Gang Stalking – It’s Kismet.

Hiatt type 2010 handcuffs. Circa 1990s

Hiatt type 2010 handcuffs. Circa 1990s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: A people icon representing a police o...

English: A people icon representing a police officer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I sat in the library waiting to get on the computer today, and one of the perps who hacks my computer, sat next to me.  I said, “Why do I have to put up with these idiots?”  and turned my chair away from him, so as not to have to see his face. He made a remark about not wanting to hear my s–t,  and he called the security woman over to complain about me. She went over to her supervisor and asked him what she should do.  He came over, and the perp began talking and telling him I gave him the finger and called him an idi0t.  I  admitted to calling him an idiot, but not to giving him the finger, because I didn’t, that happened outside when I was waiting for the bus. And I admitted to turning my chair away from.  I tried to explain about the things he does to me, but the security man wouldn’t listen to anything I had to say. The security guard told me that what I did, turning my chair, was very petty. He told us both to quiet down and not say another word. And the guard told me that I’d be thrown out of the library if I said another word. He did not say the same thing to the perp.

As I said on previous blogs, these perps act like big babies. They can do whatever they want to us and get away with it, but we can’t say a word in our defense. We have to stay quiet because we will suffer the consequences no matter who is in the wrong. The target will always be wrong, never right.  Baa, baa, baa, big babies. I hope he reads this. He can’t say a thing about what I write.

Yesterday, as I walked home, after going to the library, I saw a police car and a man down on the ground with his hands in handcuffs. I took a look. And I was very happy with the scene.  One of the perps,  who hacks my computer every day, was down on the ground not looking too happy. When I saw him, I laughed (I know it’s mean of me to laugh, but I couldn’t help it.).  Seeing one of those miserable S.O.B.s with his hands in handcuffs made my day.  I made sure that I got the attention of the police officer, who was watching the perp, and gave him the thumbs up sign. The police officer looked at the perp and I heard him say, “Do you know who she is?”  The perp said, “I see her in the library all the time.”  I heard the police officer say, “What did you do that she has her thumb up?”  He said, “I don’t know. I’ve never done anything to her.”  Sure, he hasn’t.  He hacks my computer, hits me with his phone, and once told me to “fucking learn how to use the computer” when I had about five perps hacking me.  Talk about life getting even, it was Kismet. I  didn’t stick around to see if he got arrested, but I hope he did. It made my day.

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27 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – It’s Kismet.

  1. If I had read this posting 12 years ago, I would not have believed you, but after about a decade of gangstalking; things are much quieter now; I believe completely. I posted this once before, one more time, was in the Sparks, Nevada library, where I rarely had any problems when a black guy with his hoodie on turned away to look at me. On the screen was a picture of a black guy b—f——- a white guy. I just ignored the bullshit and kept walking. Another time I walked out to my car and the Sparks police had two mexican gangbangers handcuffed and sitting on the ground looking at me. Behind them was a red honda prelude, with the vortec motor it is a fast getaway car, 145 mph. I sure pissed them off, gangstalking is pure evil. At the time there were plenty of jobs, but some people are just lazy; altho after a lifetime of work, have noticed that psychopaths tend to rise to the top in a job situation.

    • A lot of people still don’t believe me. They want to believe I’m crazy, as they’re so often told by the monitors who control them. They do the sex thing to me, too. Naked women in disgusting poses. They’re all sick bastards! I’m glad you’re not harassed as much anymore. I wish I weren’t, but my harassment is worse than ever.

  2. You know what makes me smile? Because of whatever made him get handcuffed, the cops may not have believed him when he said he hadn’t done anything to you.

      • They always deny everything they done ..but that is amazing he got cuffed now for all the rest of them .i hope to see one day we can get help i mean serious real help for this know perps do things to us 24/7 and expect to keep are mouths shut an take it .wen i talk back it gets worse but i really dont care i will proberly get banned from places or more perps doing stuff its happened before ..i know its bad but i hope the floor was full of dog poo or summat gross wen he laid downn:-).

    • They not human thats how i think to get thru the days sumtimes.i mean wat sort HUMAN wud do this ?am still trying to figure out who did this i hav a idea

  3. I have yet to see this happen to one of my perps. That is funny even though it’s “against my religion” to laugh at the hardships of even enemies.

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