Gang Stalking – Thankful for every one of my readers – Thanksgiving 2013

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Thanks ;)

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Sorry,  I didn’t get to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving. I was in the library on Wednesday, but could not get into my WordPress account.  I got a new password and it was very long.  It was so  long, the feeble perps couldn’t handle typing in such a long password and did everything in their power to stop me from using it. I realize the only way I can back into my account is to reduce the password so the feeble-minded perps can handle it.

I want to thank all my readers for  commenting on my blog. You make my blog what it is.  Without  you taking part in my blog, there’d be no blog. So from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

A lot of us are alone, but guess what, we made it through another Thanksgiving! I’m sure there were times when some of us felt like giving up,  but we helped each other keep going. And I know we’ll all see another Thanksgiving. And for those of you who are lucky enough to have family who love you and been there for you, be sure you let them how grateful you are for them.

So I want to wish you all a belated Thanksgiving, and hope it was a good one. And we’ll all be around next Thanksgiving. Count on it.

Love to every one of my readers. I’m thankful for every one of you.

And to the WordPress staff, thanks for all your help throughout the year and happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving, World!

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82 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Thankful for every one of my readers – Thanksgiving 2013

  1. I am putting this comment on here because I can’t find your most recent blog where you gave an excellent description of zapping. I made a reply which would not register because it said I wasn’t logged in – then it took me an hour and a half to get back in. And I can’t fid your comment because the computer is playing silly buggers and giving me your blogs in random order.
    About zapping. That is so bizarre. If we had that in London civil war would break out. Everyone would be zapping Asians and as they don’t take no s..t they would be zapping everyone else. I don’t mean to be obtuse but that is not happening here and it is hard to understand a context which is so different. I don’t get carrying something that might bow up. Like electrical equipment such as a camera or mobile phone or iPad? Icould understand electric items being damaged – is that what happened to your cameras?
    And you describe it as a commonplace. Let me get this straight. If I was in America I could get this extra device on my phone and zap anyone I pleased and that would not break any law? It sounds like anarchy but I can see some plus sides. I could make children keep their distance and if someone gives me the zombie-stare etc. the modern Wild West.

    • Of course, you can get the phone set by the handlers who give out the info to perps. Otherwise, an ordinary person can’t do it. They have to belong to the group to get the information. That’s why the perps go to classes once a week, to learn new info on us and what other horrible things they can do to us. No, a camera wouldn’t blow up. It’s more along the lines of some explosive chemical. I don’t think too many people carry around such harsh chemicals. I was just citing an example of what could happen. I think you have noting to worry about. Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned it.

      • Figures. It matters a lot. That is not happening here. I wonder if the US is the only place it is happening. It is outrageous that extra judicial assaults can be carried out by anyone( and I don’ t imply it would be any better if it was done by the police). That is exactly as bad as racism. If someone should record that happening and publish it to the world – via the net of course as standard media are censored, America’s name would be mud.

        • They do DEW attacks in Europe. I know from experience and research, but not with phones. Usually in the victim’s home.

          • The phones have me totally baffled. About Dee attacks – when I was at grammar school in the ’60’s there was a girl in a younger year who had a birth defect and her parents had been embassy staff in Moscow. The presumption was that the Embassy had been bombarded by microwaves/ whatever and there were a cluster of birth defects at the time. I enquirer on Wiki recently under “Microwave attacks” and the really dove into the answer, very interesting and comprehensive. Given that those experiments took place 60 years ago it follows fairly reasonably that someone would have continued with them. Trouble is I am a technical dunce. One site I like, fight gangstalking gives a very lucid description of Dew technology – and I still don’t understand it. But then I wouldn’t understand a clear description of how a toaster works either. Do I think there is an active mind set out there who are blasé about carrying out experiments on unconsenting citizens? Absolutely! I put another question on Wiki about experiments being done on unconsenting subjects since the Nazis and there were quite a few refs. Don’t think they mentioned the Tuskegee syphilis one though.

  2. OH yeah tv i hate tv by the way but its on 24/7 for a reason to block out the below neighbours and the door slammin from the other neighbour i cant stand it .it driving me mad hav to live like this with a tv it wont handle be on wen i get out of here hopefully.

      • Thanks ne for letting us know about comments i sent loads of comments here today ha.. sad freaks they are .its hard finding a decent place i wud love to do video blog but i fear for one person i care about getting hurt so i cant .hi bb yes new mexico sounds cool in a trailer in the south great!never been they i do like america all tge great flims and stuff and them low lifes u mentioned at funeral its so evil wat they did they not human .they guna reap wat they sow one day.they all the same the shit they done to us .

        • Hi Mara,

          Yeah, this is a beautiful country, and while there are perps everywhere in the world, there are still some nice people here, at least where I live, and I met a trail of them when I went to Washington State even though I also still got harassed all the way there and while I stayed wit my friend. I knew a few nice people in England as well. I keep reminding myself that not everyone is a perp because it helps me keep things in perspective. I’d love to live in a motorhome, travel everywhere, and own no property. I know that will never happen but we can dream. It keeps our souls alive.

          I didn’t even approach the creep at my son’s funeral because I knew he would just do or say something that would make me feel worse. It wasn’t worth it. I don’t know if anyone else involved was there. I didn’t know everyone invited personally. Thank you for caring. I do agree someday he’ll upset the wrong person and get what he deserves. And maybe whoever got him to do it, too.

    • Can you listen to music instead? I like to pick something I like and listen to it over and over and over in my car because they listen to targets in their cars as well and I know other people can get annoyed by that, so I do that and tell them it’s because they mess with the buttons on the radio changer so that I have to look at the radio to change it which I won’t do when I’m driving because it’s dangerous. Therefore they get to ear the same CDs for weeks at a time and sometimes the same track 15 or 20 times in a row.

    • I had the same problem when I lived in London. I ended up virtually living in ear plugs – I found the wax ones you get from Boots are the most effective. I also had noise excluding headphones – good for listening to music. It was a relief when we left London ( couldn’t afford the last rent increase). After years of noise leaving to a semi rural area saved our sanity.

  3. I am looking for your blog where you comment that people who run businesses are targeted. One of my landlords also lost his business. I expect that those who try to choose not to cooperate get harassed until they do or are forced out of business.

    • I can identify. All Government, Law Enforcement, and Mental Health people are supposed to say it’s all in your head. When they say that, DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT!!!! It’s them who have something wrong with them! Neverending is right.


        • I keep busy by exercising, coming to the library, reading, listening to music, car shows. There are not too many things we can do that’s safe, but I still go out. And, of course, putting up with the perps is a fulltime job.

        • Ditto to everything ne says, also computer games ( Plants v zombies – appropriate eh? Bookworm Adventure) I have built up an escapist DVD collection – the entire series of Mutant X, The Net and all the Terry Pratchett films. I have art materials but never get down to it. There are lots of free educational courses on the net. The tv series “The Prisoner” is good too.

    • WE are alone ….zombies/perps were out today one came up to me it was the wolly hat freak it sed come on then ? wtf! It took me by surprise i just sed ewwww and walked off .christmas aint guna me jolly and fun either its just the way it is .family full of perps

      • That wolly guy was a very small thing that happened i know just thought i wud write it down .so many things happen i dont wana write to much i will leave off but sumat else tv advert came on soon has the advert finished somebody copied same thing it sed i thought eh?it was a bit werid wass it the whore downstairs ..? who knows

        • They do weird things to let you know you’re being watched. Like they wrote me a really scary letter once and signed it with a name of a friend that they couldn’t possible have known about unless they listened to my conversations in my house. I know the guy who’s name they used didn’t write it.

          • Thats true they do whoo whoo werid stuff to let u know you being watchrd they done this from.wen it started so.many whoo whoo stuff its mad!they werid thats scary bb! I got.a get well card from oneof them at my last work placemobbed job! so i.know what u mean yes i.was scarced to theys nothing they wont do to us.

      • Thank you, Mara.

        You made me smile when you said you said, “Ewwww,” and walked away. Good for you! I would have loved to have seen that. I love it when fellow TI’s get the last laugh at a perp! Good one! LOL

        I hope you can have a nice Christmas. I wish you the best. I know from experience they don’t even give us a break from them then.

        • Hi bb hahha yeh silly hat freak i like it when us targets get are own back to .it was pretty funny am sure you would of laughed.he didnt know wat to do i just lefted him swaying like the zombie he is lollllllll.i hope you hav a to .no they dont give us a break all

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