Gang Stalking – The zombie parents!

Costa Rica children

Costa Rica children (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Conceptual diagram showing relationsh...

English: Conceptual diagram showing relationship between adult sexual interest in children, pedophilia, and child sexual abuse. These distinct concepts overlap, but academics and clinicians consider them separate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I live by a church. This church has a sanctuary. A sanctuary is a place where refugees, illegal aliens, displaced persons the church protects.   The government can’t go in and arrest any of these people. They’re protected by a U.N. resolution. Anyway, it’s nice of the church to protect these people, but I bet if I went into the church and asked for asylum, I ‘d  be told to go see a doctor. The church people can believe that other countries can torture their citizens, but don’t have an open mind about America torturing its citizens.

I see so-call good church people on Sundays acting, oh, so polite. Then they come out of church and harass me. Some of them actually push their children toward me so I’ll pay attention to their children. What is wrong with these people? Are they crazy? They’re encouraging their children to come up to a stranger and befriend the stranger. They’re teaching their children that it’s okay to go up to some child molester who’s very friendly. When children come up to me, I ignore them. I don’t want them to learn that it’s okay to go up  to a stranger and befriend him. These parents are putting their children in harm’s way. And for what? For some sick person who is telling them to encourage their children to go  up to strangers.

We live in a sick society. And the children will be the ones to suffer the consequences of their parents’ stupidity. These people are really zombies!

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45 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – The zombie parents!

    • The response is in there. It’s somewhere near the bottom. They move the comments around, so it’s hard to keep track of them. Anyway, I answered: Then you know it never gets better. I wish it did, but it never does.

    • I have a feeling wherever we go, they’ll find us. But they’ll have a harder time finding you in all that snow. If you do move to Alaska, make sure you make friends with bears and wolves. It’ll keep the low-lifes away for sure!

    • It sounds like the place I moved from two months ago. The idiots called the cops on me for every stupid little thing. The cops always showed and told me I should remain calm. I don’t know what the cops were talking about, I was calm. But on the other hand, if I call the cops, they never show up, or tell me it’s my fault no matter the problem. Don’t call the cops too many times. They’ll just say you’re crazy and put you away. I don’t call the cops for anything anymore. It’s a waste of time and they’re absolutely no help.

  1. I ALSO notice perps do charity work from time to time wat a joke they are .or even worse talk about god when they far from it .

    • I don’t pay attention to what any of the idiots say. I listen to my transistor radio wherever I go and turn up the music real loud. Plus I have my ears stuffed. They do charity work! I just bet they make people more miserable than they are.

      • YEH NE MY mumster did a homeless charity thing! recently even tho she drove me to homeless hostel while i was staying at her house.then i picked this awful demonic flat hav been so ill i aint guna say to much .but the whore downstairs was trying to get my attention by banging her doors and banging on her celling while i was so ill who the fuck is she to do this its beyond sick .i really need to move

  2. about the underground movement I suggest just do research on it . and your right their trying psychosocial torture on you because you have no kids . its like me aim a man never been married all the time woman walk by me in the same fashion its a reverse on me on psychosocial

  3. Actually i dont think its the way i am now ..av changed for the better knowing the truth at least i wont let perps in my life i think because my mumster is a perp i hav never being alone on christmas day and they are two others who i do care for .yeh i still hav maybe tiny bit of love for her but who perps her own daugter ? And mentally attacks starts arguements befriends perps that have set me up ? sso i dont hav a mother at all so even turned round wen iwas crying wen i was a only a teenager about 11 i think saying i wish you was never born .she is completely oppsite to me thank god !.

    • I’ll never understand a parent who turns against her own child. I had a wonderful mother and I miss her so much. How a mother can say to daughter the things your mother said to you is really disgusting. It’s hard to love a mother who takes someone’s side instead of her daughter’s. But at least she’s still in your life and that’s good. Sometimes I think it’s better not to know what’s going on.

      • I dont i wanted to know to because something wasnt right its hard but i see the so called family very rarely now its just a mess am glad your mother was nice to you ne at least you had a nice mother they worth is priceless .

    • I DONT LOVE HER ABIT SHES A PERP AND I CANT STAND ANY PERPS .and i certtainly dont love any perps even alittle bit so shes no.different to any other perp

  4. Hi am back and just …… wat a awful weeek i had ..i knew the perps need extra money! its christmas after all you know the perps are demons weres they christmas joy good will to all men ha the only sprit they have is demonic they were feeding off me all week coming in shops stalking me around they were like rushing walking to stop infront of me and made sure i notice one including a perp ex never sed to nothing to me just perped me and follow me around it was bad its like for two weeks straight they wanted to ruin my christmas .i nearly kill myself to get a few bits for my main family who most know or who are perps its just the way i am i just knew wat it was going to be like in town but i went nearly collaspe because of this they all murderers …anyway ..yes they are crazy they have done the child thing with me i was in a shop it had two
    Floors i was on the second floor this child about 6 came up the stairs on her own she came straight up to me and started saying something with a smile on her face am sure she sed mummy to in the sentance ! wtf i dont hav kids i wud know ! it was weriddd but i know now its all part of they sick game she turned back and went down stairs they do use kids they push they kids near me to we live in a very sick society and to be honest i dont want anything to do with it .they people who go church and are perps thats why i dont go to chutch because of this am not welcome ! ne these church ppl are hypercrites who talk about god but they very much apart of this and go along with it .would god like this gs? i dont think so i know its a long message but have miss you targets i hope we just hav one day of no gs this christmas i think next year i wont bother .and sit in a dark room and lie down oh wait even then i will not get any peace perp neighbours etc its just bad but yeah they do use kids even uk newspaper saying they using kids for this..

    • They do the “kid” thing to me all the time. I just stop and look at mothers who push their kids toward me. I give them a dirty look and say with my eyes, you’re a monster. Why they tell them to push kids toward us is for one reason only, in my opinion, make people think we’re child molesters. So stay as far away from the children as possible. Have nothing to do with them. That way you stay safe.

  5. gang stalking kids…when they first hit me with this tactic i was shocked out of my mind. wow they sure know how to make me speechless. they stopped doing this tactics, thank fuckin god, but for a short time they would dress up their little girls – little as in less 5-10 years old – dress them like SLUTS! tight little shorts and shirts, parade them around me. i would try to ignore them but they placed them in a way that i had to see them cuz otherwise i’d have to drive with my eyes close or walk with my eyes close or somehing like that.

    usually when they harass me with something they want going on for weeks or months it can take awhile for me to pick up on, since i dont pay much attention to them. so i dunno exactly how long they been doing that but i know its longer than what i saw. there’s a bit more but i’ll stop there.

    they got my whole town into gang stalking. i dunno how pple in my town would let them do that to those little girls, IN PUBLIC, but wow. thank god they reverted back to the regular kid tactics. yeah this is something i needed to get off my chest. thankfully it doesnt pop up in my mind often

    • They’ve been doing it for over two years. I’m a woman and don’t have kids, so when I’m around kids, it just makes me wish I had kids. Maybe that’s why they do it to me, and other reasons. They’re really sick, sick people to do this to little children. Oh, yes, I’ve seen some of those slutty outfits they make the little girls wear.

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