Gang Stalking – Don’t just exist, challenge yourself.


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I had a lot of comments today. Thank you.  I had a hard time trying to approve your comments. The perp hackers kept deleting “approve”.  But I see I saved them all.  If you don’t see  comments from me, or your comment is missing, the hackers probably removed it.  It’s always something with these people. I don’t think they like me to get a lot of comments. A lot of comments means that people are reading what I write and that’s not good. The secret of what they’re doing to us will come out and they don’t want that. They want to continue what they’re doing. Their paychecks will stop coming if their secret gets out. But no matter what they do to me, I will continue writing my blog. Without some kind of challenge in one’s life, there’s no story. There’s just existence. And a lot of people who are just existing, like the perps.

Take care of yourselves.  And don’t let those perps get to you. In the end, they won’t matter. They’ll just be existing.

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63 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Don’t just exist, challenge yourself.

  1. ill agree with everything in this blog their all Nazi the gang stalkers they keep talking about the police taking my computer. well I got news for them on the weekends I use my computer I have water in my bathtub I have electrical tape on the door lock at the first sign of trouble ill through it in the bathtub I don’t care anymore after 2 years of this. Since no one steps in to help me.

    • Don’t throw your computer in the water. You’ll have to pay to get a new one. It gets expensive. I once put my in the oven and burned it. I won’t do that again. It only cost me money. Don’t do it.

    • The neighbors are always in on it. That’s how they know everything about you. They spend their day snitching on you. And you’re going to continue to be a victim of gang stalking, unless something happens to stop this.

  2. well I think the post office is on it now I was supposed to get money from my accountant today I’ve heard how they purposely redirect your mail now aim out of toilet paper and food they’ll try anything I once worked for some people who brought food service to a local church one woman told the one I was working for not to give me any food what’s this country coming to

  3. I remember this year and i was in a perfume shop trying perfume this lady served me nice normal to me but they was a women has soon has she seen me started acting werid giving me the stare’ the perp look…i didnt know this bitch so why? she was one of them a flithy perp the other lady serving me was normal but the perp she kept looking giving me evil long looks lookin at me up an down to even wen she was serving she kept doin this i didnt say anything i just ignorged this scum bag but i feel i want to go back to shop i think she cud be long gone now maybe ….. i thought to myself they telling me its never guna end were everywere!.these std cum buckets r here to stay i feel like going back to shop an telling her but i know they will be perps around watching to .some perps get aggressive if i defend myself.they make me fucking ill they put perps in every shop i go to i know they do this……….but its still fkin gross n here is like living in a prison perps surround me perps below.are still at it the whore screamed shut uppppp! this morning great why to start the day silly fool i.was talking normal voice by the way these are sickos from hell…when this all started i was scarced to go out the door not knowing anything about gangstalking i just wish i knew earlier like right at the start! But lets move to 2014 healthy and alive i hope for all real targets 🙂

  4. the main problem is American’s are obsessed with violence through television the internet technology even though it aids are society has its drawbacks which feeds people ambition’s human beings are the only animal on earth that preys on itself. I see sick things on YouTube I stopped watching it its disturbing

  5. Another site worth a look is stoporgangstalking, he did a blog a short time back called “Comment” I think where he makes a public declaration that he is not consenting to any of this. I’ve been trying to reblog it to my site but can’t figure out how.

    • It’s gotten warmer, so it’s not too bad now. It’s saving me money on electricity. I don’t use my heater at all. It doesn’t work, so I guess I should be grateful for some things.

      • If I recommended more useful than suicide I now regret it, I feel pretty sure he is a hacker.
        Can you delete that comment or do I have to?Years ago when I was really poor I had terrible trouble with heating – and our climate is a lot milder than NY. I think I adopted every possible technique for keeping warm – but it only resulted in avoiding hypothermia not feeling bloody cold and miserable all the time. But how to adapt when someone has effectively put you into a fridge I don’t know. You can’t think properly when you are cold either. You need to make it a top priority. but I am stuck for ideas.

  6. And challenge others maybe. Take a look at How Cults Work by Julia Layton on the site how Stuff Works. It is textbook in how the stalkers are recruited. They are recruited on the basis of lies in a heightened emotional atmosphere; they are not told the truth about what they are getting into and that they won, t be allowed to leave; they are isolated from normal people and kept busy; their lives are micro managed; their lives and all their material resources are hi-jacked to the group. And they go round SMILING all the time.
    Know your enemy – only these poor dupes are victims too. Divide and rule.we are all being played for fools.

    • I don’t see them as victims because they chose to get into it. And I don’t have any sympathy for them. WE are victims because we didn’t do anything to get roped into what they are doing to us. We never got a choice and we never made one.

      • Yes we had absolutely no choice. But I still think we are being used to recruit stalkers who end up slaves and have all their resources leached from them. Believe me, I am no turn the other cheek person and as a general rule I don’t do forgiveness, but I think we are being used to catch bigger fish. Look you recruit the bank teller because you are a customer, you’ve got the bank.

        • Well, because they made a choice, they deserve to be slaves. I’ll never feel sorry for them, because if I had been asked, I would have refused. Anyway, the bigger fish have no worries. They’re in on it.

          • I don’t want to disagree, but I have too. It is divide and rule and manipulation. How do crooks get to honest people? These guys know everybody’s triggers. That’s why they choose from a whole menu of lies. Playing on prejudices that people don’t even admit to themselves. Try and get a middle class person to admit they discriminate against working class people per se and not because they are “criminal” or ” immoral” or “vulgar” as in the don’t care about their appearance and wear nice clothes –
            and smell etc . Comparing stories between US and Europe it seems in US criminals are used to harass much more. That would make anyone furious – but emotion blinds. It looks like you in the US are getting gangstalking heavy while in Britain compared to you we are getting gangstalk lite. When the gangstalking started for me at Uni that was the heavy version – criminals, nutters, people who could get me killed or attacked. But that was in Northern Ireland with a lot of that about. When I moved to England I thought it had stopped – but I was being defamed behind my back. In retrospect I realised that the people who had been most damaged were the people who had been lied to – these people actually had done nothing to hurt me – they had just stayed at arms length which I wouldn’t notice as I am not a social person and I keep people at arms length anyway. There was a long history of massive financial damage alongside more frequent than you would expect suicides and mysterious deaths.

            • We’ll have to agree to disagree on that then, because they don’t have to believe the lies they are told about us, and they don’t have to act upon them, but they WANT to. Those people who have a choice are evil. There’s no excuse for that, and no one will ever get me to feel sorry for them.

        • Come to think of it, when I lived in England, I didn’t get my things gone through and vandalized even when at a hotel, so I think it is worse here. Here I can’t even leave things in a hotel room. I have to travel really lightly so I can take all my belongings with me when I go out. If I don’t leave anything for them to get into, they turn on the air conditioning or something to make sure I know they’ve been there.

          • My stuff is gone through. Equipment I have owned has been broken and I ‘ve given up owning table lamps because the bulbs only last a few weeks. My clothes have been left alone but saying I’ve always dressed like the Irish peasant that I am there would be little point. Personal papers and some documents have been stolen. Property I have lived in has been vandalised. The main thing for me was when I worked for the Royal Mail equipment I used and was responsible for was consistently vandalised or interfered with so they wouldn’t work properly. But in my home setting nowhere on the scale you are describing.

            • I’m sorry to hear that. They do every one of those things to me in my home, including ripping my clothes, but at least I could trust hotel staff there. Can’t here. They vandalize things at my work as well so I know where you’re coming from. It’s really aggravating when you look after something meticulously and someone ruins it anyway.

              • Yes it is infuriating. Growing up in the ’50’s when everyone was poor including working people it was dinned into us – don’t break stuff, we might not be able to fix it and we can’t afford to replace it. I have always been careful with things on that basis and treated anything that belonged to someone else the same way. There are two things in this tactic, no three. First vandalism is reinforcing the working class stereotype that we are all gutter yobs who don’t know how to behave. Second as most of us are not wealthy – are wealthy people ever targeted? They are. Mocking our poverty. Third they are making a statement that we are rubbish and not entitled to anything (the way the Jews were treated by the Nazis.)

  7. your right most of the comments are missing thieve hacked us which means will have to outsmart them somehow your right without us they wouldn’t have a paycheck one day it will all blow up in their faces

  8. I think you should give yourself a pat on the back for being a good challenge to them. You are definitly a success in with this. and yeah, they wouldn’t last 5 minutes without going nuts. Just a bunch of big woosies!

  9. Ooops. Firstly I really like the appearance of your blog. that green is nice and cheerful. But it took me a while to spot the arrow to get into previous blogs. I just found it today, so that’s why I went back over them to make comments. Perhaps I shouldn’t have made them all at once. sorry.

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