Threshold of the New

Enjoy the beautiful photos. Don’t think abou gang stalking!


16 thoughts on “Threshold of the New

    • No,it just feels like water. I know what the actual thing feels like because I’ve experienced the electricity. It really hurts, that’s why I had to find a way to protect myself and have. You have to try different things. Try everything. What works for me wouldn’t necessarily work for you. And not only that, but if told you what I do, they would find a way to hurt me again.

      • OK thanks oh yeh hav had lasers come thru my windows one recently to like them laser pens it was . Is that wat they using am gettin me a laser pen creeps

  1. I need to know more about the phone zapping. Its happenning to me all the time n I dont like it also what can I do to zapp them back. Please write an article on the phone zapping n what its all about. Thank you n love ur stories because I go thru the same shit… every day. Do they alter ur clothes to fit uncomfortably n unflattering. They do mine.

    • They replace my clothes size with another piece that looks the same, but it’s a different size. I told everyone about a little laser that they can buy in the 99 cent store. You can zap them with that. And if you can find out what the code is for zapping, you can zap them back with your phone, but that’s their secret. Only the perps get that. I once tried to pay a perp to give me the code, but she wouldn’t.

        • They zap you by using their phone. They have a code, which is given to them, and it draws electricity to the phone. They then point the phone toward you and you get zapped. It’s like what those guys in Boston did. They pointed their phone at backpacks to turn the bombs on. The same thing.

              • We aren’t that backward. Actually that is sweet. No there are more phones than people here. but what you describe is unknown. I wonder if it is technology or a difference in law. that attacking people in their own homes would not be tolerated. but as you say, there is one rule for ordinary people ;and whole different rule for targets.

                  • That,s nothing. You should hear what the English say about the Irish ( me). I’ve heard Yanks ( is that OK? I’m not sure if that has gone into the naughty word book and I will have black clad police at my door to wash my mouth out) say the same about the Canadians. ( and the Aussies abut the Tasmanians, etc, etc)
                    Oh the Queenmother. There was real grief at her passing. Everyone loved her. Did she give you any racing tips? I saw Princess Diana at a Pavarotti concert at the Royal Albert Hall – my husband was a Pavarotti fan.
                    To have seen the Queen Mother must have been more than a few years ago.

                    • It was few years before she died. I didn’t know it was the Queen Mother. I went to Buckingham Palace to look around and it was a day to honor American soldiers who died while fighting in War World 2. She came out of her RR and was going into the cemetery to honor the soldiers. I knew she was rich because of her RR, but I didn’t recognize her. Someone in the crowd yelled, “Look! It’s the Queen Mother!” I took a second look at her, and sure enough, it was the Queen Mother. She smiled at me and kept walking. Yanks, no problem! And it’s the same in America, every group saying something nasty about another group.

                    • How lovely and lucky you. No, English vIrish, Us v Canadians “mainlanders against Tas is just jokey stuff, only annoys people when they’ve had a bad day. The English don’t even mind being called poms, so long as it’s not an Australian who is doing it, then they do mind. I love your story about the Queen Mother, just about everyone here would have liked to see her just once in their lives.

                    • I never expected to see her, either. I’ve always been lucky in that way. I’ve run into a lot of famous people I never expected to see. It was really nice to see her in person. It made my trip special. And I can talk about seeing her.

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