Gang Stalking – Watch movie extras, you’ll learn who’s a perp.

Temp. Agency

Temp. Agency (Photo credit: Pengster)

English: Movie director Michael Bay instructs ...

English: Movie director Michael Bay instructs Airmen filling the roles of extras on the set of the movie “Transformers” at Holloman Air Force Base, N.M., on Tuesday, May 30, 2006. The movie is scheduled for release in June 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It occurred to me while I was taking a walk, that most of the people who sub-contractors  hire are probably people from acting school.  This occurred to me because of the way a lot of the perps walk.  Have you watched a movie where there are a lot of extras in the background?  The next time you’re watching a movie with a lot of background extras, watch how they walk.  They walk straight ahead without looking round. It’s the perp walk.  This is how you can tell who’s a perp and a person who’s not. And they hire extra people they need from temp agencies. The temp agencies  only care about making money and don’t care what kind of creepy human beings they send to a place. I know about temp agencies, I’ve worked for a few of them when I couldn’t find work. The temp agencies tell the people they hire a lot of lies about the jobs they’ll be going to. Maybe the perps got hooked in without realizing what they’d be doing, but still, that doesn’t excuse what they’re doing to us. If  someone tells you that you’re going to be harassing someone and hurting them., you say “no, thank you” and leave, unless the person likes to destroy people’s lives. And it seems the people the temp agencies hire don’t care whose lives they destroy. Again, it’s all about the money. It always is.  So, if you want to know what a perp looks like, watch a movie with lots of extras in the background. You will never have a problem picking out a perp ever again.

P.S. They’ll probably change their way of walking because I warned you.

P.S.S. Blackbird, I got two today for you. You know where. Merry Christmas!

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42 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Watch movie extras, you’ll learn who’s a perp.

  1. Don’t get me started on TEMP AGENCIES. PUDDLE of suck. They tell you how smart you are then send you on jobs the cat could do for min wage or even jobs in factories. There is no job security…they don’t have to tell you you are fired until the day comes no matter how long you have been on an assignment. Temps who get hired usually have to be a temp at one place for over a YEAR. I hate hate hate agencies. The bad economy is nothing new. What I graduated college the biggest employer in the US was Manpower.

  2. I have learned to spot them immediately.
    I like when I’m seated in a restaurant or other establishment, and someone comes and sits at the table right next to mine, but they stop and look at me before they sit down, longer than a normal person would. All the same.
    They all think they are good people and that we are bad.

  3. Perps will do anything for money its all about money i wonder if wen all money is gone will they still perp ??.they are like actors and actress the way they ACT.good advice and the perp walk yep hav seen them do this all the time .

      • HI NE i wont be on for a about week 😦 i willl be back tho….. its awful and alot of them will continue to do it i think just for the kicks sick bstards! the caretaker is on it to hes a ugly fcker bald guy .today he came out of a a block has soon has i was walking to scarce me i think he loook so evil and i cud feel is eyes while i carried on walking these perps neighbour are up to something to perp below is trying to get a reaction by one loud bang at a time by banging on they celling then theys freaks showing up at my door i just wished they wud leave me alone .and society calls then normal people ..PLEASSSSEEE.I DONT THINK SO.

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