.  Enjoy your day whatever you do.

And, thanks for your help throughout the year.

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40 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Merry Christmas, 2013

  1. you got to understand how it works I don’t prey for them I prey for their souls remember what Christ said when they were crucifying him he looked up at his father and said ” they no not what they do” aim not putting myself in the same category as Jesus put its the same concept. you see that’s the same thing the Jews did.

  2. aim
    going to say something that’s completely out of contrast to what I usually say. since were all going through what I call a “mini-holocaust” the Jews didn’t hate the Germans who murdered them they actually prayed for their souls because they knew when they died they would burn in hell so tonight when I go to bed aim going to prey for the perps souls because I know what’s going to happen to them and aim going to be sincere about no sarcastic.

      • I totally feel that way too. If God wants to love them, I’m not trying to stop him, but I refuse to even try. They don’t deserve my love, sympathy, or forgiveness, because they did everything they possibly could do in an effort to hate me and make me hate them back. What I feel for them, they deserve.

          • Me too! I hold that against them because they deserve it. They didn’t ever have to hold me back in all my endeavors to better my life, but they did. I don’t do anything to them so I don’t blame myself for it. It’s totally down to them. My refusal to forgive them makes me feel better, and keeps me strong. Maybe some people prefer to be wimpy and let them do what they want and enjoy it, but I’m no wimp, and I won’t forgive them to make them feel better about themselves – like they aren’t really that bad after all. No flippin’ way! They ARE bad! And I won’t say anything else. I believe in forgiving people who do something and then feel remorse, but these @$$h0!3$ don’t feel remorse, so they don’t deserve my forgiveness. It’s nice to know someone else feels the way I do about them.

            • We’re sisters when it comes to forgiving the dregs of society. I’m always hearing I should forgive, but there’s a point to where forgiveness goes out the door. And I’ve reached that point.

              • Cyberhug! Yes, sister, I get told that a lot too, but those idiots who advise it don’t know what I’ve been through, and I’ve kicked it out the door a long time ago as well. If they want to forgive the freaks for me, they’re free to do so, but I’ll never speak to them again, because it’s not their right. Stay strong and keep your own ideals. 🙂 You’re a brilliant person!

  3. well tomorrow they say the cops are coming after me I got a surprise for them aim going to change the locks on the doors the maintenance women’s a real female dog ill piss her off when she has to break the lock goody!!!!!!

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