Gang Stalking – An invitation to hope.

English: Lion representing the Leo sign in ast...

English: Lion representing the Leo sign in astrology. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Horoscope 3

Horoscope 3 (Photo credit: Themeplus)


Hope (Photo credit: true2source)


Hope (Photo credit: mrsdkrebs)

I don’t usually read my horoscope, but I was turning the page and noticed the horoscope for Leo. This is from a horoscope by Brezsny:

“LEO (July 23 – Aug. 22) – When did you first fall from grace? Do you remember? It has happened to most of us. We spend time being privileged or cared about or respected, and, suddenly, we no longer are. We lose our innocence. Love disappears. Our status as a favorite comes to an end. That’s the bad news, Leo. The good news is that I think the months ahead may be time for you to climb back up to one of those high states of grace that you fell from once upon a time. The omens suggest that even now you’re making yourself ready to rise back up – and sooner than you think, there will be an invitation to do so.”

Wouldn’t it be great if all the nonsense stopped for all of us and this horoscope came true?  Who knows?  Maybe finally something will happen to free  us all from the grip of what’s occurring to us?  Of course, I don’t believe in horoscopes, but just reading it, makes me feel better. It gives me hope.

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26 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – An invitation to hope.

  1. i talked to a maintenance man when I lived at the county home and he agreed we wont have to have a revolution the government will eventually destroy itself remember what it says in the bible evil will destroy itself because evil has no conscious of itself .

      • I’ve tried every variation of the img tags I can think of, but I’m now going to try hosting the images somewhere else.

        The reason I keep trying is that you and I had an exchange a week or two ago and it was obvious that one or both of our posts had been messed about with, so I wanted to post a screenshot of that as tangible proof of what these people are doing, so that then noone could argue that you were just another conspiracy theorist or whatever, but I think I’ve worked out how to do it now, I’ll try again next time I’m logged in.

  2. feeewww I was worried there for a minute and your right don’t give up hope unfortunately the only for this to stop is if we have a revolution which will never happen the only way to stop this is get rid of our government and the people will have to start from scratch and build a new government that’s not corrupt

    • That’s how our government began, fighting the British. Of course, today we’d all be considered terrorists instead of patriots. But we do need a revolution of some sort. And you don’t have to worry about me going to the other side. I am a target and will continue to tell every one I know what’s happening to all of us.

  3. your not changing your tune are you? you don’t believe that propaganda do you? get this my mailman excuse was he said another person moved out of anther complex and he thought it was mine and he sent all my mail anther lie. they keep talking about putting me in jail I hope they do it on Christmas day that would prove their all hypocrites

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