Gang Stalking – Vegas, Baby!

Two Towers Las Vegas

Two Towers Las Vegas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, I wrote that I probably would not be writing a blog on Saturday and Sunday.  But then I got home and thought “why am I going to let a bunch of lowlifes stop me from doing something I want to do?” So I decided I’d drag myself to the library and check on comments made. And here I am. As always, the library is full of perps. As soon as I leave home, they get  messages telling them that I’m coming into the library. Of course, I don’t always come to the library first.  I do other things first and then come into the library and mess with their schedules. So a lot of them come in, use the computer and  computer time before I get here and have to leave. I love it when they have to leave and there’s no paycheck for them for the day. They only get paid if they’re in the computer room with me, otherwise, no pay for the idiots! And a lot of times, I’ll leave early after a lot of them get here. Again, no paycheck. I see them come in after I’ve arrived and when I leave early, they make faces because they wasted their time coming to the library. Too bad!! My heart  breaks for the perps.  Why don’t they get real jobs?  The economy is getting better in Las Vegas, and I don’t see why these people have to be out here harassing targets. I guess it’s an easier life for them to harass us targets. They can sit at home and not work too hard.  Just be lazy bums, and destroy anything good.  Most of these people don’t know about good, only bad. A lot of them are criminals. I tried to write something on Facebook about the perps being criminals and my comment kept being deleted. That definitely told me something, that I’m right.

And a lot of the perps come to the library to look up women. I see one heavy-set man all the time. Every time I happen to look over at the computer he’s using,  he’s looking at photos of  black women with children. Makes me think that he’s looking for women with children because he’s a child molester. Otherwise, why women with children all the time? I would think he’d be looking for single women, too.  To each his own, but the perps seem to have no other interest than looking at naked women. That tells me a lot about them. That’s why a lot of them do what they do. Vegas, Baby! Sometimes things people do in Vegas disgust me. You’re probably wondering why I stay in Las Vegas, it’s for the inexpensive rents. I’ve never been anywhere where the rents are so low.

P.S. I’ve noticed that they’re taking me back to comments from 2012.  Make sure you’re in comments for 2013. I think I answered a few comments from 2012. They want to make you and me seem crazy, like we don’t know what year it is.


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28 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Vegas, Baby!

  1. I respected police until THEY trained me not to. I know there are still a few good ones, but I don’t trust them all blindly anymore.

  2. i don’t know if its really the police are power hungry or not my brother said something to me about 20 years ago and he said people are changing what he meant by that i don’t exactly know.

  3. it doesn’t surprise the police beat that homeless guy aim not going to run down the cops ( for one thing its not to wise to do that) when I was growing up the police were your best friend I think the reason thieve changed is the kind of people they have to deal with drugs and people are belligerent with them I don’t know why thieve changed

  4. well if you don’t hear from me anymore aim in jail or prison I go into Wal-Mart tonight and some guy gets on his cell phone we need to lock him up its nice to see everyone’s got the Christmas spirit ba -humbug!!!!

    • You have problems with your phony relatives, too? If it makes you happy getting no cards from relatives, then I’m happy for you. I’ve received one Christmas card from one of my sisters in the last few years. No one else has sent me anything.

  5. oh I know I’ve been in the library before on the computer’s were I live they think there so high and mighty they have snitch’s in our library who will nark on you even if your not doing anything wrong they act like their the “master race” where I live.

    • Same thing here in Vegas. We’re watched every minute and any little thing we do gets reported to the library staff. And, of course, our side is never heard. The one who snitched on us is believed and we don’t have a say. If that isn’t what happened in Nazi Germany, what is?

  6. EWWWW the losers who look at porn in the library…a waste of a terminal. Either that or they sit all day and watch You Tube on the terminal and text on their phone…mostly perps.

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