Gang Stalking – Karma is a bitch!

Pipes to a condenser of an air conditioner

Pipes to a condenser of an air conditioner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cold Weather (film)

Cold Weather (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The other day I wrote that Las Vegas rarely has bad weather. Well, Karma is a bitch.  As soon as I wrote that, the weather in Las Vegas  changed for the worse.  It is now in the low 40s, and it’s been raining for three days.  And it’s cold, cold, cold. I don’t really mind the cold weather, but my apartment is like an ice zone.  My heater doesn’t work. I told the manager about my air conditioner not working and she said she’d have it fixed.  Of course, she did nothing. The air conditioner heats up for about a minute and then turns cool. I can hear the click when it’s about to turn cool. The idiots are messing around with the air conditioner. It probably work if they’d stop clicking off.

This new apartment of mine should be condemned. It is awful. It’s not fit for a pig or a dog, nor human.

Let’s start with the kitchen sink. What a mess!  I had them cover the hole, but since it’s gotten so cold I really took a good look at what they did.  The underneath part of the kitchen sink has holes galore.  I can see the pipes. All the holes are letting in the cold air.  And the pipe is leaking.  My oven, as always, doesn’t close all the way. It’s already starting to burn the side of my cabinet, as it always does.  My oven temperature is way off. I put the oven on 425 and feels like the setting is on 200 degrees. It takes me forever to cook anything. My last oven burned everything within two minutes!  Now this one is too low.  It takes me forever to heat up anything. The refrigerator is set to below zero, I’m sure. That’s where most of the cold comes from. They removed the ice maker part and left the part that let’s out cold air just open, letting out a lot of cold air.  There are holes in my windows, the door has no sealant, and I could on and on with what’s wrong with the apartment, but if I went on, I’d just depress myself, so I won’t.

This new apartment is worse than my last one. When I looked at the apartment everything was all right, but after  I signed lease, they went to work to make it a dump, as always!

In order for me to stay warm at night, this is what I have to wear: 3 pairs of socks, 3 pairs of pants, sweater, robe, 3 blouses, 2 t-shirts, and anything else that I can find to keep me warm.

I already hate the new place. I can’t say I hate the people because I’ve avoided them at all cost. I make sure I never look at them, so there are no faces to hate, and I intend to keep it that way. If you look at their faces, it just makes you hate them so much that you want to do something to them. This way I don’t know what any of them look like.

So Las Vegas is cold, cold, cold now. Next time I won’t write that Las Vegas always has good weather. Karma is a bitch!

I’m at the library again and, of course, all the perps are here like the zombies they are.

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Window air conditioner, from left side

Window air conditioner, from left side (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


40 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Karma is a bitch!

  1. What you have described is outrageous. Photos of everything put on the web would cause an outcry. I was trying to think of things to keep you warm like electric heat packs and hot water bottles then I realised your persecutors will just vandalise everything. You know those silver space blanket things that campers use? Space blankets. They reflect body heat back, might also deflect radiation. I don’ know what they cost though. They are very light and fold up small so you could carry it with you so they don’t tear it up when you are out.
    What you are being subjected to are softening up techniques that torturers and brainwashers use – to break your will. I am glad you have fighting spirit. In your situation your hatred and anger are active energy that protect you.
    Publicity is what they fear most. Secrecy is essential for them. When the weather was warmer I bought a lot of cheap t-shirts and fabric marker pens – several red so very visible and wrote on them – gang stalking; professional liars; targets r bait; BAIT; con artists; and a long one with several words – cult lies secrecy fear busy crime kill money.- summing up what is in store for the gang stalking recruits. When the weather got cold I would hang a t-shirt in the window.Do not let the Nazis defeat you. All those millions who fought, died and suffered in the 2nd world war went through worse than we are suffering – and they did not do that so that we would now be living under fascism. Keep blogging. Write everything down. Everything is evidence.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Harrogate, England

    • That’s why I keep writing my blog. I’m trying to get the secret out, and that’s why they’re trying to beat me into submission, or to do something violent. Neither of which I will do.

  2. I HAVENT been feeling wellfor past last month to so am bit off diffculity in writing its getting to me am of full of fear for sum reason an all sorts am praying yep i dont think u can ever get over it has sum perps might say its a lifelong battle but am still guna write something across thankyou ne for letting me to .and other targets to.

    • I hope your arm gets better, and thank you for commenting on my blog. I appreciate that you wrote in spite of what they’re doing to you. Hope you don’t stay away too long. Would like to know, if you can, to hear from you and hear how you are doing. Take care of yourself, Mara. You are very much appreciated by me and Im sure other targets.

      • ITs not my arm its mentally its a mind fcuk but thanks .yes at work they acting like i did something wrong i knew i hadnt done anything i say hav been gangstalked for ten years i think its been longer than that like it started at high school then i left then it started in the community thanks for your kind words it means alot to me stay strong i hope you get your heating fixed asap i know wats it like they didnt my heaters before i moved in here so has soon has winter came i tried to put heaters they didnt work.and one switch had sparks coming out wen i turned it on a guy came out saying they have never been connected !they were new because i came to look at the apartment they had these awful old 80’s heaters they changed them but never connected them kitchen is like a ice block to big hole were cold and other stuff can come thru it they make it awful and unliveable for us to add to are hell.oh yeh am guna write these evil doers are not guna win .

  3. HI just been looking back at your previous blogs yes very true perps think and act like you owe them something big time..we dont owe them anything and over these ten years of hell they hav put me on meds in the beginning an all this time nothing was wrong with me it was the sickos who had a problem not me being on them meds made things easier for them i think and me not finding out gs till later i will never go on them meds again ever no matter or wat happens perps were all around me befriending me and relationships to god knows i was clueless and trusting not any more! i just wanted to be loved and have a life and to find out that most if not all were perps that were around me through the years to control and numb me i guess if any targets are put on mental health pills dont take them they no good its not for your beniefit god knows the effects long term these evil pills can do can you picture going out withsum whos being hired to destroy u without me knowing who they werre and workplace mobbing to sick devils i felt sick going into work to face them not knowing wat i did wrong they sed theys money missing out the till once i sed it shud be all they wen i got home they rang me saying its ok we hav found the missing ……60 pounds! And all sorts of nasty stuff i fled after a while thought i cant be around scum like this . .p.s…. tc is takecare ne

    • I’m glad you got off the meds, they try to get all targets on meds so they can tell people that we’re crazy. Yes, they;re sickos, every one of them. It’s too bad that you thought you did something wrong. You’re probably a very decent person, most targets are. They don’t pick on criminals to target, but good people. They know how criminals will act, so they have to do test on decent people and see how they react to evil. Don’t give up, Mara. Stick in there. I kow it’s hard sometimes, but you can outlast the bastards. You hae strength that you don’t know you have. Use that strength to keep yourself going. Take care of yurself. I care what happens to you, and so do other targets.

      • Yeh true theys not many good people around now .but targets are usually gud people with good.morals and a nice soul and heart all the perps wanna suck are energy out and slow kill us with they maddness they put all they faults on us they shit personality and bad life and blame .us because they soo screwed up in the head the bastards my perp neighbours below never go out they always here listening to me wat a life they have .i cant stand being this close to them i just.want them to get blown back to hell were they came from .

    • I’m glad you got off the meds too. It’s true they drug us up just so that we are less likely to interfere with their interference with US. I was on them for a while too. If they make us drowsy and stupid, we look crazy to those around us. Also if they get us to take pills that are for nutters they can say we are. I refuse to take anything but over the counter pain medication now. They can stuff their meds up their @$$es! Or better yet, take them themselves, since they’re the ones that are nuts. I had a lot of “friends” like you describe too, and workplace mobbing so I know where you’re coming from. I get mild harassment where I work now, but nothing compared to the last place. Take care of yourself.

      • HII yeh they can say were crazy if were on them then good for you not taking them.workplace mob goes with gangstalking am glad you still can work bb i remember i had a job once were the staff were ok with me .i also hav a neighbour i mentionedon here ages ago about slamming doors well since i moved in theys been stronggg weeed smells in my crap apartment i hate weed its so strong it fills two rooms of mine it stinks.he is only a metre away from me it makes me ill they know i hate that smell i dont do.drugs its getting worse that smell its everyday .how can it get stronger wellll it has .

        • Anyone seen the flim the game? With micheal dogulas i suggest targets to watch it its a good movie am not saying it describes are gangstalking completely but theys stuff they i can relate to for e.g poisening just the whole theme of the movie its quite good .let me know thanks.

        • They love to annoy us with smells we hate. With me they use cat urine. Really strong. I suspect they skim some off when they cook batches of meths and put it in a spray bottle because I’m told it smells like really strong cat urine. I find it sprayed all over things in our house sometimes when they’ve got in. Absolutely disgusting!!!!! And cigarette smoke is the other thing they use. I’m allergic to both of those disgusting odors so it not only stinks, it makes me miserable. It’s another thing I say proves how disgusting they are – that they like such gross smells.
          Is your neighbor still slamming doors? I’d be tempted to do it myself every time she does it. Maybe do it twice in a row even. I’m not going to suggest you do it since I don’t know if it would just make life worse for you. I’d do that though. She’d slam a door and I’d get up and go slam one of mine twice every time til she got it through her idiotic skull that I wasn’t going to put up with it. I remember when my upstairs neighbor did something to hack my computer and it set off some sort of alarm in my computer so I said, “You wanted that noise, you’ve got it!” and turned the volume up full blast on my computer and left the room… About 1/2 an hour later I went back and shut down my computer. Next day it worked just fine. These same disgustos banged on my ceiling constantly for a while and I started banging back with my broom. One day I said, “Right, I’m grabbing my tape recorder. Let’s see what the noise control people think of this!” Sudden silence. “Yeah, I thought you would be listening,” I said. I hadn’t been talking loudly enough for them to here me any way other than through a bug.

          • YEH weed smells still they in my bathroom ! its a guy across who lives they and slams his door sounds like a bomb each time this idiot does it hes been told but still does it obviously and the two perps below me are still at it to banging on they celling is just one thing they do to piss me off to.yea bb defo.a bug i whisper she starts banging wtf they using some type of listening device .my below neighbours are in doors 24/7 they never leave .my below perps like tos slam to the whore below started jumping around screaming last night i though wat a crazy freak i just laughed last night

            • What a bunch of creeps! I’d be doing all of the noise stuff back, and threatening to call the cops on the pothead. You wouldn’t even need to go and knock on his door. Just say it out loud, and someone will warn him.

  4. That is really terrible. I wish you could turn pics of the mess in to some organization. Is there anywhere you can do that at?

      • No heat is unacceptable if you pay rent. Is this an abandoned building? I would demand heat until I got it. You could get ill.

        • I’ve told the zombie in the office to fix the machine, she always tells me “right away” and then does nothing. But you’re right, no one should be without heat. I have to put on my oven to keep my apartment warm. It’s not an abandoned building. As a matter of fact, it’s a very nice place, except for my apartment, of course.

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