Some Random Street Theater

Some helpful info – all these things also happen to me.


Street theater is any premeditated harassment that takes place in a public setting, ranging from the dumbfoundingly stupid and simple to the elaborate/sophisticated plan that definitely was not worth it.

– Leaving dead/dying animals in target’s path. Squirrels, rats, mice, birds, dogs. Leaving small feathers in targets path repeatedly.

– Saying first or last names of family members/ close friends aloud in public within earshot. Strangers saying target’s name in public.

– Crowding stores/shops after you arrive, causing delays in checkout lanes. Preoccupying employees with stupid questions/ requests. Paying for items with copious amounts of change.

– Having cats/ dogs/ children suddenly run into road as you drive by.

– Couples fighting in public w/ loud, abusive language. Younger males cursing, spitting, using vulgar language.

-People talking about severe abuse, suicides, drug abuse in front of target. People pretending to smoke hard drugs in front of target. People breaking down…

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28 thoughts on “Some Random Street Theater

  1. I try not to play their little games any more their not exactly the smartest people in the world I find they have very little imitation the ones were I live you tell them something their dumb enough to do! it!!

  2. Actually most of the stuff on that Street Theatre list sounds a lot more creative and entertaining than anything the people gangstalking me ever bother to do….as far as spotting them goes, for me the giveaway is that they nearly always look as if they’re trying very hard to avoid eye contact with me, far more than a normal person would bother to, most of them look pretty miserable as well – not a great advert for the gangstalking life – I definitely do NOT want to be assimilated.

  3. ya they do anything to get under your skin I have a neighbor below me every nigh he throws a temper tantrum just to get me all wound up I got neighbors next to me doing their home grown terrorism.

    • The idiot above me, spends his time walking around and making screeching noises all night. I made a mistake moving into the second floor. It’s always good to live on the top floor, where no one can walk around and make a lot noise. You’re right when you say temper tantrums. They all act like babies. Awww, awww, awww.

  4. no it never showed up so I called my social worker you see since aim a client of the mental health by Ohio law she has to help me she went to my accountant and he cut me a new check and she brought it out and no she doesn’t read this blog but other perps do and they told her today I could hear it in her voice today right now their watching everything I write they can tap in to my Ethernet cable because were I live its a public network I’ve tried to block them but they find ways around it

    • They’ll watch everything you do for as long as you’re a target. Don’t let the idiots upset you. They’re not worth getting upset about. And if she sees it, she’ll know you’re on to her. She’s not going to easily give up that money the government is giving her for you.

  5. oh I agree that’s their little game I was in a store today and a perps comes running out of the store saying I dropped a credit card I looked at it and told him it wasn’t mine what he was trying to do is make me take it it was obviously his he was trying to set me up they’ll try anything

  6. well ill play along with her because she’s my only support in this town so unfortunately i need her so ill tell her what she what’s to hear from now on aim going to take the transit to get my check that way its a Shure thing

  7. A couple started fighting in the supermarket this year .a women had a grin on her face while she put a FEW items on the conver belt they were behind me all of sudden they started arguring with one of the staff ! Now this couple were perps they started shouting and swearing saying your follllowwing us i just saw you and whatever else they sed it was so acted it wasss unreal! this couple looked ok not dirty why wud they want to steal a bread and 4 cans of lilt the cashier serving me looked at me to see how i am reacting the cashier even stopped putting my items thru while this was going on.well u freak i didnt react the couple just lefted the items and lefted the shop…hmm very intresting street theathe.i never sed to anyone in town or shops your following me i aint fking perps know i.know whats goin on they dont like it .

    • You did exactly what you should do, not react. I know that’s hard, but it’s the best thing to do. If you react, they have something to report on you. And whatever you react to, they will annoy the hell out of you with.

  8. now thieve infiltrated my mail and I don’t get my living expense’s check from my accountant it goes from bad to worse at this moment their watching everything I do on the internet I managed to block them temporary put they most have found a way around it.

    • Once they get in your computer, forget about it. They’ll hack you every single time you get on your computer. Why don’t you have your check sent directly to your bank, or someone you can trust, if there’s such a person.

  9. I know all about last year when this started the last place I lived they had dead squirrels laying around and they put a note on the side walk it said looser of course my social worker said it was all in my head personally I think she works for them of course I moved since then its just gone from bad to worse now they say the law dogs are going to get me today after 2 years of this all I got to say is ‘WHATEVER”

    • Oh, she’s involved. She gets money from the government to lie to you and tell you’re that you’re crazy. You’re not crazy. If I were you, I’d stop seeing her. She’s the crazy one, and you can tell her I said so. She should be in jail!

  10. YES HAVE HAD that street threate all of it i think over the years .and unwanted emails and lots of letters for debt in a diffrent name.not mine .

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