Gang Stalking -And life continues as if nothing’s changed, but it has.

Lighter, photo taken in Japan. This kind of Li...

Lighter, photo taken in Japan. This kind of Lighter is cheap priced and sometimes distributed free in sales promotion. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On the bus

On the bus (Photo credit: joshua_putnam)

Darth Gimp Cordless Phone

Darth Gimp Cordless Phone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, I was on the bus and the perps began using their phones to hit me as soon as I got on.  A man sat next to me using his phone. He must think I don’t know what they use their phone for.  Anyway, I let him go on hitting me for a while. I don’t feel the electricity from the phone, because I’ve learned how to protect myself, but it still annoys me that these perps are trying to harm me.  I said to myself  “okay, Ive had enough of your garbage”.  I took out my little gadget and began doing to him what he was doing to me.  The man was sitting with his legs crossed and I had a very good shot at his you know what.  I took aim and hit him over and over.  He’d had enough.  He screamed at me to stop what I was doing because I was hurting him.   I stopped. I know that’s a very sensitive area for men, but what gets me is that he can hurt me and it doesn’t matter, but don’t dare hurt him!  I said to him, “You can dish it out, but you can’t take it, can you?”  He didn’t look at me. He put away his phone and took out a cigarette lighter, kept twirling it around. Then he’d take out phone and aim the phone at the cigarette lighter, but not press the button. I think he was trying to make the cigarette lighter fire up and he was going to throw it at me.  He kept twirling his lighter, and I took the bag I was carrying and had it ready to protect myself if he did something crazy. I kept my eyes on him all the time I was on the bus.  He came to his stop and avoided looking at me. I think I hurt his manhood.  He had to beg  a woman to stop to  protect his jewels. In my former life as a normal human being, I never would have thought of doing something like this, but times change. And I’ve changed. It’s like second nature for me now. It’s all about protecting myself, that comes first, and damn someone who tries to harm me. They soon find out I’m no pushover. I’ve become a lot tougher than I used to be. I had to change.  My life changed, I had to change.  There’s no ands, buts, ifs about it.  And life continues as if nothing’s changed, but it has.

I’m back at the Flamingo library.  I don’t see any remodeling changes at all.  Maybe they changed how the computers work, but the perps are still hacking me, so they didn’t change that.

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12 thoughts on “Gang Stalking -And life continues as if nothing’s changed, but it has.

  1. In your previous post it sounded like they were guiding you towards a particular seat (O_0)

    Next time you’re in the Flamingo library, If you were to take a screenshot of your web browsing history just before you log off, with the date and time visible (check that they are accurate) and then get a printout of the screenshot, it would make it more difficult for them to do a switcheroo on you.

  2. Zapping nuts again, eh? LOL I would SO love to be able to that to Tom Goff, Officer Craft, and a few others!!!! Every time you do that give them one in my honor, please. 😀

  3. hahahahahahaha…..made my day. Voice to Skull: “you really hate us don’t you?” Cram it Voice to Skull: your day is coming.

      • Yeah, I bet it did! And he admitted the technology really exists for what they do by acknowledging what you were doing. I wonder what that looked like to the few on there who weren’t perps. Must have got them thinking, and sometime down the road they may run into a time when they have to decide whether to join the Baaa Baaa’s or not, think of you, and decide not to. Who knows?

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