Gang Stalking – I’ve underestimated the stupidity of perps!

Window air conditioner, from left side

Window air conditioner, from left side (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Notifier Fire Systems fire alarm

A Notifier Fire Systems fire alarm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Beavis and Butt-head in Virtual Stupidity

Beavis and Butt-head in Virtual Stupidity (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stupidity (Bad Manners album)

Stupidity (Bad Manners album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have cardboard  in my closet. The other day, the maintenance man  showed up to check on my fire alarm.  When I signed my lease, the woman at the front desk told me never, never mess around with the fire alarm. She told me that if I did , I’d  have to pay $40.00 every time I did anything to the alarm. In my old apartment, I removed the alarm.  The perps set up the alarm to make a loud hissing noise, so I removed it.  Since they couldn’t drive me crazy anymore, they put something into the air conditioner to make the same noise.  I don’t know too much about air conditioners and  could not remove whatever they put into it. And while I lived in the complex, I had to put with the hissing. I guess they didn’t want me to do the same thing to the alarm in my new apartment. And the hissing nose continues here. Anyway, while the maintenance  man was in my apartment, he seemed very interested in what was in my closet. I have very little in my closet, but he noticed I had cardboard.  I mention this  incident to illustrate the stupidity of the perps.  Now every time I walk around, there’s someone standing around with a piece of cardboard, or carrying it.      So, imagine, a man of about 60, just standing in the middle of the street, holding a cardboard as if he’s in love with it. Also imagine a woman, well-dressed,  carrying a dirty cardboard  around like she’s holding a lover.   When I saw the  man, I just had to laugh. I walked away  laughing at stupidity of the perps.   Of course, now they make fun of me laughing. So the idiots  go around laughing and carrying pieces of cardboard. They look absolutely ridiculous! I’ll be waking by and see someone sitting with a piece of cardboard by him. Or I’ll see someone walking by with a baby and a piece of cardboard sitting next to the baby. This just shows their stupidity!  They’ll do anything their masters tell them to do.  These people have to be real zombies to stand around with a cardboard piece looking stupid.

I really underestimated their stupidity!

P.S. You should see how full the library is.  I’m such a valuable commodity. As I keep writing, I help keep a lot of people employed. The government should give me a medal!


17 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – I’ve underestimated the stupidity of perps!

  1. If they wanted to put a hissing fire alarm in my house, I’d complain about the noise and insist they “fix” it or put in a new one. Maybe that’s why ours doesn’t make any noise. Unbelievable (but I believe it) about the cardboard. What weirdos! I think I’d be tempted to go up to the baby carriage and say, “Oh, what a cute little piece of cardboard!” What if you complimented these cooks on their cardboard pieces and asked them where you could get a piece so nice?

    • oh, they’ve done this to in every apt. I’ve lived in, that’s why I know about the hissing. My sister used to do it to me. She’d go somewhere and put on the alarm and it made her dogs and cats run around crazy. She’s my sister, but what a bitch she is!

      • You figure if they do that to a dog or cat, they must intend to use it to drive us to do something extreme.
        I’ve said that about my sisters. There’s nothing wrong with being honest. I figure if they want me to say nice things about them, they will give me reasons to.

    • I’ve complained about everything that’s wrong in my apartment, and nothing’s been done. Every time I tell the clerk, she tells me, it’ll be taken care right away and, of course, it never is. And Las Vegas has no housing complaint place I can go to. I tried, and a guard at the Clark County complex told me to go the park, and the park people would handle it. I didn’t bother to go to the park. What does the park have to do with housing? Just a runaround.

  2. this county I live in reminds me of hazard county on the dukes of hazard the excuse the post is using to say my check is getting lost is its Christmas time and they have substituent drivers 2 times in a row I think not its amazing all my other mail gets through . hares anther one they cut my food stamp card from 27 to 19 dollars I know who had their hand in that one Patrick onkst I looked it up purposely redirecting the mail is a federal offense . and they get away with it.

    • A substitute driver is losing your checks? B.S. The postmen are also corrupt. They give my mail to the woman in the office so she can look at it before I get it This is definitely against the law. No one is supposed to go through anyone’s mail, but if it’s the government, it can do it. It’s sickening the b.s. we have to put up with every single day.

  3. srs these idiots never cease to amaze me. my balcony has a glass sliding door and there’s a street runs through. these guys will literally take 10-20 tries to paralall park just to get my attention. one time at night when all the cars were parcked, i saw a car sitting perpendicular to the street, between the cars.

    i dont fuckin get it. they can be doing so much more with their lives, while still being assholes/bitches, but they choose to gang stalk??? i dunno

    i dont fuckin get it. they can be doing so much more with their lives, while still being assholes/bitches, but they choose to gang stalk??? i dunno

    • Maybe they can’t be doing much more with their lives. Anyone who tries to get your attention all night is an idiot. And I don’t know, either. They all belong in prison for what they’re doing to us.

  4. Is that the same closet that had that cold thing? Where all the cold air was coming out? Looove all the dumbasses with boxes. Maybe they should put a sign on them, will work for food. I might have to. My food stamps were slashed. They used to put what I ate for dinner on the ground outside.

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