MK-Ultra Mind Control – Fritz Springmeier

I just though I’d pass this along. What do you think?


Very succinct video on Mind Control.

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9 thoughts on “MK-Ultra Mind Control – Fritz Springmeier

  1. I think that this is biggest bullshit ever, first I thought that the people who are doing the gangstalking are called Illuminati in US – maybe they are, but they are called for sure psychiatrists around the World and this Illuminati name might be just a distraction… People get blacklisted by some kind of hidden psychiatrists for some reason or another – they give people szychophrenia (which is invented) symtoms and make them take drugs – they experiment on people involuntary… implant them…

      • You missed the point, I am not talking about official MDs as publicly they want you to believe, I am talking about a “psychiatrists” recruited from every walks in life… THEY run the World, they’re always looking for new prospects… they’re the ones who implant people, they’re the ones who stalk people with advanced psych staff – give them schyzophrenia symptoms… This is built deep into the Worlds society and very old… more than 100 years ago they were the ones lurking people, declaring them insane and putting them in mental hospitals… times changed. now we have “witchunt modern day” as Metallica would say, they use technology on people and keeping them in virtual prison… they know what you’re doing so be carefull and not do anything stupid like zapping people in public…

        • You make good points. I have just read the book “Brainwashing. The Secret History of Mind Control” by Dominic Streatfield which covers what you mentioned. “Brainwashing. The Science of Thought Control” is a brilliant read on the subject. The book “Influence” by Cialdini gives clear descriptions of the manipulative techniques that the mind benders practice, and is very readable.

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