Gang Stalking – Look forward to seeing perps in handcuffs.

English: Slogan for the support of the persecu...

English: Slogan for the support of the persecuted American ex-soldier who is claimed to have leaked secret documents to WikiLeaks Deutsch: Slogan für die Unterstützung und Freilassung von Bradley Manning, der beschuldigt wird, geheime Dokumente an WikiLeaks weitergegeben zu haben (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1990s (mid) - Theta Zeta - Steve - handcuffs - 23

1990s (mid) – Theta Zeta – Steve – handcuffs – 23 (Photo credit: Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL))

Well, I have to start my blog again. I can’t find the blog I just typed. The you know what disgusting pieces of human waste deleted it.

Today, I thought it must be freezing outside. My apartment is so cold that I bundled up to go out.  When I stepped outside, it was 30 degrees warmer than in my apartment.

Before I left my apartment I decided to investigate what’s happening inside it. Why is my apartment so cold?  I’ve always been puzzled by how large my clothes closet is.  It’s a walk-in closet. What single person living in a studio apartment needs a walk-in closet? I don’t have enough clothing to fill a quarter of a closet. So why the big closed? It’s always made me very suspicious.  Anyway, I was standing in the closet by a big, oblong piece of something. I tried to remove what’s covering the piece to see what it is, but it’s glued into place with very strong glue, and I couldn’t remove the carpeting that covers the thing.  While I’m standing by this piece, I get very, very cold. And I feel around the piece, and I can feel that very cold air is coming out of the piece. I go all around the piece and the air just gives me shivers it’s so cold.  It’s some kind of coolant under the carpeting, that’s why my apartment’s so cold.  When I walk around my apartment, I can feel wires underneath my feet.  They’ve run this coolant throughout my apartment, and with all the holes in the apartment I understand why my apartment is so cold. I heard on this radio that they do this to illegal aliens. When the aliens are put in cells, the border patrol guards  make the cells very cold. The aliens even have a name for what they experience. It’s called “freezeadores”. I hope I spelled the word right.  They do this to the aliens to get them to go back to where they came from. And it seems to work.  A lot of them beg to go back to their country.  They can’t handle the cold. So I guess our handlers think it’s funny to do the same to American citizens. I can sympathize with the aliens. I can understand how they feel, especially since the same thing is happening to me. This is also, I think, what they did to Bradley Manning. I remember reading something like this happening to him. There is no other word for these disgusting pieces of  s–t who do this to us, but the word evil. These people are evil.  And some day, they will pay the price for what they’re doing to us.  And you can bet on that. They can get away with what they’re doing to us for a while, but eventually it will come out. Nothing stays quiet forever. And now that’s I’ve written about the cold, the librarians have put air conditioner on and  making the library very cold. The librarians at the Clark County Library, also known as Flamingo Library, are as evil  as any perp I’ve run into. They’re evil, too. But they, too, will get their day. I look forward to the day I see them all in handcuffs.

They probably thought I wouldn’t retype my blog again, but they still don’t know me too well. They think they do, but they have absolutely no idea how strong I am. I thank my mother for her strong genes. Thanks, mom. Love you and miss you.

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21 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Look forward to seeing perps in handcuffs.

  1. hatis bizarre. he world doesn’t know what is going on in the US.
    If they don’t care about you they will care about being embarrassed. and if they are doing it to you they are doing it to others. Can you get photos, with a large thermometer and get them on the web. That is disgusting.

  2. Wow! That is totally amazing! I’d ask the manager to explain to me what that thing is just to see what kind of lame thing they’d come up with – and demand it be removed.

  3. Well if you could work out where the freezeadore was plugged into the mains, maybe you could disconnect it. It’s pretty alarming reading about what’s being done to you – I think the Government regulates the gangstalking a little bit more over here (I’m in the UK)

    • I can’t even see what’s in the box. It’s glued on with carpeting, which I can’t remove. The government doesn’t really regulate what’s going on with gang stalking. It gives the work to sub-contractors who have free rein. There are people who are going through worse things, like homeliness, beaten up, etc. The U.S. government has nothing to be proud of.

    • I don’t know…When I lived in a flat in Banbury the council refused to fix my heating all winter and it was bleeding cold!!!!

  4. Just checked the Vegas forecast…60s and 40s…not warm enough w/o heat. You will get ill at your new “apartment”. You could stay here awhile. At least I have heat and live close to the bus station.

  5. So they’ve converted the apartment YOU PAY FOR into a de facto jail cell? You have to move out or disable the evil thing. Winter in Vegas is not winter in FL. I’ve been to FL in winter, not bad. My folks used to go to Vegas in winter to avoid the summer heat and said it was only 50 for the high and 30 for the low. You NEED HEAT.

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