Gang Stalking – Be careful around handicapped people.

Why does the road always lead uphill ?

Why does the road always lead uphill ? (Photo credit: Neil. Moralee)


yoga (Photo credit: GO INTERACTIVE WELLNESS)

I’ve warned you about watching out for people in wheel chairs. They’re just like other perps. And to prove it, I’ll tell you about my day yesterday at the library.

I typed my blog and headed out the door of the library. I saw a sign for yoga class, so I decided to go downstairs and practice yoga.  I went into the class, there were about 10 people all sitting in chairs. One man just a seat ahead of me was in a wheel chair.  The man in the wheel chair turned around and took a good look at me.  I went on with my yoga exercises and the man in the wheel chair suddenly bolted out the door. Did it have something to do with me taking the class that made him bolt? But I thought it was a little strange for someone to go bolting out the door the way he did.

The class lasted about 20 minutes.  The woman running the projector turned on the lights. At  the same time that the class ended, a woman came in looking for the handbag she’d left on the table next to the man in the wheelchair.

The handbag was nowhere in sight.  Right away, everybody turned toward me. I must have stolen it, of course, even though the handbag was not on the table when I came in. The woman got a little hysterical. She’d just moved to Las Vegas and all her I.D. was in the bag. Someone told her to go to Security. She left and so did I.  I was on my way out the door when I noticed two librarians, a security guard and the girl all talking. When I saw the girl, I stopped to find out if she’d found her bag. She was smiling,  She’d found her bag and everything was in it. One of the librarians told me that she did not need me there. She told me to leave.  I responded, “But I was down there with her.”  She replied, “We all know you have a history with the library. We don’t need you here. Leave.”

I don’t know where  they found the bag.  I’m sure it was a set-up by the perp wheel chair man to make it look like I took the bag. This is the sort of thing they do to us.  I’m sure that everyone thinks I stole the girl’s handbag. I see the man in the wheel chair all the time when I’m walking around. And just because he’s in a wheelchair everybody assumes that he wouldn’t do something like what he did, so, of course, it falls on me that I stole it.

So, I’m giving you a warning, be careful around anyone in a wheel chair or handicapped. Just because they’re handicapped doesn’t mean they won’t screw you. This is not the  first time that someone in a wheel chair tried doing this to me.  So a warning, don’t trust them! They’re just like any other perp you’ll run into.

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27 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Be careful around handicapped people.

  1. They employ physically and mentally handicapped perps in San Diego like you would not believe. I had jury duty a few days ago where I was perped inside a CA state court room by the jury panel, attorneys, and the judge. The perp woman sitting on my right happened to work for an employment agency that gets jobs for handicapped people. Hmm, what kind of jobs I wonder??

  2. Am hoping sumthing i hope its true theys a bunch of crap outside lol like cheap mircowaves a couple of them and a old tv disgusting bed sheets .now theys always rubbish here people dump so much crap around the bins like sofas cupboards etc theys alot of people moving out i wonder why ? its the most toxic place i hav ever been in but anyway so all this crap outside my block i hope its perp below now just the weed head scum door slamming creep across me to get out sicko …good riddance to bad rubbish .ps i doubt they hav moved they staying put same with the pot head i can only hope they do .

    • Theys two guys showed up with clipboards today has well hmm all this happening at same time all this rubbish outside if its housing they can ring before hand dont answer ya door if they havent informed you before cudbe anyone i know its basic wat am saying am sure everybody knows wat to do but am just warning you.especially women targets .keep vilgalent!..another oneshowed up at my door before has well she went to pot head and started a convo i coundnt hear it think he was saying yeh agreein about sumthing then it went to my door .and left why all of sudden they showing up at my door if it was innportant they wud inform me first sick bstards .

      • My perpy neighbours love snitching on me .dont u just love not doing out as usual even if its just post man they fckin snitch .am minding my own and they do this stuff .

        • FROM very early they hav attacked my finances even ex perp boyfrieds friends all did it it must be one of the top things things they hav done to me they also create stressfull stuff around me so i go out and spend to it just crazy i am not doing anything to anyone my perp family member says keep yaself to yaself i sed ii do ! She didnt beileve me

          • We know you’re not doing anything to anyone, neither are we. We live our lives as we feel we should and let others do the same with their lives. Maybe that’s a bad way to be. Maybe we should believe that everybody should think and do as we do. We’re too Liberal for the coming future. We should be more Nazi-like. That’s the future I see for everyone.

        • Postmen let the landlord look at your mail. They first give the mail to the landlord to look over, so they can report any suspicious mail to their handler. There is no one who’s not involved in our gang stalking. Think of any business, job, all involved.

      • We were getting lots of visits from “the gas company to check the furnace” and “electricians” and I told my husband to start asking them for their card and calling the companies to ask if they had sent a letter and tell them we didn’t get it and that we wouldn’t let anyone in without having got one first. He never needed to. Obviously they heard what I said because we haven’t had another of those “inspections” for years now. That proves it was perps!

  3. Relieved to hear they didn’t accuse you. But that’s how they set up innocent people especially us. Starts with you saw it, you were there , you clicked that link or you thought about it.. etc

  4. Mind describing what the guy in the wheelchair looked like? He might be doing rounds setting up TIs with social engineering stunts. Other TIs might have seen him before. The wheelchair might be a prop that he doesn’t genuinely need.

  5. Ne the wheelchair perp is a perp i think because hes in a wheelchair he wants to feel inportant and hes a scumbag some of these disable people are sly to .

  6. WOW I was discussing this today i had a handicap ex friend shes part of it to .she is not in a wheelchair but shes like austism or something like that cant count money cant work out bus times .i mean they must be easy to control and she will beilve anything that perps wud of told her .i hadnt seen her in ages this year she came up to me in town and we swapped nums then she was actin werid over text saying she doesnt want to meet up with me and she so sorry i cant so basically she is a perp dont be fooled .basically she wanted info of me and thats it not only that this sicko offered me a dodgy ciggetate somebody gave her i sed nooooo!.these so called handicap are more clicked on than they make out to be .

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